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Week 7

Week 7
Sunday - 1:00 PM EST Sunday, 4:00 PM EST
GB at MIN - CB BAL at CHI - AD
KC at MIA - CB DEN at NYG - CB
NO at STL - AD TEN at ARI - CB
PIT at CIN - AD  
SD at PHI - AD Monday - 9:00 PM EST
SF at WAS - AD NYJ at ATL - AD

Last Week's Projections
(10-4) Straight Up - 71.4%
(7-7) Against The Spread - 50.0%

Detroit at Cleveland (+2.5) 1:00 p.m
Detroit is a team in serious decline. They are arguing with each other constantly, they are ready to hang Harrington, and pull a mutiny on the coach. Until Garcia comes back he really has no choice but to hang in there. At the end of the day the receivers are fragile and non-existent with Kevin Johnson with the most catches on the team. That is pathetic. In any event, Jones is still a play but not much of one until they can beat teams passing the ball. I wouldn't go near this team until Garcia returns.

The Browns are talking about starting some guy named Frye next week so this could change at some point. But if they keep Trent in the starting lineup I think they have a chance to take this one home this week. They are at least playing together and have some sense of team. They really came back to earth on offense last week after starting off the year in fairly good fashion. They will need to muster some points this week.

Final Score: Browns 20, Lions 17

Green Bay (-1.5) at Minnesota 1:00 p.m
The Packers comeback from a bye week feeling pretty good about themselves. They totally thrashed the Saints last week and the rumors of Favre's demise were greatly exaggerated. They come into Minnesota looking to avenge past demons as the dome has not been very kind to the Pack. However part of those beatings was a big, tall, freak named Randy Moss who would frequently do some end zone dancing on a regular basis. They don't have to worry about that or any other offensive threat.

Could it get any worse for these guys? The coach has totally lost this team and they are going on a one-way track to Losersville. Or one-way boat? (wink, wink) Well anyway Culpepper has been more of a disappointment than the entire team. They have a little running game. If I was going to start someone it would be Moore. But I would not bet the house on him having a great game. They just seem disoriented and confused on offense. Daunte looks like he is scared to throw. Not a good thing. But this defense will give up some yards so I might give some other guys a whirl.

Final Score: Packers 27, Vikings 24

Indianapolis (-15.5) at Houston 1:00 p.m
The Colts looked a little sluggish to start the game with the Rams. They were down 17-0 before you could get the queso out. But they came back with a vengeance and decided to knock out Bulger in the process. They racked up 160 yards rushing and finally Manning hit Harrison with the record. I think at the end of the day Manning may just not have a good year. They really are using a "dime" set with them and keeping 5-6 folks in coverage at all times. They will keep running it until that changes. I would still play Manning, Edge, Harrison, and Wayne.

Oh boy the Texans. Man what a wreck this team is. They got throttled by the Seahawks as predicted. Carr looked horrible and only threw for 170 yards in a game they had to throw alot to try and get back in it. Davis has been a major disappointment as he was picked in the first round of many drafts. He just has not been the #1 guy that most teams where looking for. They have 0 chance in this game and will get thumped and could possibly score no more than a field goal.

Final Score: Colts 28, Texans 10

Kansas City (+1.5) at Miami 1:00 p.m.
KC beat a good Redskins team that was on a roll and can play some defense. They won by giving the rock to Holmes all day long and taking advantage of turnovers as the skins fumbled the ball three times. The Chiefs offense is still not running on all cylinders and Gonzo has done nothing this year. If you chose some of these guys high in your draft you have to be kicking yourself right now. I just don't know if it is going to get any better. It won't this week.

Now we come to the Dolphins. They look to be fading when they started of pretty hot. They brought back the dreaded one in Ricky Williams but he did nothing against a good Bucs D. This defense is not as good as the Bucs but I just don't like the Dolphins offensive line. Frerotte has been tossing the ball for alot of yards but just has to throw it 90 times to get there. They will have a tough time in this one. I just think they Chiefs are better.

