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Week 10

Week 10
Sunday - 1:00 PM EST Sunday, 4:00 PM EST
HOU at IND - CB WAS at TB - AD
KC at BUF - CB NYJ at CAR - CB
MIN at NYG - AD GB at ATL - CB
NE at MIA - AD Sunday - 8:30 PM EST
SF at CHI - AD CLE at PIT - CB
  Monday - 9:00 PM EST
  DAL at PHI - AD

Last Week's Projections
(10-4) Straight Up - 71.4%
(7-6-1) Against The Spread - 50.0%

Arizona (+3.5) at Detroit 1:00 p.m
Zona went back to Warner Bros. last week and it wasn't pretty. They just have no balance on offense and they are tired of looking at Alexander year after year. They can't stop anyone but from a fantasy perspective Warner had some good numbers. Fitzgerald caught most of those balls. It looks like Boldin will be out for a few more weeks. Look at them to score some points and might be able to stop the dreaded Lions offense (just kidding).

For a week they went back to Harrington and he didn't play half bad. He still makes too many mistakes and is never going to be an NFL qb but 263 yards is ok. However he doesn't have any sort of running game as he was their leading rusher. What ever happened to Kevin Jones? I mean this guy has dropped off the face of the earth. They will have trouble moving the ball again and the Cardinals will drop 30 on them.

Final Score: Cards 30, Lions 20

Baltimore at Jacksonville (-6.5) 1:00 p.m
The Jags seem to be playing down to the competition as the battle with the Texans was much closer than most thought. The Texans moved the ball through the air on them as the Jags defense is supposed to be stout. A win is a win so you can't take too much away but at home you would have expected more. It looks as though Frederick will be on the bench this week so Jones will start. A pleasant surprise is this Wilford kid as he had another TD and caught 90 yards of balls. He would be a good pickup. They should shred this D.

Boler will be back in this week as he looks to come back from an early injury. Come back to what is the question. They looked horrible against the Bengals as they again have no rushing game to take any pressure away. You will see some big time pressure coming and he will make alot of mistakes. Look for this to be an easy one for the Jags.

Final Score: Jags 24, Ravens 13

Houston at Indianapolis (-17.5)1:00 p.m
This seems like a high line but after the way the Colts manhandled the Pats last week you have to say that they are a step closer to destiny. When they have everything working like that then they are impossible to stop. Look for the offense to keep the momentum going as Peyton, Wayne, Harrison, and James will look to have big games.

As said above the Texans were game last week. They hung in there pretty well against a pretty darn good Jags team. But they will not be in this one. They just don't have enough weapons to stay with the Colts. The defense will not be able to stop the passing game and Carr will be sacked 10 times. That is my prediction for the week. Freeney must be licking his chops right now. I would be surprised if he makes it through the game.

Final Score: Colts 35, Txans 10

Kansas City (+2) Buffalo 1:00 p.m
You could hear hearts break all over fantasy land as Holmes said good bye a few games early for the fourth year in a row. Those he choose the bum early in drafts got a rude awakening this afternoon as he was placed on IR. But those he have Johnson must be foaming at the mouth. He will go nuts as her is looking to make a name for himself with the Chiefs are some other team. But to the game the Chiefs pulled out a gutsy one last week against the Raiders, pulling off a last second victory. They should be able to move the ball against a Buffalo defense that hasn't been as good as advertise.

The Bills were on a bye and looking to regroup. You would think at some point they would just go with Losman and get him some playing time but they will probably stick with Holcolmb. It seems as though McGahee is gaining some steam and looking better. He will have trouble as the Chiefs run defense is not that bad. But they should be able to find Moulds open a few times and might put up some points. They will lose this one though.

Final Score: Chiefs 28, Bills 20

Minnesota (+9.5) at N.Y. Giants 1:00 p.m.
It has become a sad situation on the road for the Vikings this season, to the point that none of their offensive starters are reliable fantasy options away from the Land O’ Lakes. With the backfield duties falling on Michael Bennett with Mewelde Moore nursing a wrist injury, and a variety of WRs mixed into the game plan, the only possibility would be starting QB Brad Johnson on a whim. Still, be forewarned that the Vikings haven't done much of anything out of state.

The Giants are playing their best football since the 2000 season, when they reached the Super Bowl. They have a complete offensive approach, including numerous options and a balance of seasoned veterans and energetic, young stars. Sure, they tend to collapse in the second half of the season, but it’s not going to start this week. Play Manning, Barber, Burress, Shockey and possibly even RB Brandon Jacobs in TD-only leagues.

Final Score: Giants 31, Vikings 17

New England (-3) at Miami 1:00 p.m.
If the loss at home to the Colts on Monday Night wasn’t enough, the Pats now have to travel to Miami to take on the resurgent Dolphins, a team that has shown it can run the ball effectively and beat good teams. Two of the Dolphins’ three wins this year are over Denver and Carolina. This is going to be a close one. The Patriots’ Tom Brady has been producing good fantasy numbers even in some of the team’s losses, but this week the Miami secondary might even shut him down. Look for a better option if you can, although at this point, WR Deion Branch should be a must-play each week. Dillon may grab up to 85 yards and a score, but watch his status as the week progresses. The Dolphins most consistent performers are RB Ronnie Brown and WR Chris Chambers, but Ricky Williams grabbed a score last week and might be in line for another at home versus the Pats.

