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Week 12

Week 12
Thursday Sunday, 4:00 PM EST
ATL at DET - CB GB at PHI - AD
Sunday - 1:00 PM EST JAX at ARI - CB
CAR at BUF - CB  
CHI at TB - CB Sunday - 8:30 PM EST
CLE at MIN - CB NO at NYJ - CB
NE at KC - AD Monday - 9:00 PM EST
SF at TEN - AD  
STL at HOU - AD  

Last Week's Projections
(10-6) Straight Up - 62.5%
(10-6) Against The Spread - 62.5%

Atlanta (-3) at Detroit 12:30 p.m
Are my eyes deceiving me or is that Mike Vick posing as a pocket passer? Give the guy some credit he is staying in there longer and trying to get better. Fantasy owners should be happy as it will keep him on the field longer. He had a tough game against the Bucs and beat Vick again. In this one I would say that the Lions D is going to have a tough time containing the Falcons running game. But don't be fooled this defense is not top notch.

The Lions were game against the Pokes but as expected they just couldn't stay with them offensively. They have to find a running game this week to have any chance. Atlanta's run D is not great so they should at least have the opportunity. But understand that the Falcons don't fear the passing game of the Lions so they won't play honest. Balance is the key

Final Score: Falcons 28, Lions 20

Denver (–1.5) at Dallas 4:15 p.m
The Broncos, at 8-2, have won three straight and eight of their last nine. But they really need to keep piling up wins if they have any hope of getting home-field advantage in the playoffs, given the situation with the currently undefeated Indianapolis Colts. With Tatum Bell nursing a chest injury, Mike Anderson will get he bulk of the carries. Go with Plummer, Rod Smith, and Anderson. The Cowboys have also won three straight and are eyeing a playoff spot. The key to their performance this week is Bledsoe’s protection. If the Cowboys offensive line holds up, they should come away with a win. I like Bledsoe, Jones, Keyshawn and Witten.

Final Score: Cowboys 23, Broncos 20

Baltimore at Cincinnati (-9) 1:00 p.m.
A shootout last week was expected and the Bengals delivered their part. Made a mistake by asking Manning to beat them. He did, soundly. He racked up 360 yards and 3 TDs. That is not championship caliber defense folks. However they won't have to be as much this week as the Ravens offense is horrible. They will sack Boller at least 5 times and have everyone talking about great the defense is again. Overrated I say. Make no mistake though, that offense is serious and will score some points this week.

Kyle at the healm and Jamal Lewis is done. However they managed to put up a win against the Big Ben-less Steelers. They pretty much stopped the Steelers ground game and forced Maddox to make some plays. He didn't make enough so that is why they lost. This week will be a daunting task. They won't be able to control this offense which is probably 2nd best in the league. Also on the road they will not be able to move the ball effectively. Look for a beating.

Final Score: Bengals 31, Ravens 13

Carolina (-3.5) at Buffalo 1:00 p.m.
Tough game at the Bears last week. They seemed to not put everything together on drives however the moved the ball somewhat. They just couldn't close the deal and get into the endzone. That Steve Smith is ridiculous. You know he is going to get the ball because the Panthers have no one else to throw it to. But he still finds a way to get open. This Buffalo defense just got carved up last week so look for the Panthers passing offense to have a big game.

As mentioned above the Bills got carved up like that turkey you will be cooking on Thanksgiving. Drew Brees made them look stupid for loading the box against LT. He threw pretty much where he wanted to and LT was drinking Gatorade and getting a tan by the 4th quarter. I don't think the offense is the problem as people have said. I really think it is the defense. They have been really disappointing.

Final Score: Panthers 24, Bills 17

Chicago (+3) at Tampa Bay 1:00 p.m
I think this shows a lack of respect for the Bears. I know it is on the road to a good team but this defense is the best I have seen since the Ravens in 2000. They are simply monsters and will eat up Simms like a kid to an ice cream cone. They must be licking their chops to get a piece of this guy. Don't look for a whole lot of offense in this one. But defenses will keep that score down to a minimum.

