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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss vs. NYG - Once again, this is predicated entirely on whether Randy actually plays. Though he suited up last week, the Vikes didn't need him and, smartly, gave him most of the day off. They might need him this week and if my sources are to be believed, he appears ready to go. If you're a gambler, play him. If not, go with someone like...

2. Javon Walker @ WAS - I don't know how your league tallies 'em up but in my league, he's the top fantasy point-getter at the receiver position. Of course, that might be because he hasn't had a bye yet. Nevertheless, there isn't a corner in the league he can't get behind and we all know Favruh can chuck it long with the best of them. He's a great play regardless of the matchup.

3. Terrell Owens vs. BAL - Geez, T.O. You think maybe the media keeps harping on you because you can't stop SAYING STUPID THINGS??? His latest stunt (calling out HOF'er Ozzie Newsome) is likely to put a great, big bull's eye on his back this weekend…as if it wasn't already there after he jilted the Ravens this past offseason. Start him but don't be surprised if he gets carried off on a stretcher.

4. Andre Johnson vs. JAX - His 98.5 yards per game is tops in the AFC and good for third overall (behind Walker and T.O.) He returns just in time for a shootout with the Jags at Reliant this weekend. If Leftwich continues his hot streak, the Texans will need several Johnson counterpunches to keep it close.

5. Roy Williams @ DAL - Where would Detroit be without him? Take a look at the Green Bay game (Week 6) if you want an indication. He's the perfect package of size, speed, leaping ability, and hands. Still can't believe I grabbed him with the 7th pick (!!!) in our yearly rookie draft. Pat, pat.

6. Derrick Mason vs. CIN - For that matter, where would Tennessee be without HIM? He's never caught 100 balls in a season but is on pace to do so this year…and the Titans are still 2-5. The loss of McNair hurts but Billy Volek is better than he's looked so far and will start showing it this week against a dubious Cincy secondary.

7. Marvin Harrison @ KC - I know, I know. I left him off the list last week and he promptly made me look like an idiot by catching two touchdown balls. I made a mistake but there's no question his value has taken a dip this year. He's only averaging 61 yards per contest and also has a lot more competition than he used to have. Take it for what it's worth.

8. Hines Ward vs. NE - He's caught no fewer than six balls in every single game this season, which should be reason enough to make him your #1 guy. The only problem? He's not getting into the end zone. Expect that to change as Big Ben gets even more comfortable with the offense.

9. Darrell Jackson vs. CAR - I have no idea when Koren Robinson's pending suspension will hit but I'm not sure it makes any difference. D Jax is the man in Seattle and, moreover, is the only reliable receiver on the roster. That means he'll continue to get plenty of balls thrown his way. Though he'll drop a few (who in Seattle doesn't?) he'll catch more than enough to make up for it.

10. Jimmy Smith @ HOU - He's been the leading receiver in every Jags game thus far, something no other NFL receiver (not even T.O.) can boast of. Think maybe teams will start figuring out he's the only reliable target? Until they do, he's a great start as your #1 wideout.

11. Chad Johnson @ TEN - Predictably, "7-11" saved his biggest splash for the national television audience this past Monday (149 yards and a score). The touchdown grab was hardly impressive (he was wide open) but the fact he and Palmer attacked Champ Bailey all night certainly was. He needs to build on the great performance against a Titans secondary that has developed some leaks of late (235 yards per game and 12 TDs).

12. Amani Toomer @ MIN - He's scored five or more touchdowns in each of the past six seasons but is currently on pace to score…none. What the…? He looks like a good bet to break out this week as the G-Men will be involved in a track meet at Minnesota. Of course, I've said that before. Your guess is as good as mine, folks.

13. Marcus Robinson vs. NYG - Maybe Toomer could take lessons from Mr. Robinson while he's in the Twin Cities. Minny's #2 wideout has scored five touchdowns the past three WEEKS. In fact, his six total TDs ties him with Javon Walker and puts him right behind teammate Randy Moss and T.O. for the league lead. Pretty rare company indeed for a guy who probably went undrafted in some leagues.

14. Donald Driver @ WAS - Believe it or not, his 40 catches and four TDs are good for 8th place in both categories. Raise your hand if you knew this. He's not Favre's #1 target anymore but he sure makes for a helluva good #2 man. I know this because he's mine in two leagues.

15. Keyshawn Johnson vs. DET - The injury to Terry Glenn leaves MeShawn as Vinny's go-to guy. That's not entirely a bad thing when you factor in how much the 'Boys are chucking it these days. He's still a matchup nightmare for smallish corners and though he won't be anyone deep, he's a dangerous red zone threat…provided Dallas can GET in the red zone occasionally.

Grab A Helmet:

Reggie Wayne @ KC - I wouldn't read too much into his scuffle with Peyton this past Sunday. He was no doubt frustrated by the lack of attention and simply picked a bad time to vent. The head Colt is smart enough to know his squad is infinitely more dangerous with Wayne in the mix and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he looked for a deep hook-up with the former Cane early on in the contest at Arrowhead. You heard it here first.

Brandon Stokley @ KC - Of course, if Peyton can't find Reggie, Stokley will probably be open. He can usually be found running by an unsuspecting safety down the seam, where he does most of his damage. I don't normally suggest playing #3 receivers but the #3 receiver for the Colts is better than most #2s and some #1s. Start him.

David Givens @ PIT - Here I go again. You never know who's gonna step up for the Pats (wasn't David Patten finished?) but he's as good a bet as any. He's the most physical of the New England wideouts and definitely has the most upside. Then again, upside and $3 might get me a double latte at the local Starbucks. I said might.

Larry Fitzgerald @ BUF - Perhaps we should hold off engraving Roy Williams' name on the Rookie of the Year hardware? The return of Anquan Boldin (he's a go this week) should make the exciting rook even more dangerous now that teams are forced to contend with other receivers. He definitely has the skills to make #2 cornerbacks look foolish on a regular basis.

Rod Smith vs. ATL - There's nothing particularly exciting about this sage veteran but he's still managing to post some good numbers. It helps that The Snake often looks for him in bailout situations (3rd down and long). I imagine he'll continue to do so as the young Ash Lelie is still more exciting than reliable.

Grab Some Wood:

Any Ravens receiver @ PHI - No explanation necessary.

Plaxico Burress vs. NE - From the doghouse to the penthouse and back to the doghouse. Who taught this guy how to deal with the media, T.O.? He always manages to say something stupid when he can least afford to do so. Last I checked, calling out an all-Pro and two-time Super Bowl winner (Ty Law) is no way to fly under the radar. Prepare for a disappointing Week 8, Plax fans.

Any Panthers receiver @ SEA - I can't imagine you rely on any of these guys but Delhomme is looking more and more desperate with every passing week. The only one worth owning is Keary Colbert and even he is likely to struggle against an aggressive and opportunistic Seattle secondary. Steer clear.

Chris Chambers @ NYJ - It's feast or famine with this guy and though a coin flip could just as easily decide what it'll be this week, I'm betting on famine. The Jets are getting solid pressure up front and that will likely negate Chambers' ability to get downfield.

Best of luck, folks!