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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss vs. TEN - Randy misses games about as often as Mike Tice misses dinner but, as of this writing, things don't look good. Though he could be hampered by the tender hammy if he plays, you should bear in mind he needed only two catches to post 89 yards and a touch against New Orleans last week. Even in a limited role, he's better than everyone on this list. And I mean everyone.

2. Terrell Owens @ CLE - How's the saying go? It's better to be thought foolish than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt? Too late. They don't make bulletin boards big enough to contain his material but at least T.O. has the ability to make others look foolish, as well. Expect a monster game and some monstrous quotations afterward.

3. Torry Holt @ MIA - Sure hope you didn't deal him before Monday's huge game against Tampa. Receivers are an unpredictable lot and though he's no exception, he's certainly more predictable than most. Expect solid numbers (100 yards?) and another touch against a Miami team that can't keep up with anyone, especially the Rams.

4. Joe Horn @ OAK - You dared doubt the Shot Caller? I promised you a touchdown last week and Horn delivered…like he usually does. This week, he draws a Raiders squad reeling from three consecutive (ugly) defeats. I'm not sure New Orleans will win but I'm quite sure they'll score 20+ points. It's no stretch to think Horn will be responsible for six of them.

5. Javon Walker vs. DAL - His 33 receptions are good but his 99.5 yards per game is even better. Better as in better than every other NFL receiver to date. Few corners match up with him on a size/speed basis and Dallas' undersized duo is no exception. Expect a couple bombs and perhaps a score at Lambeau this Sunday.

6. Reggie Wayne vs. JAX - Walker's AFC alter ego, the emerging Wayne, is potentially even more dangerous because of who lines up opposite him. I suspect teams will eventually realize they can live with Marvin underneath but until they do, the former Hurricane should be good for some more home runs.

7. Derrick Mason @ MIN - Word on the street is he's the only receiver Air McNair trusts right now. That's not a good thing for the Titans but it certainly bodes well for Mason's owners. He simply must score this weekend if the Titans have any hope of keeping apace with Minnesota. He will. I (drum roll, please) promise.

8. Darrell Jackson @ ARI - I'm not sure Hasselbeck trusts ANY of his receivers but if he does, Jackson's the guy. The loss of Koren Robinson makes him a marked man as Bobby Engram and the newly acquired Jerry Rice aren't capable of stretching the field. Not to worry. He's more than capable of handling the load and will rise to the challenge in Phoenix.

9. Roy Williams @ NYG - If you're wondering how important a rookie can be, take a look at Joey Harrington's stat line last week. The Lions simply don't' have enough weapons to survive the loss of a playmaker such as Williams. He's healthy for the matchup in Jersey so do yourself a favor and follow Mooch's lead: get him back in your lineup.

10. Isaac Bruce @ MIA - He finally laid an egg last week as his buddy, Mr. Holt, grabbed the national spotlight. That doesn't mean he's any less valuable. Teams will always look to contain Torry which means Bruce will still see plenty of man-to-man coverage. I like his chances of beating most NFL corners one-on-one.

11. Marcus Robinson vs. TEN - Even with Moss on the field, Robinson has become a dangerous threat in the red zone. If he ends up being the go-to guy this weekend, you can at least take heart in the fact he's done it before (in Chicago and, to a lesser extent, in Baltimore last year). Make him your #2 receiver and be happy you got him so cheaply.

12. Jimmy Smith @ IND - When you consider the Jags have only rookies and journeyman to complement him, it's amazing he's been able to stay so productive. Nevertheless, productive he has been. This week, he faces an Indy secondary that is still far and away the NFL's worst (313.8 yards/game). Expect big numbers and a score as the Jags attempt to hang with the high-flying Colts.

13. Keyshawn Johnson @ GB - If the Packers are smart, they won't let the diminutive Ahmad Carroll anywhere near Meshawn. That's a fairly big "if." Though he won't beat anyone deep, he should be able to carve out some nice medium-range yardage and maybe a score (or two) this Sunday.

14. Donald Driver vs. DAL - Don't look now but Driver has put up two huge games in a row and seems to be reestablishing himself as Fav-ruh's favorite target again. Though "favorite" is a relative term in the Green Bay offense, he's hotter than a pistol right now and should see plenty of opportunities against an overmatched Dallas secondary.

15. Chad Johnson vs. DEN - The one that coats is the only one he needs. Actually, make it a double. Three catches and four drops isn't the way to make cornerbacks ill but it's gonna take more than one lousy performance to shut the Oracle up. He gets a chance for redemption on Monday night and if he ever wants to play on Monday night again, he'd better deliver.

Grab A Helmet:

Michael Clayton vs. CHI - Who'd have thought Brian Griese (of all people) would bring out the best in him? Though he won't beat out Roy Williams for title of best rookie receiver, he's gonna make a lot of teams wish they'd drafted him by year's end. Listening, Jacksonville? Go ahead and start him against a so-so Bears bunch.

Drew Bennett @ MIN - He's listed as questionable at the moment but if he's able to go, he's a great start against the Vikes. Games involving Minnesota are almost always high scoring and that means you want as many participants as you can get your hands on.

Nate Burleson vs. TEN - Like I said: "games involving Minnesota are almost always high scoring…." He has a decent chance of being the Vikes' #2 receiver this week and since Daunte is throwing more than three TD passes per game, it's not unreasonable to think he'll come down with one of them.

Amani Toomer vs. DET - He has yet to score a touchdown this season and don't think for a second that's escaped the notice of Commandant Coughlin. The bye week gave him time to figure out a way to get Amani more involved. I suspect that scheming will manifest itself in the form a Toomer TD this Sunday.

Ashley Lelie @ CIN - He's only caught 16 balls in six games but when he does catch them, he makes opponents wish he hadn't. The 19.3 yards-per-catch average is stellar. The three touchdowns is better. The matchup with Cincy's awful D? Best.

Grab Some Wood:

Any Ravens receiver vs. BUF - See my Week 5 report. When you're done with that, check out Week 4…and then Week 3…and….

Jerry Porter vs. NO - I'm starting to think this guy needs a change of scenery. Then again, maybe our expectations were simply too high. He has prototypical speed and plays in the prototypical vertical offense but his stats are anything BUT prototypical. If you were counting on a breakout year, I'm sorry. So was I.

Donte Stallworth @ OAK - He's another example of wasted talent but not because he plays in a lousy offense. His hands are mostly to blame for career numbers that fall well short of expectations. If you've been playing him regularly, stop it. You can do better.

Best of luck, folks!