Final Score: Patriots 23, Dolphins 17

San Francisco (+13) at Chicago 1:00 p.m.
The Niners have their work cut out this week, facing a good defense with Ken Dorsey at the helm. Don’t play any of these guys, unless you like pouring lemon juice on open cuts. The Bears are 5-3 and in 1st place in the NFC North. Let me say that again. The Bears are 5-3 and in 1st place in the NFC North. Even sounds more creepy when you say it twice, doesn’t it? Go with Kyle Orton, Muhsin Muhammad, and watch the RB situation develop, starting Thomas Jones if he is healthy and Cedric Benson if he is not.

Final Score: Bears 24, 49ers 10

Denver (-3) at Oakland 4:05 p.m.
I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again — I hate Mike Shanahan. Not just because Tatum Bell is averaging 7.0 yards a carry this year and still splitting carries with Mike Anderson, but because he’s done all of this crap before. I guess you could argue that the Broncos running game is as successful as it is because they mix it up, but if we didn’t bitch and moan about these things, we wouldn’t be a fantasy football web site. The Broncos have a fine variety of options this week, including Plummer, Anderson, Bell, Smith and even the classic underachiever, Ashley Lelie. The Raiders tough loss last week may have them on an emotional low, and they will have a tough time breaking through against a stingy Broncos defense. Still, I think Collins, Jordan, Moss and Porter are okay plays since the Broncos tend to loosen up a little in the second half.

Final Score: Broncos 30, Raiders 24

St. Louis (+6.5) at Seattle 4:15 p.m.
I’m sure I’m not the only Isaac Bruce owner anxious for him to get back on the field — especially with Torry Holt out — but I certainly feel alone just the same. The Rams get Bulger back and should put up numbers against the Seahawks. Start Steven Jackson and whichever WRs suit up on Sunday. Holt has classically torn up the Seahawks, and Bruce is not far behind. Curtis should be in your lineup even if Holt and Bruce come back, since he’s been consistent and the two big boys will likely rotate in and out anyway. The Seahawks will get their usual round of performances from Hasselbeck, Alexander, Engram and Jurevicius. TE Jerramy Stevens also has a good history versus the Rams, so give him the okay.

Final Score: Seahawks 34, Rams 31

Washington (-1.5) at Tampa Bay 4:15 p.m.
This is the first real test of the Redskins in weeks. Against a dominant defense, I think Portis and Moss are the only guys you should be starting. The gravy train is bound to end sooner or later, and Tampa Bay sounds like a good a place as any. The Bucs, however, have Cadillac, Galloway and might get a good game from Chris Simms, although he’ll probably throw some picks.

Final Score: Bucs 24, Skins 20

N.Y. Jets at Carolina (-9) 4:05 p.m
Carolina is playing some good ball. They really took it to the Bucs last week. The put up points against one of the best D's in the business. But most was in part of the 4 turnovers by the Bucs. They gave them a short field all day. Carolina won't have to worry about turnovers as the Jets defense is horrible. Play all offense on this team as Delhomme to Smith will get tiring.

As mentioned above the Jets were abused by Tomlinson and the gang last week. Ty Law is still looking for his shoes that LT made him jump out of after his move. Giving up four touchdowns to one player is ridiculous. They did look better on offense as Brooks will be the man this week. They made an effort to come back but they came up short. I think the Panthers defense will be a little harder on them.

Final Score: Panthers 23, Jets 13

Green Bay at Atlanta (-9) 4:15 p.m
The poor Packers had to turn the RB duties over to some dude named Gado. He didn't do bad as he rushed for 62 yards and a score. But the Steeler D was little too much for this beat up team as they held Favre to 214 yards and no TDs. They will not get any better against the Falcons as their D is good as well. Without a standout WR and no running game that anyone would take serious I see another big defeat in their future.

Mike Vick says "get off my ass". He was tired of hearing us media types calling him out for not being a pocket passer. He goes out and throws a good game with 228 yards and a TD. Not bad, but hardly a game worth putting in the stat hall of fame. The run game for the Falcons is still there and will be worth the price of admission against this defense. They will rack up about 200 this week. Play my man Dunn, Vick and Crumpler.

Final Score: Falcons 30, Packers 17

Cleveland (+8) at Pittsburgh 8:30 p.m.
Because of the injury to Big Ben and the indisputable fact that the Browns suck, we should be in for a low-scoring affair. The Browns only possible option is Reuben Droughns, and when he’s not driving round drunk, he’s cramping from lack of fluids. Sounds like someone needs a hug. The Steelers, on the other hand, have two viable options in Hines Ward and Duce Staley. If Charlie Batch can successfully take snaps this week, he should be able to notch a win.

Final Score: Steelers 20, Browns 13

Dallas (+3) at Philadelphia 9:00 p.m
Revenge will be on the mind but games come down to talent. The fact is that the Pokes have more talent at this point. They are playing as a team and confidence as they brutally beat up the Eagles with T.O the last time. I think that this game comes down to the running game and defense is lately the Pokes have had both. Look for them to do more of what they did last time. Pass when they think they will run and run when they think they will pass. They will mix it up and keep the Eagles off guard.

Give the Eagles credit for ridding themselves of a problem and moving on. I like this Reggie Brown kid as he put together a great game. McNabb looked like the Donovan of old as he moved in the pocket a little better. But I think it is going to take time to get everything together with the new parts and the Pokes are simply better right now. But Donovan should have a better game than last time.

Final Score: Pokes 26, Eagles 20