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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss @ PHI - We've heard of power backs usurping goal-line carries (see Bettis, Jerome) but wide receivers? If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. He's a matchup nightmare for any DB (taller, faster, better hands, better hops) and D coordinators are loath to commit an extra defender to a wideout (even Moss) on the one-yard line. Philly's new corners could be in for a rough Monday night.

2. Torry Holt @ ATL - It's almost shocking when he doesn't post a 100-yard game and a couple scores. He came close last week (96 yards) but couldn't find the end zone. If he fails to do so this week, I'll eat my hat.

3. Chad Johnson vs. MIA - Chad knew it. The Jets knew it. The fans knew it. Hell, even the ghost of Jimmy Hoffa knew it. He was gonna hit a deep one in the Meadowlands on Sunday. Get used to it, opposing secondaries. Only Randy Moss is a more dangerous long-ball threat.

4. Terrell Owens vs. MIN - The only thing worse than listening to T.O. talk about T.O. is listening to Michael Irvin talk about T.O (or anything else, for that matter). He made me look a little foolish last week but he WAS playing the Giants. Unfortunately for those facing him this week, he'll be involved in another high-scoring affair on Monday night against the Vikes. Gotta think he'll put up some more big numbers as a result.

5. Santana Moss @ SD - Stop me if you've heard this before: the addition of Justin McCareins makes the Jets a VERY dangerous team this year. Moss will benefit the most and it starts this week against a better-but-still-crummy San Diego secondary.

6. Marvin Harrison @ TEN - I promised his numbers would go down this year and, at least for one week, they did. That's more a reflection of the overall talent Indy possesses in the receiving corps than anything else…and no reason to sit him down. Play him with confidence.

7. Hines Ward @ BAL - Ward was his usual reliable self against the Rai-duhs (seven receptions for 99 yards) but couldn't find paydirt. That's OK. I'll take ten fantasy points from the receiver position any day of the week. The touchdowns will come so there's no reason to panic. It wouldn't hurt if Mr. Burress chipped in every once in a while, either.

8. Derrick Mason vs. IND - There weren't many receptions to go around in Tennessee's victory over Miami. That should change this week when Peyton and the Colts pay a visit. He's still the best fantasy receiver I've never owned…for whatever that's worth.

9. Joe Horn vs. SF - There were only seven 100-yard receivers in Week 1 and of those seven, only one snared a touchdown pass (Ike Bruce). I'd be willing to wager that changes in Week 2 and Horn is a prime candidate to make it happen. I'll stop short of a Shot Caller guarantee, but….

10. Andre Johnson @ DET - In a mild surprise, he didn't do much against the vulnerable Bolts. This week, he faces a Detroit secondary minus its top player, 'Dre Bly. David Carr would be foolish not to look for him early and often at Ford Field. You'd be foolish not to start him.

11. Darrell Jackson @ TB - If the 'Hawks are without the meal ticket (Alexander), Jackson and Co. will be asked to step it up at Raymond James. It's not like he didn't do that last week (seven catches for 98 yards) but a touchdown or two couldn't hurt.

12. Deion Branch @ ARI - Starting New England wide receivers has been a risky proposition the past few years but if you can handle the gamble, take a chance on this guy. He's got good wheels, great hands, and a nose for the goal line. For the record, he's getting the nod in one of my dynasty leagues.

13. Eric Moulds @ OAK - He seems to go off every other year. Eight grabs for 75 yards and a touch in Week 1 tells me that trend will continue in '04. If you're into that sorta thing, give him a shot. If not, you could always go with the more reliable…

14. Jimmy Smith vs. DEN - 35-year olds aren't supposed to be deep threats but Smith had no problem getting deep on Moulds' Bills at Ralph Wilson (four catches for 83 yards). Provided Leftwich becomes more consistent (questionable at this point), he should have another Pro Bowl-caliber season.

15. Isaac Bruce @ ATL - It only SEEMS like he's 35. The 11-year vet is a spry 31 actually, and though he may have lost a step, you couldn't convince the Cardinals of that. He torched them last week to the tune of nine catches, 111 yards, and a score. I'll say it again: no other #2 wideout gives you #1 wideout production.

Grab A Helmet:

Justin McCareins @ SD - In case you hadn't noticed, I love this guy. He measures 6'2" and 215 so there aren't many NFL corners who can out-maneuver him on the slant routes or out-leap him on the long ones. That makes him a perfect complement to the undersized but explosive Santana Moss.

Peter Warrick vs. MIA - Count me as one of the folks who thought Kelley Washington would take his place as Chad Johnson's #2. Silly me. Warrick is a better fit for the offense and should continue to benefit from that field-stretching demon on the other side. He's one of the few wideouts to get consistent rushing attempts, too.

Roy Williams vs. HOU - His highlight reel grab against the Bears was just a sign of things to come…very good things. Though it would certainly help having Chas. Rogers in the fold, he's still gonna make big plays. I've already declined one trade offer for him.

David Terrell @ GB - Figures. I label him a bust last week and he responds by throwing up the most receiving yards of any wideout in Week 1. My penance? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt this week. Actually, his size could give Green Bay's smallish corners trouble, but it's VERY questionable whether Grossman can consistently get him the ball.

Alge Crumpler vs. STL - He's Michael Vick's favorite target and a load to bring down in the open field. Tight end is not a deep position so if you have him, you've got a leg up on the competition. Start him every week.

Grab Some Wood:

Keyshawn Johnson vs. CLE - I'm making this recommendation on principle alone. He's the most insufferable, immature, immodest receiver to ever play the game. I'd pay good money to see him face his old teammates in Tampa or Warren Sapp and the Raiders in the Black Hole. Good money, mind you.

Kevin Johnson vs. PIT - He's not untalented but he's absolutely hamstrung by the Ravens' young signal-caller. For that reason alone, I'd recommend you never start him. Never.

Laveranues Coles @ NYG - This one could come back to haunt me but, like Johnson, he's at the mercy of a QB that won't consistently be able to take advantage of his many gifts. Yes, he'll score some points, but do you really wanna play the guessing game every week? Deal him if you can fetch some value in return.

Any Tampa receiver vs. SEA - Word on the street is the Bucs players are pleading with Keenan McCardell to report. No wonder. The rook, Michael Clayton, is the only legitimate weapon right now. Until further notice, steer clear of this disaster.

Plaxico Burress @ BAL - The Pittsburgh press was talking him up in the preseason but one catch for a measly 13 yards in Week 1 tells us all we need to know. Plaxico is still Plaxico…and that's not a good thing. Stay away until he decides he wants to be a factor again.

Best of luck, folks!!