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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss @ NO - Moss' numbers against Green Bay alone would comprise a pretty good career for most receivers. Imagine his glee, then, upon finding out he'll be lining up against Packer exile, Mike McKenzie, and his hair this weekend. If you needed another reason to lick your chops, there you go.

2. Terrell Owens vs. CAR - Let's hope the friendly wager didn't stipulate Coach Reid has to wear the Spidey tights on national television. Move over, Janet! The fifteen touchdowns seems a fait accompli at this point and you should expect nothing to change against a Carolina team suffering one of the worst Super Bowl hangovers to date.

3. Andre Johnson @ TEN - He's surpassed Keyshawn, Rudi, and Eric and is closing fast on Chad for title of NFL's best Johnson. Wait…uhhh…you know what I mean. He's what David Boston would have been had he ever stopped taking supplements and pumping iron…only better. Make a deal for him if you still can.

4. Javon Walker @ DET - Johnson leads the AFC in receiving yards but Walker leads the entire league (535 so far). That's amazing when you consider Green Bay's 1-4 start. Thanks to him and Randy, my experimental great receiver/average running back draft strategy is paying off. Shoot me an e-mail if you want specifics.

5. Roy Williams vs. GB - The Pack swore they'd never draft another Terrell Buckley but, lo and behold, that's exactly what they've done. His name is Ahmad Carroll and he stands 5'9" on his tippy toes. The worst part? He doesn't even know how to locate the football. That spells trouble against a glue-fingered superstar-in-the-making, 6'2" Roy Williams.

6. Chad Johnson @ CLE - The Oracle's latest stunt should have the marketing folks at FedEx scrambling for his agent's cell number. Seriously, what will he think of next? To his credit, he doesn't write too many checks his butt can't cash. He's owned the Browns in recent years and, provided Palmer has learned something over the bye week, should do so again this Sunday.

7. Joe Horn vs. MIN - Readers ask me about him on a weekly basis. What am I missing? If you own him, you start him. Simple as that. This week, he'll take part in a shootout against the high-octane Vikes. Do you smell Shot Caller Guarantee? I do. Mark it down, folks.

8. Hines Ward @ DAL - Oddly enough, the emergence of Big Ben has rendered him slightly less valuable. The reason? His running mate is getting more looks. It's hard to put too much faith in the mercurial Burress but for now, keep an eye on the situation. You still want Ward, even if his days as a one-man show are numbered.

9. Isaac Bruce vs. TB - Now here's a running mate you can ALWAYS count on. The Reverend failed to reach the century mark in Seattle but still notched 78 yards on six catches. Though he's competing with several folks for attention right now (Holt, McDonald, and even Kevin Curtis), we all know there are plenty of touches to go around in Martz's aerial attack. Keep playing him, even against Tampa.

10. Derrick Mason vs. HOU - His QB appears to be healthy again and he recently put to bed an early-season TD drought. This week, he faces a Texans squad that was scorched by Culpepper and company on its home turf. Star wideout plus great matchup plus rookie DB (Dunta Robinson) = stellar start.

11. Eric Johnson @ NYJ - He wasn't even supposed to play last week but still managed to catch 13 balls for 162 yards and a score. Ever quick with the analysis, his teammate, Mr. Barlow, called it a "big-ass game." Those are certainly "big-ass" numbers for a wide receiver. Just one problem. He's not a wide receiver. He's a FREAKIN' TIGHT END!!! Go get him if your league mates have been sleeping at the wheel.

12. Darrell Jackson @ NE - He finally scored a touch last Sunday (you're welcome) and all signs point to a shootout between Super Bowl contenders this week. For Seattle's sake, it had better be high-scoring. They have the weapons to match the champs and nobody beats the Pats in grind-it-out games…especially in Foxboro.

13. Torry Holt vs. TB - This is probably the lowest I've rated him in over a year. That's not so much an indictment of him as it is a testament to the number of great receivers out there. In case you hadn't noticed, it's a wide receivers league now. He's still one of the best so you gotta keep starting him. Again, even against Tampa.

14. Jimmy Smith vs. KC - I thought he lost a step? He's averaging over 18 yards per reception, a good four yards over his career mark. Moreover, he's starting to see the ball a lot more now that Leftwich is being forced to air it out. That trend should continue this week as the faltering Jags attempt to keep pace with the high-flying Chefs.

15. David Givens vs. SEA - Injuries to Deion Branch and Troy Brown make him Brady's primary weapon heading into Week 6. I can think of a lot worse things to be than Tom Brady's primary weapon. After three 80+ yard games, he finally broke through for a touch last Sunday. I wouldn't be surprised to see him do it again in the marquee matchup this week.

Grab A Helmet:

Plaxico Burress @ DAL - For no apparent reason whatsoever, the switch to Big Ben has breathed life into the lungs of Plaxico's foundering career. He's running good routes, getting deep, and making some pretty sweet catches. Though it's dangerous to trust him (I think we've been over this), it's difficult to ignore 60+ yards for three consecutive weeks. Give him another shot…if you dare.

Rod Smith @ OAK - He's more steady than spectacular but sometimes steady is all it takes. The Broncos have a favorable matchup against the hated Raiders this week and I'm guessing there aren't too many Broncos (Shanahan not included) who hate them more. He steps up this week in a bitter rivalry game.

Brandon Lloyd @ NYJ - So THAT'S what everyone was so stoked about. Lloyd was finally healthy enough to contribute last week and contribute he did with a brilliant, game-tying TD grab in the final minutes. He should see plenty more balls thrown his way as the Niners attempt to overcome defensive deficiencies with lots of offense. They won't succeed very often but success is relative in the fantasy world. Give him a go if you're short at wideout.

Drew Bennett vs. HOU - He's quietly getting about ten looks a game which is pretty good for a #2 receiver. He also showcased his versatility on Monday night by throwing for a score against the hapless Pack. Hey, Drew. The Dolphins are looking for a QB.

Reche Caldwell @ ATL - I can't remember the last time I recommended a Chargers receiver not named David Boston but the kid deserves some pub. He wasn't needed last week but he's already tallied three touchdowns this year and has solidified himself as Brees' favorite wideout. Usually, that's not a good thing. This year? That's why I love the NFL, folks.

Grab Some Wood:

Chris Chambers @ BUF - All the talent in the world doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this offense. He's managed to score two touchdowns (two of Miami's THREE touchdowns on the year) but it's hit-and-miss almost every week. Mostly miss. Leave him on your bench if you're in a keeper league and give him the boot if you're not. It isn't going to get better.

Any Browns receiver vs. CIN - Jeff Garcia and Butch Davis are clashing again, this time over Garcia's alleged "skittishness" in the pocket. When's the last time a verbal spat between coach and QB resulted in anything positive? I'm waiting.

Laveranues Coles @ CHI - He has the ability to burn me on this one but I'm only recommending a sit because his QB sucks. Nothing personal, Lav, but wouldn't you have been much happier in New York?

Jerry Porter vs. DEN - Alas, it was too good to be true. The perpetually-on-the-verge Porter seemed to get a break when the weak-armed Gannon was replaced by the strong-armed Collins. It hasn't turned out that way. Though we should probably give him more time, I'm cutting bait. There are too many good receivers out there to mess around with an inconsistent guy whose resume doesn't match his potential.

Best of luck, folks!