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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
Your Weekly Guide To Fantasy Lineups
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss vs. CHI - What did I tell you about those goal-line touchdown grabs? He simply can't be handled one-on-one when the ball's in the air. Now, if he could just accumulate some yardage between the twenties. That should happen against a Bears team devastated by injuries in the secondary (Jerry Azumah, Mike Brown, and now Charles Tillman).

2. Torry Holt vs. NO - The Shot Caller guarantee lives again! I promised he'd find the end zone last Sunday and he did, making a nice adjustment on an underthrown Bulger pass. I've already promised you touchdowns from Jamal and Q. Griff so I should probably steer clear of another bold prediction. Aw, what the hey: he'll score against New Orleans, too.

3. Joe Horn @ STL - He and his buddy, Stallworth, gave us a taste of what we've been expecting for over two years now, combining for 17 grabs and over 200 yards on Sunday. If the youngster can continue putting up those kinda numbers, Horn could actually improve his totals. I'm thinking track meet in St. Louis so no reason to expect a falloff this week.

4. Terrell Owens @ DET - Recorded history tells a different story but I know what I saw on Monday night: three measly catches and a HUGE drop on a perfectly thrown McNabb bomb. You saw it, too. I like his chances of scoring again in Detroit but that doesn't mean I like him. If you're staking your fantasy fortunes on T.O., you're definitely taking a risk.

5. Marvin Harrison vs. GB - Should we start calling HIM the #2 receiver instead of Reggie Wayne? It's only been two games, but…. Though Wayne did more with his grabs in Week 2, Marvin actually caught more balls (ten). In other words, rest assured. He's still the main man, if not a top three receiver anymore.

6. Derrick Mason vs. JAX - Only a miraculous pick by Nick Harper prevented him from 130-odd receiving yards and a score. He still managed the century mark and could duplicate that number against Jacksonville this Sunday. The Jags might be tough against the run but can be had through the air thanks to very little pressure from their front four (one total sack…and they've already played Buffalo).

7. Chad Johnson vs. BAL - He looked frustrated by his lack of opportunities Sunday night but it's hard to complete passes (especially deep ones) when you're running for your life. Mr. Palmer will likely be doing some more of that this weekend if the Ravens' D has anything to say about it. It usually does. For once, you should probably temper your expectations for "Eighty-Five."

8. Andre Johnson @ KC - He should have more than seven receptions through two games. However, he finally hit a home run (his specialty) against the Lions last week. KC's pass defense is high risk/high reward (five TDs and four picks) so another longball isn't out of the question. Keep in mind the Chefs will be mobilizing all available forces to stop Dom Davis.

9. Hines Ward @ MIA - For an over-the-middle possession guy, he sure is doing a pretty good impression of a game breaker through two weeks. He leads the league in receiving yards and is still the straw that stirs Pittsburgh's offensive drink. Nevertheless, he'll be relying on a green rook to get him the ball from now on. That means we've gotta nudge him down the list a bit until we find out whether Big Ben can handle the gig.

10. Darrell Jackson vs. SF - He's getting the receptions and the yards but hasn't found the end zone as yet. That's not an unusual thing for a wideout as the first two weeks of the season have no doubt demonstrated. Give him time. He'll get to the promised land eventually, perhaps even this week.

11. Isaac Bruce vs. NO - Pick your poison, D coordinators. The Reverend has totaled 214 yards on 17 catches. His partner in crime, Mr. Holt, has managed 217 yards on 16 carries. Oh, and they've both scored a touch. Treat him as a #2 but expect #1 numbers from him. He was one of the best bargains in your draft, most likely.

12. Reggie Wayne vs. GB - He caught 27 passes his first year, 49 his second, and 68 last year. Does that mean we can expect 90 or so this season? No. Does that mean we can expect him to establish himself as a Bruce-like #2 guy? Sure looks like it so far. Gotta love this matchup against the blah Green Bay corners.

