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Week 11

Week 11
Sunday - 1:00 PM EST Sunday, 4:00 PM EST
DET at DAL - CB SEA at SF - CB
JAX at TEN - CB BUF at SD - CB
MIA at CLE - CB  
NO at NE - AD Sunday - 8:30 PM EST
OAK at WAS - AD KC at HOU - AD
PHI at NYG - AD Monday - 9:00 PM EST
PIT at BAL - AD MIN at GB - CB
TB at ATL - AD  

Last Week's Projections
(10-4) Straight Up - 71.4%
(5-9) Against The Spread - 35.7%

Arizona (+9.5) at St. Louis 1:00 p.m.
Warner is back at the helm and was not bad as he threw for 359 yards and a score. Again, the Cardinals issue lies within their offensive line and running game. If they could have controlled the clock better they could have beaten the Lions. It looks as though Boldin will return this week and has practiced all week. He is supposed to go to a full practice on Thursday. With the way they throw the ball around you have to get him in your starting lineup. From a pure fantasy perspective, Boldin, Warner, and Fitz should all be good plays.

The Rams donated their usual 3 TDs to Alexander and proved again that offense doesn’t win defense does. They just couldn’t get them off the field on third down. Even with the return of Bulger (304 yards and a TD) they could not stay with the juggernaut that has become the Seahawks. I think they will go nuts this week so look for big games from the regulars Bulger, Jackson, Holt but understand that this game will be closer than most think because neither defense can stop the other.

Final Score: Rams 32, Cardinals 28

Carolina (-3) at Chicago 1:00 p.m.
Da Bears may be the most surprising team in football. That offense line is just awesome. They ran for a total of 180 yards against the 49ers in a weird, windy, game. Adrian Peterson looked great as he ran for 120 yards and a TD surprising Benson owners who were expecting a big game with Jones still out. Didn’t happen. Benson is now out for 3-6 weeks with a knee sprain. Jones should be back this week but look for Peterson to get some carries and might end of starting a game or two if Jones doesn’t come back as his usual self.

The Panther train keeps on rolling as they pummeled the horrible Jets in fine fashion 30-3. This one was a defensive battle with little action until the Panthers turned up the heat on Bollinger in the 4tth and forced several turnovers with one being returned for a TD. I think they will have a tough going with the Bears defense being as stout as it is. But I think that they will find a way to win however it wouldn’t surprise me if this were an upset.

Final Score: Panthers 20, Bears 14

Detroit at Dallas (-8) 1:00 p.m.
What a gift for the Pokes last week. But a win is a win…bottom line. They were left for dead but found a way to score 2 TDs in about 20 seconds to steal a win from the jaws of defeat. The offense really had no rhythm until the final drive at the end of the 4th. I think that has a lot to do with the dreaded running back by committee situation that has formed with Barber and Jones. Both of these guys are better when they get a lot of carries. I think Parcells needs to make his decision and he will be better off. They should be able to move the ball so play the starters.

Wow the Lions came alive last week when I thought it was pretty much over for these guys. Understand that it was against the Cardinals but they looked pretty good on offense. Jones was running like he wanted to play and we had a Roy Williams sighting. He went off for 117 yards and 3 TDs. Look for all that happiness to come to a halt this weekend. The Cowboys will go home with Harrington’s head in a duffle bag, as they will harass him all day. Look for a few forced turnovers in this one.

Final Score: Pokes 27, Lions 17

Jacksonville (-4.5) at Tennessee 1:00 p.m
You had to know that the Jags would take the Ravens. It was really a matter of the Jags defense and no offense for the Ravens as they are spinning out of control. Greg Jones is filling in nicely and should start again this week. The real Matt Jones showed up and put up great numbers with 117 yards and a score. They shut down the Ravens offense (not hard) and seem to have the inside track on one of the wild card pots. Their schedule is certainly favorable. Look for them to have good number as they are playing a very suspect Titans D.

Tennessee was on a bye so McNair got a chance to rest. Hopefully he will be ready this week. They have moved the ball on offense and Brandon Jones will be back. But this Jags D is pretty good at stopping the pass but has had some problems with the run. So look for the Titans to move the ball but fall pretty shot and lose by a TD.

