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Week 4

Week 4
Sunday - 1:00 PM EST Sunday, 4:00 PM EST
BUF at NE - CB MIN at ATL - AD
DEN at JAX - CB PHI at KC - AD
DET at TB - CB NYJ at BAL - CB
IND at TEN - AD  
SD at NE - AD Sunday - 8:30 PM EST
SEA at WAS - AD SF at ARI - AD
STL at NYG - AD Monday - 9:00 PM EST
  GB at CAR - CB

Buffalo at New Orleans (Even)- 1:00 p.m.
The Bills are somewhat of an enigma. They have the talent to go far and some folks saw them as a darkhorse for the Super Bowl. But the shoddy QB play is what has every up in arms. Losman completed a measly 75 yards passing against the Falcons. I also hear some grumblings that Evans and Moulds are not happy with the conservative offense. What is up with the D? They gave up a lot of rushing yards to the firm of Vick, Dunn, and Duckett. They need to get that taken care of this week and spread the ball out a little.

New Orleans is not handling things quite as well as they should. Is it fair? No? But Haslett has to eventually take control. You have to mention the fact that you think it is unfair. However if you mention it every week then you are giving your team an excuse to lose. They have all the talent to win anywhere at anytime but they have become a team of whiners. I think they have a chance in this one in San Antonio. That place should be rocking.

Final Score: Saints 28, Bills 24

Denver at Jacksonville (-3.5) 1:00 p.m.
Denver played a great defensive game against a great offense. Held the Chiefs to only 74 yards rushing. What was that? Jake you say? He wasn’t spectacular but he made no mistakes. He is good when he throws to the team with the same color jersey on. Mike Anderson re-assumed the role of starting RB. He should have tough sledding this week and is not recommended. Jacksonville is a tough team to score against at home.

It went to O.T. but should not have. They knocked out two QBs for the Jets and left them begging a 41-year-old man to come back. Fred Taylor had the ball 37 times. I suppose he is ok. They will give the ball to him plenty this week and both teams will try to control the clock. Reggie Williams is coming along very well and may see some daylight. I think they win at home.

Final Score: Jags 20, Broncos 14

Detroit at Tampa Bay (-6.5) 1:00 p.m.
Have to love what Gruden has done down there. Tampa’s defense is just simply dominant. Forced Favre into three interceptions and really confused him for most of the game. Griese is hitting his receivers and Galloway is finally making a difference for someone. But this team relies on a Cadillac to get going. Right now he leads the league in rushing yards and is solidifying himself as the real deal. I think the votes for Offensive Rookie of the Year have already been counted.

The Lions were off last week and boy did they need it. The worst division leader in the league right now. They have to find some sort of passing game to open up the running game. If Garcia were available then someone would be on the bench right now. Kevin Jones will suffer until they open up that offense. The D is good enough to win but they will have a tough time scoring this week and could get trampled.

Final Score: Bucs 24, Lions 13

Houston (+9.5) at Cincinnati 1:00 p.m.
Houston was on a bye as well and needed it as well. They lost their offensive coordinator, which I don’t know how much that will help. That offense is anemic and when you have a receiver like Andre Johnson and a QB like car that should not happen. The defense is falling apart at the seams but that is because the offense leaves them on the field for 3 quarters. They are going to have to go against a Bengals D that is rejuvenated (actually they never were juvenated in the first place). But they will give it a go. They have to. Maybe they will be motivated. Play Andre and Dominic.

The Bengals are the real deal folks. But 9.5 is a big spread. They are licking their chops to get at this defense. But usually things are not as easy as they seem. Always understand this is a young team and sometimes they have the tendency to let up. They won’t lose but they will not win by double digits. Play everyone on offense you can get your hands on. This may turn into a barnburner.

Final Score: Bengals 32, Texans 27

Indianapolis (-7) at Tennessee 1:00 p.m.
Sure, Peyton Manning is getting off the blocks a little bit slow this year, but the Colts are 3-0 and poised to keep the gravy train rolling right through Tennessee. Manning owners need not worry, however, because Peyton’s coming out this week just like Diana Ross, and he wants the world to know. Got to let it show, ya know? The Colts will get it from Manning, Edge James, and Harrison, and Stokley owners have the slight edge over Wayne owners this week based on past performances. Vanderjerk might kick a few FG as well, so have at it, boys.