The Bucs took care of business in the division again. They have a habit of beating Mike Vick. Chris Simms wasn't spectacular but he didn't have to be. The Bucs do what they do best. Run the ball the entire game and keep the other teams offense off the field. When they do get on the field they get to stare down a great defense. But this one I think they will meet their match. Look for this one to be low scoring with the Bucs being on the bottom.

Final Score: Bears 17, Bucs 10

Cleveland at Minnesota (-3.5) 1:00 p.m
Hard to imagine but the Vikes are looking to make it four in a row with a backup QB who has yet to throw for more than 200 yds in any game. Minnesota is 3-1 with Brad Johnson at the helm and will count on him to "manage" the Vikes to another victory. Mewelde Moore provided the spark last week against Green Bay and should fair well against a Cleveland defense ranked in the middle of the pack against the run. At WR, Travis Taylor, the Robinson's (Marcus & Koren), Troy Williamson, and Nate Burleson should all be avoided... too many options to count on.

Cleveland continues to feed Reueben Droughns and he's a solid start against the Vikings average run defense. Droughns rolled up 166 yds last week as they shutout the Miami Dolphins 22-0 on his way to becoming Cleveland's first 1,000-yard rusher since 1985 (wow!). WR Antonio Bryant is a #3 WR in most leagues but the Browns are intent on getting Braylon Edwards more involved in the offense. He has cracked the starting lineup and should post some decent numbers down the stretch.

This should be an ugly, low-scoring game. Give the Vikings the benefit of the doubt for being at home.

Final Score: Vikes 17 Browns 10

New England (+3) at Kansas City 1:00 p.m.
The Patriots fall from grace will only be complete with a loss in KC to the crying man. Vermeil is bound to shed a few tears after this one, if only for the once gallant Patriots’ descent into mediocrity. Belichick is still a genius, he’s just surrounded by pain and misery. And Boston fans. Look for the Pats to win this week and get good numbers from Brady, Branch and Watson. The Chiefs won’t get 200 yards from LJ this week, but they might see a big game from Tony Gonzalez. Go with Green, Johnson, Kennison and Gonzo.

Final Score: Pats 27, Chiefs 24

San Diego (-3) at Washington 1:00 p.m.
If the Chargers can force two turnovers, they have this game won. I’d be willing to wager actual money they will win by more than three this week, especially if Tomlinson gets some big runs in early, which I believe he’ll do. I can almost see the NFL Gamebreaks right now. Play LT, Brees, Gates (but check the injury report) and McCardell. The Skins could really make a statement with a win at home over the Bolts this week, but I just don’t think it can happen. Brunell, Portis and Moss are good plays, but they will turn the ball over on Sunday.

Final Score: Chargers 30, Redskins 21

San Francisco (+8) at Tennessee 1:00 p.m.
This game couldn’t be more meaningless if it was held in the negative world from Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo. The only people tuning in to this one will be fantasy junkies and degenerate gamblers. The Niners have won just two games this year, beating the Rams in week one and the Bucs the day before Halloween. The Titans are bad enough for them to play without passion, which means another loss. Go with Brandon Lloyd and Kevin Barlow for the Niners and Steve McNair TE Erron Kinney, and Chris Brown for the Titans.

Final Score: Titans 20, 49ers 17

St. Louis (-3.5) at Houston 1:00 p.m
The Rams actually have a decent chance at losing this game, as the crappiest opponents tend to come away with wins against them. Here, it looks like a trap game with Houston on the schedule, but I’m taking the bait and the Rams. Start Martin, Jackson, Holt and Curtis, and go easy on the Texans. They have viable options in Carr and Johnson, but they might not establish too much of a ground game coming from behind.

