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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Terrell Owens @ PIT - Since when does clean living earn you the right to slander others? Mom always told me to hold my tongue if I didn't have something nice to say. See, Mom? I WAS listening.

2. Torry Holt vs. NE - I don't know the guy personally but I'm betting he spent the extra time off thinking of ways to atone for a one-catch, four-yard performance in South Florida two weeks ago. Lucky for him, the Pats come to town light their two starting corners. Hey, that's a pretty good way, isn't it? You betcha.

3. Reggie Wayne vs. MIN - I could never prove this but isn't it just a little suspicious that he and Marvin put up identical numbers (119 yards and two scores) last week? It's almost as if Peyton were telling us he doesn't play favorites, sideline shouting matches to the contrary. Whatever the case, you definitely want Reggie in your lineup this week as the balls will be flying in Indy Monday night.

4. Marvin Harrison vs. MIN - Balls a' flyin' means plenty of catching and nobody does it better (still) than Marvin. He may not be Manning's only target anymore but that doesn't mean he's not the favorite, even if the numbers tell us otherwise. I don't see how the Vikes could possibly slow this juggernaut down. Do you?

5. Andre Johnson @ DEN - He hasn't scored in three weeks, which only means that he's due this Sunday. He'll likely be matched up against Champ Bailey but don't let that scare you away. He's athletic enough and big enough to score on anybody, including the NFL's best cover corner.

6. Isaac Bruce vs. NE - I did mention the Pats will be missing BOTH their starting corners, right? Bruce will probably draw converted safety Eugene Wilson much of the time. Though I like Wilson, he's still a safety. Safeties don't cover guys like Ike Bruce very often and I think you'll find out why this Sunday.

7. Plaxico Burress vs. PHI - I told you to sit him down last week but I couldn't have predicted the Pats would lose Ty Law early in the game. Suffice it to say that without him, New England stood no chance of shutting down the 6'5" Burress. Philly's young corners will be similarly hard-pressed this weekend as neither of them stands even 6'. Give me size over speed and ability any day of the week.

8. Joe Horn @ SD - We haven't heard from him in two weeks but last we did, he was torching the Raiders for nine grabs and 123 yards. He might be asked to put up similar numbers if the Saints are unable to mount a running attack against San Diego's stingy front. He will, whether they do or not.

9. Darrell Jackson @ SF - Aside from the lack of touchdowns, Seattle's ineffective passing game hasn't cut into Jackson's numbers too much. That's probably because he's the only guy DOING anything in the passing game. Expect more of the same at the 'Stick this Sunday, even if Jerry Rice celebrates his San Fran homecoming with a vintage Jerry Rice performance (always a possibility).

10. Chad Johnson vs. DAL - Like Randy, T.O., Plaxico, and Andre Johnson, he epitomizes the new brand of NFL deep threat: big, tall, and fast. I'm no personnel director but if it were MY job to comb the college ranks for talent, I'd be looking for bigger, taller, faster corners. Until supply meets demand, guys like "7-11" are a great start against the league's smallish corners (i.e., Terence Newman).

11. Hines Ward vs. PHI - He's been eclipsed by his more volatile and explosive teammate since the insertion of Big Ben into the lineup. Never a true big-play threat, anyway, you'll probably hafta be content with the 6-10 catches and 80-100 yards he tallies every week. In case you hadn't noticed, those are far better numbers than most receivers put up on a regular basis.

12. Keyshawn Johnson @ CIN - He's not particularly fast but he probably started the trend toward bigger, more physical receivers when he entered the league nine years ago. It's a good thing he IS big and physical, too, or might have ended up on the business end of a spanking by now. Sorry, folks. Couldn't pass THAT one up!

13. David Givens @ STL - More passes from Tom Brady means more opportunities for his brightest receiver. He answered the bell last week to the tune of 101 yards and two scores. Expect more of the same if Corey Dillon is unable to go this week in St. Louie.

14. Keenan McCardell vs. NO - He was everyone's favorite free agent pickup two weeks ago and if you were lucky enough to grab him, congrats. He instantly became Drew Brees' favorite target and that actually means something this season. He should be good for 75-100 yards and a score this weekend against the Saints. In fact, I'm gonna go ahead and guarantee that touch for you. You're welcome.

15. Marcus Robinson @ IND - Yet another big, tall, fast guy who should have a field day against an undersized secondary this week. I'm not counting on Randy this week (in case you hadn't noticed) and Robinson is the most likely candidate to fill the void created by his absence. Get him in there if you're still on the fence.

Grab A Helmet:

Michael Clayton vs. KC - If you haven't already detected the trend here (refresher: big, tall, fast), yet another candidate for you. The LSU product has quickly become Tampa's #1 threat and there's no reason to think he won't continue to be even though Jurevicius and Galloway return. In fact, I'd be surprised if he doesn't put up better numbers now that the Bucs have more than one threat in the passing game.

Justin McCareins @ BUF - I don't know what became of Santana Moss but suffice it to say McCareins is the only Jets receiver I'd be starting these days. Though he looks like a possession type, he plays like a vertical threat. He'll only get more comfortable with the offense as time goes by and that should translate into a return trip to the end zone soon, maybe even this Sunday.

Keary Colbert vs. OAK - Unlike McCareins, he actually IS a prototypical possession receiver. He runs great routes and has sticky hands, a winning combination if he has designs on staying in the league for an extended period of time. This week, he draws the horrendous Raiders D, a great matchup if you're looking for a solid #3 guy.

Anquan Boldin @ MIA - He got his feet wet last week and the initial returns were quite promising (four catches for 50 yards). The Cards need him to take the pressure off star rookie, Larry Fitzgerald, and I suspect he'll start doing that on a regular basis, beginning with a trip to Miami this Sunday. Pick him up if he's still available and start him.

Antonio Gates vs. NO - Ironically enough, the former college hoops star is considered short by NFL tight end standards. I'll tell you what he's not short on: production. His 49 catches and five scores put him on pace for a 98 and ten season, respectively. When's the last time a tight end not named Tony Gonzalez gave you those type of numbers? He's one of the great finds this year.

Grab Some Wood:

Any Baltimore receiver vs. CLE - Let's not waste precious space talking about these clowns, 'kay? The return of Jamal makes them even less interesting than they already were. By the way, they weren't.

Laveranues Coles @ CHI - I get asked about him on a weekly basis so I'll tell you what I tell others: he isn't worth playing until Washington finds a QB who can get him the ball. His blazing speed is unutilized with Brunell at the helm and though he can succeed underneath, it's not his forte. Find someone else who has a chance of actually scoring sometime this year.

Roy Williams vs. WAS - Well, he sure looks good standing on the sidelines. Of course, he'd look a helluva lot better standing at split end. Until he plays a complete game again, go with someone else. You'll love him when he's ready but he'll break your heart in the interim.

Amani Toomer vs. CHI - If you'd have told me he'd have 29 catches and no touchdowns at this point, I'd have told you the Giants are struggling. They aren't so I don't really know what to tell you. Obviously, he isn't considered vital to their success. Though that could change (and fast), I'm not banking on it. Neither should you.

Eric Moulds vs. NYJ - I usually get in trouble when I tell you to sit him down but the emergence of Willis McGahee (and the incompetence of Drew Bledsoe) makes him a pretty risky play most weeks. This week should be no different thanks to a Jets D that is playing much better this season.

Best of luck, folks!