Final Score: Jags 24, Titans 17

Miami (+2) at Cleveland 1:00 p.m
Just a hunch but I think the Dolphins put it together and come up with a win on the road this week. They hung in there until the end against a depleted Patriots team but succumbed at the end. It seems as though the Dolphins are passing the ball a little too much but it is good from a fantasy standpoint. All the receivers and McMichael has great games. But it took away from Brown and Williams. They should be able to run the ball but will they is the question.

Dilfer and the boys had no chance against the Men of Steel. Even without Big Ben in the lineup the Steelers easily won this one without much of a sweat. Everyone got in on rushing attack as they ran for 150 yards with 6 people. They let Ward go crazy and catch 124 yards worth of balls. They have to get a handle on the passing defense because the Dolphins have some weapons and will shoe them on Sunday.

Final Score: Dolphins 30, Browns 21

New Orleans (+10) at New England 1:00 p.m.
The Saints come marching in to Foxboro at 2-7 against a Pats team that squeaked out one in Miami to go 5-4. I’d be wary of starting too many Saints offensive players against a Pats defense that’s bound to tighten up. But since the Saints are coming off their bye, go with Brooks and Horn but stay away from Aaron Stecker, Dallas castoff Anthony Thomas and even Antowain Smith, the new starter.

The Pats should open up the offense this week and get big games from Tom Brady, Deion Branch and Ben Watson. Watch the status of Corey Dillon, because if he can’t go this week, Heath Evans is an okay option.

Final Score: Patriots 30, Saints 17

Oakland (+6) at Washington 1:00 p.m.
The Raiders just can’t seem to win, and the Redskins should be heading in the same direction after losing by a point to the Bucs. Randy Moss, Kerry Collins and Lamont Jordan have been slumping, but look for them to get back into the flow this week for at least a couple quarters.

The Skins have all the makings of an overachieving, Carolina-type squad, albeit with some more age. Go with Brunell, Moss and Portis, but steer clear of David Patten again this week. I’m still waiting for this team to fall below .500, and after this week, I might be waiting longer, especially if LaVar Arrington continues to play inspired football after being benched most of the season.

Final Score: Redskins 24, Raiders 20

Philadelphia (NL) at N.Y. Giants 1:00 p.m.
With McNabb out and Owens still at home in Atlanta fighting the bad fight, the Eagles don’t stand too much of a chance in Jersey this week unless they can do what the Vikings did and score all of their TDs on defense. It makes some sense to start Brian Westbrook and Greg Lewis, but don’t go crazy with the
accouterments unless you have to.

The Giants, on the other hand, offer their usual selection of delectable fantasy options, topped with a special sauce of rage from last week. Go with Manning, Barber, Burress and Shockey. While there’s no line, it would probably favor the Giants by less than a TD.

Final Score: Giants 30, Eagles 23

Pittsburgh (NL) at Baltimore 1:00 p.m.
When these teams lock up, it usually means the defenses will dominate and fantasy production will slip gently into a coma for 60 minutes. It’s hard to recommend too many starters this week, although Steelers WR Hines Ward and Ravens RB Jamal Lewis are probably the best options, given the offensive schemes that will be utilized.

Final Score: Steelers 17, Ravens 10

Tampa Bay (+6) at Atlanta 1:00 p.m.
The Bucs come off a big win versus the Redskins that put them at 6-3, while the Falcons fell to 6-3 last week after a tough loss to the Packers. The better team is still the Falcons, but Chris Simms showed he can play decent football and put up numbers when given the opportunity. Start Simms, Galloway and Clayton, and keep an eye on the RB situation as it develops this week, although Pittman is probably the guy. The Falcons should rebound this week with Vick, Dunn, Finneran and Crumpler posting respectable numbers at home.