Final Score: Rams 37, Texans 20

Green Bay (+4) at Philadelphia 4:15 p.m.
Another meaningless game, with the Packers out of it and the Eagles running on fumes. Sure, you can play Favre and either Fisher or Gado, Driver and Franks, but be careful how many Eagles you start this week. The offense will be trolling along like syrup running down a telephone pole in February. Reggie Brown is bound to have a big game, as he is the new focal point of this offense, and Brian Westbrook can always put up numbers. Go with Greg Lewis, but don’t play any QBs.

Final Score: Packers 24, Eagles 23

N.Y. Giants (+4.5) at Seattle 4:15 p.m.
Everybody likes the Seahawks at home, but I’m taking the Giants in my upset special of the week. I think the Giants have something to prove this Sunday and want to be seen as the best team in the NFC East. If they can knock off the Seahawks, they might just get some of that respect. For the G-Men, go with Manning, Barber, Burress and Shockey until further notice. The Seahawks should get good games from Hasselbeck, Alexander, Engram and Jurevicius, who has a knack for finding the end zone.

Final Score: Giants 31, Seahawks 27

Jacksonville at Arizona (+3.5) 4:05 p.m.
I hear gasps around the world saying "the Cardinals to win against the Jags!!!". It is not so far fetched. Especially on the road to a rejuvenate Kurt Warner. Who decided to take it back three years last week against the Rams? He looked great throwing for over 300 yards and was protected for goodness sakes. If you give this guy some time he still has some left in the tank. I see them doing more of the same this week. Boldin and Fitz both should go over the 100 yard mark.

The Jags survived ont he road against the Titans. They only won by 3 and really haven't handled pressure well. It seems they are having trouble running the football on the road and not winning more soundly against team they must beat. That is why I see a bump this week. I see them giving up a lot of passing yards and shootout will occur. I think you should look for them to take a dive this week.

Final Score: Cardinals 34, Jags 30

Miami at Oakland (-7) 4:05 p.m
Hooray for Norv!!! He had to take some pride beating his old team last week in D.C. The Raiders are looking for some momentum and should take the win this week. What they are doing is running the ball and throwing to other folks besides Randy. Jerry Porter is a great option this week. They should beat the Fins with ease and put up some decent numbers.

Boy is it getting ugly in Shaq's town?? The Dolphins just got spanked in Cleveland. How do you get shut out by the Browns?? They literally had no offense and looked absolutely awful. When is the draft? I don't think they can get to Matt Linert quick enough. I still don't think that solves all the problems but it would help. I hear Zach Thomas will miss this game as well. The team's emotional leader. That doesn't bode well. You might see another shutout.

Final Score: Raiders 26, Dolphins 10

New Orleans (-1.5) at N.Y. Jets 8:30 p.m
The battle of the worst. The Jets have zero offense with a really bad running game. They are down to QB number 7 and look to be ready to get involved in the USC sweepstakes. However I think their attention will be more on Bush than Matt. Either way that does nothing for them in this game. They will give up some points and might have some motivation at home. But I see the Saints will the ability to score and the defense being even so I will give it to them.

Rooting for the Saints is tough but they are game. Last week they put up some points and were in a position to make it a game at the end. I like their spunk and the fact that they have no problem chunking it up 50 times a game. Makes for interesting TV. Look for Brooks, Stallworth, and Horn to get it going and put up some points and get a "gasp" road win for the weary Saints.

Final Score: Saints 28 Jets 14

Pittsburgh (NL) at Indianapolis 9:00 p.m.
If anybody is going to beat the Colts, it would be the Steelers. They have the defense to do it, but they don’t have the firepower to keep up once Manning starts hitting his targets. Sure, the Colts have a few tough games left on the schedule, but winning this week will send a message that the rest of the league needs to be very afraid. The Colts offense has a multitude of fantasy options, the Steelers D not withstanding. I’d go with Manning, James, Harrison, Wayne and Clark, but keep Stokely on the bench this week. For the Steelers, you can safely play Willie Parker, Big Ben and Hines Ward. Anything more would just be wishful thinking.

Final Score: Colts 30, Steelers 20