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The Shot Caller's Report - QBs
Your Weekly Guide To Fantasy Lineups: Week 2
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Start 'Em:
Quarterbacks Who Will Outperform Relative To Their Draft Position And Recent Hype

Eli Manning @ STL
Eli was unspectacular but effective against Washington last week, and you probably drafted him as QB#2 or to platoon with another borderline QB#1. Heís not a McNabb, so he wonít put up 300+ aerial yards on the Lambs, but if you were playing musical QBs, this would be a good week to start him.

Aaron Rodgers @ DET
Though the Packers will probably come out running (with Grant on a bad wheel) against the suddenly suspect Lions rush D, expect Rogers to put up the numbers through the air to land him in the top ten.

Donovan McNabb @ DAL
Dallas shut-down an explosive (implosive?) Cleveland offense, so you might be having second thoughts about starting McNabb. Donít. DeSean Jackson is an authentic WR#1 and McNabb trusts his feet again.

Kurt Warner v. MIA
Paper or Plastic played smart, efficient ball against the Niners, and wonít be giving up the starting job anytime soon. He has arguably the best WR duo at his disposal and though the Dolphins kept Favre in check for the most part, Warner will post up a few TDs in an offense complimented by a respectable ground game.

Chad Pennington@ ARI
Left hanging by the Favre-to-Jets brouhaha, Chad nonetheless conjured up a passing game last Sunday out of a piece of string, a stick of gum, and Anthony Fasano. Heíll record top twelve numbers on a Cards pass rush and secondary that has much to prove. Another platooning option.

Kerry Collins @ CIN
Young goes down and is replaced by a better QB from the fantasy perspective. The well-traveled Collins has a big arm and a nice touch on the long ball and will find the Justins for big gainers once or twice. If you backstopped VY with Collins, you might find this an addition by subtraction.

Bench 'Em:
Quarterbacks Who Will Under Perform Relative To Their Draft Position And Recent Hype

Carson Palmer v. TEN
Albert ďBig Stompy FootĒ Haynesworth, who apparently doesnít require higher brain functions to rush the passer, will be eating Palmerís lunch. If Haynesworth canít go because of last Sundayís concussion, I still donít like Palmerís chances to score the numbers you were expecting him to when you drafted him.

Marc Bulger v. NYG
The Rams line has more leaks than the Justice Department. The chances he doesnít finish the game are reasonable as the Giants, even without Osi, can put up a ferocious pass rush that Steven Jacksonís running wonít be able to blunt.

Brett Favre v. NE
Favre had a classic Favreian (ite?) outing against the gutty Dolphins, with a wounded-quail lob for a TD that in a parallel universe somewhere was picked off. There are plenty of reasons to like Favre in this one, especially with a diminished Pats offense and a defense that allowed the Croyle-Huard duo to keep it close. Call it a hunch, a gut feeling, a bad night at Taco Bell, but Iím thinking the Legend doesnít put up top-ten fantasy points.

Derek Anderson v. PIT
Yes, Anderson threw three touchdowns against the Steelers last year in Pittsburgh, but last week the offense looked gobsmackingly awful. Granted, this was the Cowboys, but the Steelers can bring it too. If the Browns can establish the run game and Achillesí Heel Edwards stops dropping balls, Anderson may put up the numbers. Itís not going to happen.

Matt Schaub v. BAL
Pre-season sleeper pick Matt Schaub put up top ten numbers last weekend against the Steelers but looked shaky doing it. This game will be a lot closer. Schaub wonít be throwing as much, therefore a significant decrease in numbers, dropping him down the ranks.

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