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We're through the bye weeks and that means you have plenty more bodies to choose from. Unfortunately, I'm still bound by a 10,000-words-or-less space restriction. That means there are plenty of folks I WON'T talk about this week. If you have questions about anyone not mentioned below, please e-mail me. I don't always give the best advice but I certainly try and I'm definitely cheap. What more could you ask for? (No, I'm not adding kickers and defense next year.)

Without further ado, your Week 11 recommendations…


Must Start: The Top 10

1. Peyton Manning @ CHI - If you own him and you're not leading your league, you're not doing it right. He leads the NFL in passing yards, yards per attempt, touchdowns, and passer rating…and it's not even close. Put another way, he's on track for the best statistical season by a QB in the HISTORY of the league. Think about that for a moment.

2. Donovan McNabb vs. WAS - His 14-second scramble-and-launch to Freddie Mitchell was the prettiest play I saw in Week 11. All told, he racked up 345 yards and four scores against a totally outclassed Cowboys bunch. Washington is better defensively (much better) but I'm not sure it will matter if they don't bring some heat up front.

3. Daunte Culpepper vs. DET - Coach Tice finally let him loose and the results were eye-popping (363 yards and four scoring strikes). It was only Green Bay, sure, but the Lions aren't a heckuva lot better in the secondary. Bottom line: you just don't take the ball out of your best (available) player's hands. Expect more of the same at the Metrodump this Sunday.

4. Brett Favre @ HOU - Of course, Culpepper's heroics were a direct result of Minny's inability to slow down the Ol' Gunslinger and Green Bay's potent run/pass attack. If you load up on Batman, you get lit up by Favre. If you drop eight into coverage…well, good luck with that. Houston doesn't have the personnel to stop the run OR the pass and that should mean many more Packer points this Sunday night.

5. Michael Vick @ NYG - He's on pace for an exceedingly bland season by normal QB standards. Just one thing: he's not a normal QB. As it stands, he's staring a 1,000-yard season square in the face. That would be 1,000 RUSHING yards. Find me another QB on this list that can get you half that in a 16-game span. If he adds a few more TDs, he'll rocket up the charts.

6. Drew Brees @ OAK - The last matchup with Oakland was nothing more than a glorified seven-on-seven drill for Brees as he completed 22 of 25 passes for 281 yards and FIVE touchdowns. If the Raiders have any pride whatsoever, he won't approach those numbers this weekend. Wait a sec. Did I just use "pride" and "Raiders" in the same sentence? My bad.

7. Trent Green vs. NE - Don't look now but last year's darlings are thisclose to being out of playoff contention just two weeks into the second half. Blame Priest Holmes' injury if you want, Chefs fans, but the real culprit is a defense giving up over 350 yards and 26 points per contest. Fortunately for Green owners, more ineptitude on that side of the ball should lead to more "tude" on his side.

8. Jake Plummer @ NO - He's thrown more TD passes than anyone not named Peyton or Daunte and now faces a New Orleans secondary giving up close to 300 passing yards per game. Guess we know why the Pack was so quick to honor Mike McKenzie's trade request, huh? The Broncos are a pass-first team in the red zone and that should only mean plenty more scoring opportunities for the Snake this Sunday.

9. Tom Brady @ KC - Despite the addition of Corey Dillon (read: a legitimate running attack), Brady is on pace for his best statistical season yet. Perhaps the new rock-toter is making things easier for him? He didn't need the help but he gets even more this week in the form of an atrocious Chefs defense at Arrowhead. Start him.

10. David Carr vs. GB - I know, I know. I've got too much faith in the kid. The thing is, despite two consecutive rough outings, he's still on pace to throw for well over 4,000 yards this season. He should get back on track against a Pack D that has yielded 20 TD passes this year, second-worst to (you guessed it) the Texans. Take the over this Sunday night.

Grab A Helmet:

Marc Bulger @ BUF - Do you remember the last time he had a REALLY big day? I sure don't. I wouldn't expect one this week, either, though 250 yards and a couple scores isn't out of the question. Go ahead and play him if he's your best option.

Aaron Brooks vs. DEN - Same goes for him. The Saints got an early start on their typical second-half fade but that never seemed to hurt Brooks' overall numbers, anyway. Not that his overall numbers are anything to shout about in the first place. I've said it once and I'll say it again: he should be better than he is.

Jake Delhomme vs. ARI - He might actually BE better than he is (huh?) but we probably won't get a true read on him 'til he gets a full complement of weapons to work with…next year. Despite being too erratic (56.1%), he's doing a reasonably good job of late (eight TDs and one pick in the last three). That's a strong enough reason to ride him when the matchup is good. It is.

David Garrard vs. TEN - Speaking of strong, how many of you were aware he throws LASERS??? I hafta admit to being mildly surprised by this fact as I'd seen him play just a handful of times. He's only biding time 'til Leftwich returns but I wouldn't be surprised to see him in another uniform (and starting) somewhere down the line. For now, he looks pretty good under center for the Jags. Start him if you're in a bind.

Brian Griese vs. SF - Despite spending most of the afternoon on his rump, Griese managed to complete 19 of 26 passes for 174 yards and a couple scores against Atlanta. It wasn't enough but it certainly convinced me he's matured (and toughened up) since his days in Denver. Ya' gotta like his chances of posting large numbers against a helpless Niners team.

Grab A Clipboard:

Eli Manning vs. ATL - He's the first and most notable of three new starters this week. He's also the one I'd least enjoy taking into battle. Don't get me wrong. I'm anxious to see the kid play and truly believe he'll be a star someday. I just don't know how he'll fare against a team that has racked up 27 sacks this year (including seven last week). Did I mention he gets Philly next Sunday? Odd timing on this QB swap, to say the least.

Patrick Ramsey @ PHI - It won't be his first career start but you won't know the difference. He'll play like it is. In fact, he's only getting the nod because the Mark Brunell experiment went horribly awry. Not exactly a ringing endorsement if you ask me. More like addition by subtraction, actually. Stay away.

A.J. Feeley @ SEA - He gets a do-over thanks to the coaching switch and if he wants to have a future in this league, he'll take advantage of it. Believe it or not, I think he might. Nevertheless, it'll be nothing but baby steps for the foreseeable future and baby steps don't equal playoff-caliber fantasy numbers. No, unless you're really hurting.

Drew Bledsoe vs. STL - No, even if you ARE really hurting. His has been a decidedly middling career and it's winding down in a hurry. The abysmal performance last week (76 yards, three picks) coupled with J.P. Losman's mop-up appearance tells us all we need to know about Mr. Bledsoe's future in Buffalo: it will be a short one. Oh, well. I can think of a lot worse places to retire to than the good ol' Pacific Northwest.

Carson Palmer vs. PIT - The growing pains will pay dividends down the road, for him and the Bengals. For us? Not unless you're in a keeper league. You'll probably see some improvement down the stretch but the Bengals play one of the league's toughest second-half schedules, starting with a frightening trip to the Steel City this Sunday.

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