The Titans are in disarray, and with Henry serving four games, Chris Brown will be the man without sharing carries. Drew Bennett will probably put something fort, but don’t expect too much as his outlandish performance against Indy last year was courtesy of McNair’s courtesan — the one and only Billy Volek. TE Ben Troupe is emerging as a solid fantasy starter, and he should find something he likes in and around the red zone, his primary stomping grounds.

Final Score: Colts 34, Titans 24

San Diego (+5) at New England 1:00 p.m.
I don’t know what it is, but the Chargers just seem like the team nobody wants to lose to. Maybe those lightning bolts pointing at opposing players somehow charge them up, but it seems like as good as the Chargers were against the Giants last week, they are destined to lose to the Pats (which would be understandable) and fall to 1-3.

The Chargers have three bona fide fantasy stars in Tomlinson, Keenan McCardell and Antonio Gates, but their quarterback, the capable Drew Brees, hasn’t ever really found extreme paydirt in his own numbers. The Patriots gutsy performance last Sunday stirred up new conversations about their dominance of this decade and their legacy in NFL lore. Did anybody really think they were going to lie down and die for the Steelers, who have been knocking on their door the past few years like the young, angry kid next door looking for a fight? Tom Brady should continue his aerial assault with Corey Dillon grabbing the accompanying, complimentary offensive yards on the ground. Deion Branch and David Givens are the best options at WR, but Brady seems to like bits and pieces of both of his TEs — Dan Graham and Ben Watson — so picking one or the other will always be tough.

Final Score: Patriots 27, Chargers 24

Seattle (+2) at Washington 1:00 p.m.
Are the Redskins seriously undefeated? Sure, but they’ve only played two games, so all you “Joe Gibbs is a post-modern, nouveau NASCAR-induced genius/prophet” blowhards can take one step back and count to ten.

The Seahawks can already feel their grasp of the NFC West title tightening in their talons. How’s that for some alliteration? Hasselbeck, Alexander and Darrell Jackson should deliver solid, consistent performances — something akin to any Neil Diamond concert — while the remaining WRs and both TEs will struggle to score. The Skins won’t get too much from Brunell, but whatever he does muster will go to Santana Moss — and Clinton Portis is a must fantasy start every week based on potential alone. I also think that David Patten is due to make his presence felt this week, but I might just be saying that because I’m 0-3 in the Friends of FF Today League and I happen to have Patten. He’s a different receiver when the QB starts paying him some attention, as did Tom Brady, but Brunell needs another receiving option to be effective, and there ain’t much but the Little General around.

Final Score: Seahawks 24, Redskins 20

St. Louis (+3) at N.Y. Giants 1:00 p.m.
If the Giants performance against the Chargers is any indication of how their defense will play this week, I predict that by Monday, Mike Martz will once again be once again be considered an offensive genius. But Martz does need everyone healthy to get the real thing going, and that he doesn’t have this week. The Rams might still be able to put some points up this weekend, courtesy of the usual suspects: Bulger, Holt, and Bruce — if the Reverend ends up playing through the turf toe injury. If not, look for Kevin Curtis to step up in his place. Steven Jackson is also questionable, so watch his status and insert Marshall Faulk if he can’t go.

The Giants are going through their typical early season drama, which always involves glorious highs and ignoble lows. Eli Manning should continue to be a good fantasy option, with Plaxico Burress, Tiki Barber, Jeremy Shockey and the tank-like Brandon Jacobs contributing. I think they might have the Rams number,
especially playing at home.

Final Score: Giants 30, Rams 24

Minnesota (+6) at Atlanta 4:15 p.m.
For the first two weeks of the season, the Vikings were trapped in a losing closet like R. Kelly. And for Minnesota fans, they were about as watchable as his video, too. The Vikings resurgence will undoubtedly continue to be led by Daunte Culpepper, and with Atlanta on the till for week four, it’s going to be a test for everybody. Culpepper, new starting RB Mewelde Moore, TE Jermaine Wiggins, Travis Taylor and Marcus Robinson (Burleson is out again) are the best fantasy options, although I will keep on saying that starting Minnesota RBs is not a good idea until somebody gets 100 yards in consecutive weeks. This could be the week, although the Atlanta D is tough.