Final Score: Chiefs 27, Dolphins 17

New Orleans (+3) at St. Louis 1:00 p.m.
Both teams endured tough losses last week and look to rebound this week. The Saints offense looked a lot better against the Falcons, and Aaron Brooks is an okay option at QB, especially if Stallworth and Horn are healthy. Both Aaron Stecker and Antowain Smith could be effective this week splitting carries, with Smith getting the goalline carries and Stecker — who tore up the Rams last year — getting most of the field to work with and reception opportunities out of the backfield. Watch the WR situation this week, and play Az-Zahir Hakim if either Horn of Stallworth don’t suit up.

The Rams most consistent fantasy performers will be Torry Holt, Steven Jackson and kicker Jeff Wilkins, Bulger is not expected to play so temper your enthusiasm for WR Kevin Curtis and keep your eye on injury reports regarding Isaac Bruce.

Final Score: Rams 30, Saints 24

Pittsburgh (Pick) at Cincinnati 1:00 p.m.
With Big Ben back this week versus Cincinnati, the Steelers should have a much better chance at coming out with a win, but the Bengals are playing good football and this could be their moment to shine. The Steelers will get a mediocre game at best from Roethlisberger and most of their offensive starters, many of whom are hurting from both injuries and bruised egos. Willie Parker is probably the best offensive play, as he’ll get the most carries, and Hines Ward (watch the injury report) and TE Heath Miller are the best receiving options.

The Bengals face their toughest opponent with an offense that has steadily improved since last season. Carson Palmer probably won’t throw for 350 and 3 TDs, but 250 and 2 TDs are within his grasp. RBs Rudi Johnson and Chris Perry have been RBBCing their way to the delight of fantasy owners nowhere, but WR Chad Johnson is more studly than ever.

Final Score: Bengals 20, Steelers 17

San Diego (+3.5) at Philadelphia 1:00 p.m.
Looking for a high-powered offensive battle stressing numbers and scoring versus fumbles and snoring? Look no further. Judging by the previous performances of both these teams, Sunday’s matchup should feature more action than the California Penal System’s weight rooms after Victor Conte gets incarcerated. The Chargers have a slew of solid fantasy plays this week, including Brees, L.T., Gates and Keenan McCardell. The Eagles should also pile up lot of fantasy points this week with McNabb, Westbrook, T.O. and even WR Greg Lewis and TE L.J. Smith.

Final Score: Eagles 37, Chargers 30

San Francisco (+13) at Washington 1:00 p.m.
From a fantasy perspective, it doesn’t get much simpler than this one. The 49ers have only one player with a big enough upside to play this week — WR Brandon Lloyd. If you are really, really desperate, you might think about starting Barlow, but that’s even pushing it. The Redskins are facing a bad defense and should see solid performances from Brunell, Portis, Santana Moss and even David Patten and TE Chris Cooley.

Final Score: Redskins 31, 49ers 17

Dallas (+3.5) at Seattle 4:05 p.m.
As usual, the Cowboys shut down their opponents (the Giants) last week for about three and a half quarters, then allowed them to march right down the field and score. This week, they can’t afford to let the Seahawks get the ground game going early, and they need to cut down on their turnovers. The Cowboys fantasy starters should include Bledsoe, Keyshawn, Glenn, and Witten, but pay close attention to the RB situation right up until gametime to find out the status of Julius Jones, since his replacements didn’t do much last week. The Seahawks best options are Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander, but WR Joe Jurevicius is the only healthy WR that might grab a late score.

Final Score: Cowboys 24, Seahawks 20

Baltimore (Pick) at Chicago 4:15 p.m.
As much as I would like to see these teams light up the scoreboard, there’s a better chance of Bill Romanowski being given a Nobel Prize than the Ravens or Bears combining for more than four touchdowns. The Ravens running game has been about as effective as a Band-Aid on a shark bite, and nothing has gone right for the passing game lately, either. Play any Ravens offensive starter, including Jamal Lewis and Derrick Mason, with caution. Todd Heap is probably the safest option right now, and even he stinks.