Final Score: Falcons 27, Bucs 24

Indianapolis (-5.5) at Cincinnati 4:15 p.m.
This is undoubtedly the AFC game of the week, with the Colts facing a test in Cincinnati, where the Bengals have the conference’s 3rd best defense. The Colts will get their usual smattering of numbers from Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, but this isn’t 2004, so Stokely and the TEs aren’t too viable.

The Bengals have that can-do attitude that just might take them into the AFC Championship game. On the way, QB Carson Palmer, RB Rudi Johnson and WR Chad Johnson have been solid, with Housh even getting in the mix once in a while. They should keep on truckin’ this week, but I think they’ll fall a little short of a W.

Final Score: Colts 30, Bengals 24

N.Y. Jets (+13) at Denver 4:15 p.m.
The easy answer to this week’s riddle is to play everyone you can from the Broncos and sit everybody on the Jets. It’s not very insightful, and it’s not especially interesting, but it’s the best advice I can give you. The Jets put up three points in charlotte last week, and Denver isn’t any friendlier. If you need an option for the Jets, take Curtis Martin, but anybody else and you’ll be grasping at straws. The Broncos fantasy starters should include everybody — Plummer, Anderson, Bell, Smith and Lelie.

Final Score: Broncos 31, Jets 10

Seattle (-12.5) at San Francisco 4:05 p.m.
Shaun Alexander is just going crazy. He just keeps scoring touchdowns and pretty much putting the Seahawks on his back. Pay the man for goodness sakes. They completely dominated the Rams and are looking to seal the deal for the title in the West. They are looking at home field as well. Even without a top tier receiver they will easily handle the 49ers by well into a double-digit deficit.

The 49ers were game against the Bears but the leaky defense just couldn’t keep the Bears from running it down their throats. I read where Dorsey should start this week so if you are desperate give it shot. With no offense and an injured and broken down defense this should be ugly. A stat to note: Cody Pickett- 1/13 for 28 yards. One freakin completion?? For the whole game?

Final Score: Seahawks 32, 49ers 14

Buffalo at San Diego (-10.5) 4:15 p.m
Seems like a lot of points to give. The Bills have just been horrible on defense and they will have a lot of trouble with LT and his band of maniacs. They should score at will and run up and down the field. Look for LT to have a huge game with many TDs. The defense should make some plays as well as Losman might be prone to push it on the road. I would try and stray away from any offensive players from the Bills except for McGahee.

LT and his gang had the week off and it was well deserved. They have to win this game if they want to have any chance of making the playoffs. The problem is that their schedule is a brutal one and the Jags schedule is not. I think they are aware of this and understand that they have no room to maneuver with games like this. Look for them to control throughout and win this one going away.

Final Score: Chargers 31, Bills 16

Kansas City (-6.5) at Houston 8:30 p.m.
After last week’s debacle in Buffalo, the Chiefs should be ready to put some points on the board and get back to 6-4. Trent Green, whose hideous, 3 INT-performance against the Bills rattled fantasy owners everywhere, will get back to top form this week against a bad Houston defense. Play Green, Larry Johnson, Tony Gonzalez and Eddie Kennison, who is bound for output similar to his numbers in San Diego during Week 8. The Texans have David Carr and Andre Johnson, but watch the injury to Domanick Davis and play Jonathan Wells if he can’t go. These guys just don’t offer too many options.

Final Score: Chiefs 34, Texans 17

Minnesota at Green Bay (-4.5) 9:00 p.m.
Sam Gado is now the toast of fantasy football and cheese heads. This guy is no joke as he proved this week with a 103 yard; 2 TD performance. He is a workhorse. You gotta love Favre and the way he keeps fighting. Now that the running game is in order I think they are a much more formidable team. Donald Driver is a good play for the rest of the way, as they have no other WR that scares anyone. I like them at home and think they come to play.

The Vikings have played much better and won a couple of games in a row. They really stole one in the Meadowlands and played harder than I have seen them play all year. At the end of the day it was Eli’s 4 picks and not the Vikings that put them over the top. Because offensively they did absolutely nothing. Johnson had 144 yards and no scores. They had a total of 12 yards rushing. From what I hear, Moore will be starting again.

Final Score: Packers 27, Vikings 17