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Must Start: The Top 15

1. Steve Smith @ BUF – If you think Jake Delhomme only has eyes for Smith, you’re right. Case in point? Last week’s loss to Chicago. The former Spartan caught 14 of the 22 completed passes and accounted for roughly 75% of the yardage accumulated in the passing game. Only problem? He didn’t score. That should change this weekend when Carolina travels to Orchard Park, desperately in need of a “W.”

2. Chad Johnson v. BAL – Love him or hate him, you gotta hand it to the guy. He talks a good game and then goes out and plays a better one. It wasn’t enough last Sunday, but we’ll take 189 yards and a score any day of the week. Expect more modest but still spectacular figures this weekend against the Ravens, a team he’s owned of late.

3. Randy Moss v. MIA – He’s taken a back seat to Jerry Porter recently but we know better than to think that’s a permanent situation. Randy’s now 100% and will look to get back in the swing of things against a Dolphins secondary that doesn’t have the size (or the talent) to contain him.

4. Larry Fitzgerald v. JAX – Is there a better duo in the league right now than Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin? Shake your head. Only problem now is figuring out which one will be the favored target week in and week out. Didn’t matter last week as they posted almost identical numbers in the upset win over St. Louis. Go with Fitzgerald if you must choose as he’s now topped the century mark in three straight.

5. Torry Holt @ HOU – Holt managed to outgain both the Arizona wideouts last Sunday (129 yards and a touch) but ended up on the losing end thanks to a sieve-like D and a punchless ground attack. Now that Bulger is out, he could struggle to put up huge numbers on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the matchup is juicy in Week 12 and I’ve a sneaking suspicion he’ll be just fine. Start him as usual.

6. Plaxico Burress @ SEA – As predicted, Plax bounced back from a couple of lousy weeks to post solid numbers last Sunday (six catches for 113 yards and a TD). This week, he draws a Seahawks D that, like most teams, doesn’t have the size to stop him. Manning Jr. would be wise to look for him early and often if the Giants hope to keep it close.

7. Marvin Harrison v. PIT – Marvin was practically the only Colt NOT to put up big numbers last Sunday, proving once again that more (weapons) can sometimes mean less when it comes to fantasy ball. He’s never made it a habit of stringing together back-to-back duds, however, so there’s no reason to think he’ll start now. Keep him in there.

8. Donald Driver @ PHI – Favre to Driver is about all the Pack has going for them at the moment but opposing defenses still can’t seem to prevent them from hooking up. The pair teamed up for two big scores last Monday night and you can bet they’ll be looking to do so again at the Linc this Sunday. Expect 75-100 yards and at least one six-pointer for Driver in the loss.

9. Anquan Boldin v. JAX – Option 1B for Warner in the Arizona passing game but option 1A for you, provided you don’t also own one of the above wideouts. He isn’t the most durable pass-catcher in the league but, when healthy, is surely one of its best. Give him the start against Jacksonville’s league-best pass defense and hope the unstoppable force gets the better of the immovable object.

10. Santana Moss v. SD – I warned you he wouldn’t capitalize on his newfound success. The Redskins are fading faster than President Bush’s popularity but can stay in the thick of things with a “dubya” this weekend. To get it, they’ll need a couple of game-breaking plays from Moss. I think they get one instead, not enough to secure the victory but enough to make him worth a start in all formats.

11. Antonio Gates @ WAS – Just one of the reasons Washington will come up short this weekend. It’s bad enough having to corral L.T. all day but then you thrown in this guy and wonder how you’re ever going to slow the Bolts down. Expect the usual (80 yards and a score) in the San Diego victory.

12. Joe Horn @ NYJ – Donte Stallworth is finally emerging but I’m loath to anoint him the new go-to guy for New Orleans. Horn has done nothing to lose the title and is still hauling down his fair share of balls (six for 80 yards in Week 11). Keep relying on him.

13. Brandon Lloyd @ TEN – Look who decided to join the party again. The switch to Ken Dorsey gave Lloyd a fighting chance of catching a real live pass & he didn’t disappoint, grabbing seven balls for 119 yards and a score in the almost upset against Seattle. This week, he draws the fairly crummy Titans secondary, a group he should be able to exploit with his ideal size and top notch hands.

Best of luck, folks!