13. Donte' Stallworth @ STL - Was last week a tease or is he starting to turn the corner? Only time will tell but if the shootout in St. Louie materializes (it will), he should post solid numbers again. I like him as a #2 receiver and love him as a #3 guy.

14. Rod Smith vs. SD - He's giving us almost 80 yards a game and if he could find the end zone occasionally, he might even turn out to be one of the top value guys this year. Don't hold your breath. He hasn't hit double-digit TDs since 2001. Oh, well. You always start guys against San Diego. He's no exception.

15. Jimmy Smith @ TEN - I've already told you I don't like his QB this week but even QBs who have off weeks complete SOME passes, right? Smith always manages to put up numbers and he hasn't had a star QB in Jacksonville since…since.… You get my drift.

Grab A Helmet:

Roy Williams vs. PHI - If you're looking for this year's Anquan Boldin (and then some), look no further. He delayed his NFL debut until (gasp!) after his senior year of college but the wait has proven to be well worth it. You simply won't see a prettier grab this season than his sideline stretch job against the Texans for a score. The pass was virtually uncatchable and he made it look easy. I don't like Detroit's chances of putting up big numbers in the passing game but what numbers they do put up, he will be responsible for.

Any Dallas receiver @ WAS - The trio of Glenn, Johnson, and Bryant has put up startlingly similar numbers so far. They each have 11 receptions and only 12 yards separate them yardage-wise. Conventional wisdom says you should stay away from the balanced attacks (Packers, anyone?) but when all three rank in the top ten (!), all bets are off. You're OK going with any of them on Monday night…even Meshawn.

Marcus Robinson vs. CHI - Did you not see the note about Chicago's decimated secondary? We're talking about three-quarters of a pretty good secondary being lost in the span of just a few weeks. The Bears are not a team who can overcome that type of depletion. Expect Moss and his sidekick to wreak havoc.

Alge Crumpler vs. ARI - As predicted, he has become a favorite of Mr. Vick's. There aren't many guys his size who look nimble and he doesn't quite pull it off, either. Nevertheless, he's got great hands and can move that 260-plus north-south with the best of them. I start him every week and thank my lucky stars I've got a legit tight end. I know everyone can't say that.

Koren Robinson vs. SF - Funny how I haven't heard much from the KoRo krowd this year. This is his first mention and if he wants to get on my good side, he'll justify the recommendation with a solid day and a score. Playing the Niners certainly gives him that chance so plug him in at #2 or #3...and cross your fingers.

Grab Some Wood:

Brandon Lloyd @ SEA - He was considered a semi-sleeper at the start of the year after showing some promise last season and in training camp. Guess someone forgot to wake him up, eh? He's caught just five balls for a whopping 36 yards against two so-so defenses and was overshadowed completely by Curtis Conway this past Sunday. Did anyone even realize Curtis Conway was still in the league? 'Nuf said.

Any Packers receiver @ IND - You know this pains me but I just can't figure out which guy Favre likes best. At times, he favors the more experienced Donald Driver. At others, he looks for the best route-runner of the bunch, Robt. Ferguson. Of course, when he looks deep, it's usually in the direction of Javon Walker. If you can make sense out of it, you're a better Packer backer than me.

Any Ravens receiver @ CIN - I know this is starting to sound redundant but you simply don't want one of these guys (can you even name one besides Kevin Johnson?) lining up for your fantasy squad. Kyle Boller may be a decent QB some day but he is so far away from that day, you can probably just forget about this group for the rest of '04.

David Terrell @ MIN - He ends up here out of spite (see above). How does a guy who leads the league in receiving yards after one week not even get a LOOK in Week 2? Chicago's offensive scheme is certainly goofy and goofiness usually corresponds to unpredictability. Avoid him until we get a better handle on what 'Da Bears are gonna do on a regular basis.

Plaxico Burress @ MIA - He went from one grab for 13 yards in Week 1 to two catches for 30 yards in Week 2. Could three catches for 50 yards be far behind? Oh, joy. He should stick to basketball. Wait. I'm thinking of Darius Miles. Never mind.
Best of luck, folks!

Best of luck, folks!!