The Falcons should get solid games from Vick, Warrick Dunn (who should get most of the carries against the Vikes) and receivers Brian Finneran, Michael Jenkins and TE Alge Crumpler. While Crumpler is Vick’s favorite target near the goalline, RB T.J. Duckett might get some red zone carries and tally a score or two.

Final Score: Falcons 27, Vikings 20

Philadelphia (+2) at Kansas City 4:15 p.m.
The Eagles should be able to dispatch KC with their usual smattering of Brian Westbrook and Terrell Owens. McNabb should put up good numbers, but nothing spectacular, as Westbrook will be the focus despite the Chiefs improved defense. B-West will probably break a few with catches out of the backfield, and L.J. Smith might grab a score.

The Chiefs will benefit from the Eagles inconsistency on defense, and Green, Holmes and Gonzalez will have okay days. But don’t expect huge numbers from LJ, Eddie Kennison or Samie Parker, who probably won’t find the end zone.

Final Score: Eagles 37, Chiefs 23

N.Y. Jets at Baltimore (-7) 4:05 p.m
Baltimore will get their first win this week. I guarantee it. They will let loose on this offense. Brooks Bollinger? Against a winless Ray Lewis? Bad news for this offense. The defense will hemorrhage after being on the field the entire game. I think the best bet is stay way away from this group of offensive players. Give it up until Testaverde comes back. Not!!

The Ravens need this game. If they don’t win here then Ray Lewis breaks out the shank again and goes for the coach. In any event I think they get on track offensively for one week and Lewis break out of his 50 yards in two game slump. Certainly play Mason he looks like a true weapon right now.

Final Score: Ravens 27, Jets 13

Dallas at Oakland (-3.5) 4:15 p.m.
I go with the Raiders here because they have to have this game. If they don’t you can pretty much wrap up Turner’s career in silver and black. They have to quit making some many stupid mistakes. This offense has looked pretty good other than Lamont Jordan. I doubt they will be able to run the ball this week but they could certainly pass against this defense. Roy Williams is a liability on the deep ball. Great hitter but he can’t catch Moss

The Cowboys won by a slim margin against the 9ers. I think that Bledsoe has looked really good and sharp. The defense has given up some big plays and that is disturbing going into the Black Hole. I think the Raiders will want it more I would however play Bledsoe, Glenn, Jones, Johnson, Whitten as I think the score on this one could get out of hand by halftime.

Final Score: Raiders 37, Cowboys 30

San Francisco (+2.5) at Arizona (Mexico City) 8:30 p.m.
Arizona is due for a bad case of both Montezuma’s and Rattay’s revenge when they face San Fran in Mexico City this Sunday night. The 49ers are coming off a tough loss to the Cowboys, and sense weakness as they play the Cardinals, a team that is 0-3 despite pre-season praise from the so-called NFL experts. While Rattay and Brandon Lloyd aren’t Montana and Rice, they should be able to produce against a Cards defense that is, let’s say, “challenged.”

The Cards may have lost Kurt Warner to a groin injury, but if you’re looking to play Josh McCown in his place, you’re as desperate as me. Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald are must-plays this week, but the Cards ground game hasn’t shown us too much, so stay away from Shipp and Arrington.

Final Score: 49ers 27, Cards 14

Green Bay at Carolina (-7.5) 9:00 p.m.
Green Bay looks out of sorts and Favre looks like this might be the last round up. They just don’t have the offensive horses they once had and the defense is no longer dominant. Favre still has the heart but this one will be tough. This defense is going to put some pressure on the offense and with no running game that is going to spell disaster.

The Panthers have an illusion of a running game. But 36 yards just ain’t to cut it. This team is just plain not meeting expectations. So much for the whole Sport Ill jinx. At 1-2 and just getting pushed around by Miami they better be ready for this one or a weak Packers team is going to beat to pass by them. Steve Smith will be a perfect remedy against a weak secondary and will be open all day.

Final Score: Panthers 27, Packers 17