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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Javon Walker vs. MIN - Go ahead. Get it out of your system. This might be a total homer call but it's not exactly coming from left field. Walker leads the league in receiving yardage and has the third-most touchdown receptions (seven). He's a matchup nightmare for good corners and it would be a stretch to call Minnesota's corners even good. Expect a huge game at Lambeau.

2. Terrell Owens @ DAL - Guess the honeymoon's over? I've been on the business end of a sideline butt-chewing and I can tell you that was no motivational speech he delivered to Don last week. I'm sure the two have long since kissed and made up but keep an eye on the situation. The cancer that is T.O. spreads rapidly and aggressively, and could ultimately affect the bottom line.

3. Reggie Wayne vs. HOU - He only caught three balls Monday night but one of them went for a score. Soon thereafter, the Vikes took him away, allowing Marvin to take the reins. Seriously, how are you supposed to STOP this offense? It's like the mythical Hydra in that you lop off one head and another appears in its place. Wayne is more of a game-breaker than Harrison and should be good for another touch this weekend.

4. Torry Holt vs. SEA - He posted yet another 100-yard day and a score in the losing effort against the defending champs last week. This Sunday, he draws a revenge-minded Seahawks crew bent on keeping the ball away from Bulger and Co. They'll succeed to some extent but not fully. It could be a high-scoring affair and if it is, you can expect Holt to be one of the many scorers.

5. Andre Johnson @ IND - He's starting to fade a little bit but the matchup in Indy presents a fabulous opportunity to get back on track. The Texans will need plenty of points to keep pace and should get them if this guy can hook up with Carr for a deep ball or two. He will…to no avail, unfortunately.

6. Marvin Harrison vs. HOU - The emergence of alternative threats (namely, Reggie Wayne) has made him less valuable than in years past…but not much. He's still the prototypical route-runner and rarely drops passes he should catch. He should have a big game against a woefully outclassed Houston secondary this weekend.

7. Joe Horn vs. KC - Like most of his teammates, he didn't show up against the Chargers last week (two catches for 21 yards). That's not atypical Saints behavior (especially this time of year) but he should make amends against the awful Chefs D at the Superdome this Sunday. I don't expect New Orleans to win but 20-30 points isn't out of the question and Horn should contribute to such an effort with a score.

8. Plaxico Burress @ CLE - He's turned into one of the best bang-for-your-buck wideouts in the league. Though he only has 24 receptions this year (three per game), he's averaging 20 yards per and has found the end zone four times. Finding the end zone one out of every six touches makes you a Top 10 guy in my book. How 'bout yours?

9. Darrell Jackson @ STL - He's on pace for a career year and should benefit from the fact he's the main target of a shaky receiving corps. When your quarterback doesn't trust other receivers, you tend to see a lot of balls thrown your way. He should expect to see plenty more at Edward Jones this Sunday.

10. Chad Johnson @ WAS - It's clear the switch to Carson Palmer has negatively affected his numbers this season. That will change in the future but for the here and now, it's enough to bump him down the list. He should still post decent numbers against the 'Skins this weekend-especially if the Bengals are unable to mount a legitimate rushing attack-but nothing fantastic.

11. Hines Ward @ CLE - The hilarious T.O. celebration spoof is enough to earn him a Top 15 nod this week in and of itself. Priceless stuff. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he actually put the ball in the end zone, as well…twice. He seems to have taken a back seat to Mr. Burress but that doesn't mean you should forget about him. He's still a Grade A talent on a Super Bowl contending team.

12. David Givens vs. BUF - He's starting to change my perception of New England receivers. Though Brady still shares the wealth to an almost absurd degree, he seems to have settled on the athletic and physically imposing Givens as his go-to guy. The former Domer has tallied 100 yards or better in three straight contests and might just do so again this weekend if the Bills are able to stymie New England's ground attack.

13. Isaac Bruce vs. SEA - He's cooled off after a hot start but managed to find paydirt last week against the Pats. He probably won't do that on a regular basis (especially while his QB is struggling) but he's always a good bet for 75-100 yards per tilt. You can live with that out of your #2 wideout.

14. Tony Gonzalez @ NO - Don't look now but he's starting to put up receiver numbers again…GREAT receiver numbers. After a slow start to the season, Trent Green is looking to him more and more. That can only be a good thing, especially this week against a horrific Saints defense. Start him and watch the fantasy points pile up.

15. Jimmy Smith vs. DET - There's no telling how the switch to David Garrard will affect him but there's no reason to think he won't still be the #1 target on any given down. He's averaging over sixteen yards per reception, more than such luminaries as T.O., Torry Holt, Reggie Wayne, and Andre Johnson. Now, if he could just score every once in a while.

Grab A Helmet:

Derrick Mason vs. CHI - It's been a long time since I dropped him out of the Top 15 but the possible return of Air McNair, strangely enough, worries me. The Titans' passing attack hasn't been in synch all year and the injuries and lineup uncertainty aren't helping. Mason is always good for 80 or so yards (hence, the recommendation) but you should temper the expectations until some sort of stability is achieved.

Marcus Robinson @ GB - The Vikings looked like Super Bowl contenders after a snappy 4-1 start (what else is new?). Unfortunately, the injury to Randy Moss has them looking pretty average of late. You'd think Robinson could step into the breach and put up some decent numbers but it hasn't really happened. He might this week if Coach Tice shows a little faith in his passing game.

Michael Clayton @ ATL - Move over Roy Williams. Step aside Larry Fitzgerald. Though less talented than his more celebrated fellow draftees, the LSU alum is looking like a legit contender for Rook of the Year honors. He's quickly entrenched himself as the Bucs' go-to and big-play guy and there's no reason to think he'll relinquish those roles anytime soon. Start him against a below-average Falcons bunch.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. NYG - Of course, this guy's gonna have plenty to say about that ROY business before all is said and done. His spectacular and seemingly effortless game-winning grab last week proved why he was so highly valued by NFL draftniks. As he continues to gain experience and, more importantly, confidence, he should be a demon by year's end.

Brandon Lloyd vs. CAR - To his credit, he brushed aside the criticism from team "leaders" Fred Beasley and Kevan Barlow to put up pretty solid numbers last week (75 yards and a touch). He's probably not experienced enough to rely on too much just yet but three TDs in four weeks tells us he's getting there. Don't forget the Niners throw the ball all over the place…out of necessity.

Grab Some Wood:

Any Baltimore receiver @ NYJ - It's a classic chicken-or-the-egg scenario: Is Boller bad because his receivers stink or are the receivers bad because their QB stinks? I'm betting the answer lies somewhere in between. I really couldn't care less, though. It's a situation you want to avoid at all costs. Always.

Laveranues Coles vs. CIN - The touchdown reception last week was nice. Unfortunately, it was delivered by feature back, Clinton Portis. How many times do you think the 'Skins will be able to run THAT play for a score? Coles won't be a worthwhile fantasy start until Mark Brunell is shoved aside at QB. Coach Gibbs' stubbornness notwithstanding, that should happen later this year. Until then, steer clear.

Amani Toomer @ ARI - Have his skills really diminished that much? After five consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, he's on pace for fewer than 900 this season. That's not a precipitous dropoff but it's definitely alarming when coupled with the fact he HAS NOT SCORED yet this season. I wouldn't drop him just yet but I sure as heck wouldn't start him, either.

David Terrell @ TEN - For a featured receiver, he sure does throw up some stinky numbers. Though he's managed to post a couple 100-yard outings, he's also managed to be shut out on two occasions and shut down (one or two catches) on several more. He's not worth your time with anybody under center, especially Craig Krenzel.
Best of luck, folks!