The Bears came up big at home last week versus Minnesota, and one well-informed reader even e-mailed me before the fact to let me know I wrong I was taking the Vikes in Chi-town. Good call, Brian, but don’t let it get to your head, and to the rest of you folks out there, don’t get any ideas. Start Thomas Jones if you have to, but be careful of the Ravens defense shutting down the Bears running game.

Final Score: Ravens 17, Bears 10

Buffalo (+3) at Oakland 4:15 p.m.
The Bills have been a roll. As a mentioned in an earlier column all they needed to do was to give the pigskin to Holcolmb. Since, they are 2-0 and Willis is starting to look like the RB that everyone hoped for. The defense is not looking as good as advertised. They have allowed a ridiculous amount of rushing yards. Evidence to the 148 yards they gave up to Martin last week. They better watch for that this week as they will see alot of Jordan.

The Raiders are in real trouble. Moss goes down with an injury and probably will not play. They have abandoned the run which worked so well two weeks ago and got slapped around by the Chargers. They have to go back to running the ball as they will go down in a big way if they try to throw their way to a victory. I have a feeling that you will see Turner ball this week and they should have a chance. But I see disaster and maybe an end to the Turner era at the end of this thing.

Final Score: Bills 27, Raiders 24

Denver (+1.5) at N.Y. Giants 4:15 p.m
Weird line. I think the Broncos maybe playing some of the best ball in the league right now. It pains me to say that simply because I hate Plummer so much but you have to give their due. That defense got a little leaky at the end of the game with the Patriots and almost let them back in it. But they won at the end and that is what matters. I think you have some options in this game as the Giants D is bad against the pass. Go with Plummer, Bell, and Smith.

You have to give the G-Men credit, they came back when it looked pretty bleak last week. But moral victories mean nothing and I had saw some reverting back to old habits with Manning. He will not get any favors this week as the Broncs D may be better than the Cowboys. They will need to look for Shockey often and Barber in the passing game. I think at then end it will be pretty high scoring but defense will always prevail and it is easy to see who has more of that.

Final Score: Broncos 30, Giants 21

Tennessee at Arizona (-3) 4:15 p.m
Tennessee hung in there against the Bengals but at the end I thought the Bengals offense would take control. I was right. The Titans are a physical bunch and try to impose their will on opponents. But they are going to run into a hot Cardinals team. Brandon Jones looks to be the main man in Tenn now especially with Bennett being injured. I think if he doesn't play they are going to have some serious problems

The Cards were on a bye last week but that just gives McCown more rep time at practice. I just don't see how Denny could go back to Warner at this point. After being close to knocking off a good Panthers team I think they are primed to take the next step. They have to find a way to run the ball which means they need to get Arrington some playing time. You have to play Boldin and Fitz in this one as they have been great.

Final Score: Cardinals 35, Titans 27

N.Y. Jets (+7) at Atlanta 9:00 p.m.
While the Jets can’t quite be described as hapless, they certainly aren’t as potent as they would have been with Chad Pennington at the helm. Still, they’ll have a tough time this week against an Atlanta team that will capitalize on their mistakes by getting to Vinny Testaverde, forcing turnovers and pounding the ball through the red zone. The Jets will score a few points, however, so start Curtis Martin, Lavernues Coles and Justin McCareins, since Vinny seems to like him.

The Falcons are still waiting for Vick to be healthy, which probably won’t be the case all year. He’s still an option, but the best plays are Dunn and Crumpler, Vick’s favorite target. Duckett should probably be avoided, along with Brian Finneran and Michael Jenkins, although Jenkins is due for a breakout game sooner or later.

Final Score: Falcons 23, Jets 17