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Bye Weeks: Green Bay, Philadelphia

Matt Ryan

The last time Matt Ryan scored more than 20 fantasy points against the Panthers was in 2013.

Grab a Helmet

Trevor Siemian @ TB: What better bye week streamer could there be than the guy who had his first 300-yard, 4-touchdown game? Answer: there isnít! Chances are very good that Siemian is available on your leagueís waiver wire, and that screams value. With rookie darling Carson Wentz, and suddenly hot veteran Aaron Rodgers on bye weeks, owners looking for a spot start should look to Siemian. The young Bronco has improved his yardage total in each of the seasonís first three weeks, and looked comfortable dropping dimes against a Cincinnati defense that was good enough to get to the playoffs a year ago. With two elite wideouts, and a threatening running game, Siemian is a good bet for a few scores against a Bucs defense that is giving up the 4th worse passer rating in the league (106) and has only picked off one pass. Tampa can play a little offense, so look for Siemian to push for 30-plus pass attempts, giving him quality upside at a bargain price.

Matthew Stafford @ CHI: Stafford is quietly putting up a solid fantasy season, and has answered the ďhow will he fare without MegatronĒ questions quite well over the first few weeks. Heís fantasyís No.3 quarterback just behind Brees and Newton, and has plenty of weapons to get the ball to. Itís helped that the Lions defense has been absolutely abused on a weekly basis, and while they may not be tested by Chicago much on Sunday, the Bears defense is more Koalaís of the Midway, than Monsters. Marvin Jones has been a tremendous fill-in for Calvin, and veterans Tate and Boldin give the Lions weapons at all levels of the defense. If it helps any, Stafford was lights out (298 yards, 3 TDs) the last time he played a road game in Chicago.

Sam Bradford v. NYG: Bradford has sprinkled a little bit of up (Week 2) with a little bit of down (Week 3) in his two week Vikings career. Despite getting battered and knocked around, Bradford hasnít turned the ball over, and has made plays when heís had to. Heís willing to press the ball downfield, which fits Norv Turnerís scheme, and has reliable targets in Diggs and Rudolph. The Giants secondary could be without three starters this week, and still canít generate much of a rush, ranking 21st in the league with only 4 sacks. With time to throw, Bradford could hit a few deep passes as he continues to develop a comfort level in the offense and with his teammates. If your passers have underwhelmed, or you need a bye week replacement, Bradford has some serious upside this week.

Grab a Headset

Eli Manning @ MIN: I really need this one to work out after my dreadful calls in Week 2, so Iím hoping the buzz saw that is the Minnesota Vikings defense can continue to chew up and spit out quarterbacks when the Giants roll into Minnesota. U.S. Bank Stadium should be rocking in its first Monday night game, giving a decided advantage to the Viking pass rushers. Manningís final numbers look shaky against a Redskins defense he should have carved up at home. Outside of Belichick, Head Coach Mike Zimmer is the leagueís best defensive game planner, and the Vikes should have a scheme to limit the impact of Beckham Jr. This call makes too much sense to work out, but Iím going for it anyway!

Matt Ryan v. CAR: Make no mistake, Carolina was outpunched last week in their loss to the Vikings. Heralded for their physical play, the 1-2 Panthers will be white hot with anger this week, and theyíll look to take it out on Ryan and the Falcons. With the duo of young corners holding their own (only 183 passing yards a game allowed) Ryan should have a tough go of it. Last year in Carolina Ryanís Falcons were embarrassed 38-0, and while Iím not predicting a repeat, Ryan has struggled against the Panthers in three out of their last four meetings. With byes looming, and a blazing start to the season, it isnít easy to sit Ryan, but temper your expectations.

Russell Wilson @ NYJ: Stepping up, into, out of, and around the pocket is what makes Wilson such a deadly weapon to defend at the quarterback position. But as witnessed as recently as Week 2, when he was throttled by the Rams fierce rush Wilson struggles when he isn’t healthy enough to evade pressure. And pressure is something the Jets bring in spades (7th in the league with 9 sacks). Wilson’s latest injury, a sprained knee will probably not be enough to keep him out, but like the ankle a few weeks ago it’s going to limit his upside. He hasn’t surpassed 16 rushing yards in a game this season, and is still looking for his first touchdown on the ground. Other than a few splash plays, the Jets defense has held strong, and I expect them to play well at home.

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