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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss vs. GB - Thanks to a tender hammy, Moss has only caught 42 balls this season. That would make him a candidate for biggest fantasy bust of '04 if not for the fact he's also caught 11 TD passes. That would be a TD every FOUR times he catches the rock. Expect an even better ratio this Sunday against Green Bay's painfully overmatched corners.

2. Drew Bennett vs. DEN - Moss has caught 42 balls all season. Bennett has caught 25 balls the last TWO WEEKS! We're not talking whimpy underneath stuff, either. He's averaging a robust 15.4 yards/catch and has also tallied ten TD receptions on the year, eight in the last three games. All of which makes him the next-best fantasy starter at wideout.

3. Muhsin Muhammad @ TB - If you thought he'd be a top 3 start by year's end, you're either a BIG Muhsin Muhammad fan or the second coming of Kreskin. Either way, you're laughing all the way to the bank. Continue starting him until somebody (anybody) can figure out a way to slow him down.

4. Reggie Wayne vs. SD - You never know who Peyton will favor most but more often than not, Wayne seems to be the guy. He caught eight balls for 88 yards last week and should have no trouble matching those numbers against an average San Diego secondary this Sunday.

5. Javon Walker @ MIN - The battle for NFC North supremacy should be a high-scoring one and if the Ol' Gunslinger has any hope of keeping up with the Vikes, he'll need to find Walker early and often. He did both last week, hooking up with the former Seminole 11 times for 152 yards. Expect more of the same and maybe even a touch or two in the Twin Cities this Friday.

6. Jerry Porter @ KC - He's had two huge games this year…and several average to below-average ones. Though that makes him a risky play, you should consider that both of those games occurred in the past month. Bear in mind he's also facing the horrendous Chefs. Receiver on a roll + good matchup = great playoff start.

7. Joe Horn vs. ATL - He finally got some help last week and just in the nick of time for the Saints' flagging playoff hopes. Though the emergence of Donte Stallworth may hurt his numbers a bit, he should still be good for 75-100 yards and a score against the Falcons. Mark it down, folks.

8. Marvin Harrison vs. SD - He's on pace for his lowest output in six years (about 1,100 yards). Then again, he's also on pace to break his own personal best for TD receptions in a season (15). Yardage. Touchdowns. They all spell fantasy points to us. Keep riding him.

9. Chad Johnson vs. NYG - I thought the switch to Jon Kitna would be a non-event for the ever-dangerous Oracle. I was wrong, as his two-catch, ten-yard performance clearly demonstrates. There's no way he doesn't improve on those anemic digits this week but how much he improves depends almost entirely on how much Mr. Kitna improves. Roll the dice if you've made it this far.

10. Torry Holt vs. PHI - Surprisingly, the absence of Marc Bulger has been a boon for Holt, as he's posted his two best games of the season since his QB went down. Now that Bulger is back (reportedly), it's hard to tell what will happen. My guess? He'll continue his strong play with 75 yards and a score against the Eagles on Monday night.

11. Jimmy Smith vs. HOU - The Jags managed only 121 yards through the air last week but Smith, not surprisingly, accounted for almost all of them (87 yards and two scores). If it weren't for guys like Drew Bennett and Muhsin Muhammad, he'd be my choice for most surprising stud of the year, especially when you consider he gets NO help from his running mates.

12. Lee Evans @ SF - Speaking of running mates, they don't get much hotter than Mr. Evans of late. After some early-season growing pains, the former Badger has exploded on the scene to the tune of 314 yards and five touchdowns in his last four games. Throw in a couple long reverses and it's obvious the Bills have figured out how best to maximize his main asset, blazing speed. Start him.

13. Eddie Kennison vs. OAK - He's averaging over 100 yards and almost two touchdowns per game in his last three contests, enough for me to overlook his chronic inconsistency. He may never be 100% trustworthy but, come to think of it, what receiver is? Get him in there if you're still on the fence. He could destroy Oakland's patchwork secondary this Saturday.

14. Antonio Gates @ IND - The conditions weren't conducive for a big day from Gates but he only needed one touch to make something happen, grabbing an out pattern at midfield and tip-toeing down the sidelines for a 72-yard score. He should find the footing much more agreeable this weekend at the RCA Dome. Accordingly, he should also be good for 75-100 yards and another touch or two.

15. Derrick Mason vs. DEN - He's become almost an afterthought since the emergence of Drew Bennett but even afterthoughts put up big numbers in Tennessee's new air raid offense. He managed nine catches for 121 yards and a score last week and if he plays this week (he's listed as questionable), could post similar numbers against Denver.

Grab A Helmet:

Rod Smith @ TEN - I gave you the go-ahead to start The Snake so it wouldn't be right to forget about his go-to guy. If you think I'm nuts for recommending the former, disregard the latter. Keep in mind, however, that he's still averaging almost 80 yards per contest and did manage to score last week, despite Plummer's struggles.

Isaac Bruce vs. PHI - Unlike his running mate, Mr. Holt, the injury to Marc Bulger has had a negative impact on Bruce's numbers. Very negative. In fact, he's managed only nine catches for a measly 82 yards since Bulger went down. Now that he's back, we can only hope the Reverend will start producing again. I say "we" like I own him. I don't, for the record.

Michael Clayton vs. CAR - He doesn't score enough to merit top 15 consideration but his 75 yards per game looks awfully nice at your #2 or #3 wideout position. He may not score against the Panthers this week, either, but he's probably good for 75-100 yards, especially when you consider he accounted for over half Tampa's passing yardage last week.

Nate Burleson vs. GB - The last time he faced the ol' Green and Gold, he lit them up for 141 yards a touch. This time, the Pack will be forced to contend with a more serious threat, Mr. Moss. All that attention on one side should lead to single-coverage for Burleson on the other. He's good enough to expose Green Bay's rookie corners (Ahmad Carroll and Joey Thomas) in single coverage. Give him a look.

Roy Williams vs. CHI - Wiliams is good enough to expose ANYone in single coverage, something he should see very little of until next year, when Charles Rogers (IF Charles Rogers) returns. The extra attention may hurt his bottom line some but you can count on him finding a few holes in Chicago's iffy secondary this week. Mark him down for 75 yards and a touch.

Grab Some Wood:

Any Baltimore receiver @ PIT - I recommended a Ravens receiver last week and I absolutely, positively, cross-my-heart, hope-to-die won't let it happen again. I'm sorry.

Any Chicago receiver @ DET - Gotta love cut and paste.

Any Cleveland receiver @ MIA - Unless Kelly Holcomb gets the nod, in which case Antonio Bryant deserves a look.

Any NY Giants receiver @ CIN - Eli's breakout game should have meant decent production from the Giants' receiving corps. EHHHHH! Next contestant.

Best of luck, folks!