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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Steve Smith v. TB – After a three-game scoreless skid, Smith finally found the end zone again last weekend, helping the Panthers bury the once-promising Falcons in Charlotte. This Sunday, he squares off against the other NFC South contender, Tampa, in a game that would virtually clinch the division for Carolina should they win. I think they do it as Smith scores again.

2. Chad Johnson v. CLE – C.J. graduated from guaranteeing victories to guaranteeing just about everything this past week (an AFC championship, forty points a game the rest of the way, and an MVP trophy for his QB). Not sure what that means for the Bengals’ long-term prospects but since he didn’t mention Pepto or the Cleveland secondary, he’s probably OK for Week 14. Sure would like to see him grab some of the love being thrown his teammate’s way these past two weeks, however.

3. Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin v. WAS – There’s plenty of love flowing in the desert these days, thanks to the prolific tandem of Fitzgerald and Boldin. It’s a virtual coin flip for who will perform better on a weekly basis but you probably can’t go wrong with either guy. They’re both averaging close to 100 yards/game and simply cannot be completely contained. Start one or both without reservations.

4. Santana Moss @ ARZ – Opposing Arizona’s dynamic duo will be Washington’s one-man band, Mr. Moss. He’s apparently banged up but should be cleared to play by Sunday and could have a stellar day against the Cardinals’ vanilla pass defense. Keep starting him.

5. Marvin Harrison @ JAX – He’s scored touchdowns in six of his last seven contests and has topped the 100-yard mark in three of his last five. Making matters worse (for opponents), he’s just one of several top-notch options in the Colts’ passing attack. In other words, he’s a guy who deserves, but rarely receives, extra attention from defenses.

6. Joey Galloway @ CAR – Galloway, on the other hand, gets scads of attention but still manages to slither his way to 90 yards and a score most weeks. Can you imagine how dangerous the Bucs’ passing attack would be if Michael Clayton had decided to show up this year? Lucky for Joey’s owners, he didn’t. Expect nothing to change as the season winds down.

7. Torry Holt @ MIN – I backed off him a tad last week thanks to the unsettled QB situation but he still found a way to snare six balls for 75 yards. Game-breaking numbers, no. Worthy of a start as your #2 or #3 guy? Probably. The same holds true this week as the Rams visit Minneapolis. Expect something along the lines of 75-100 yards and (this time) a score.

8. Plaxico Burress @ PHI – Kid Bro’s poor day hurt everyone in the Giants receiving corps, none more so than the main guy, Burress. If they do manage to get things back on track, he’ll also be the main beneficiary. Expect them (and him) to do that. He caught six balls for 113 yards and a score the last time these two teams faced one another and a similar day this Sunday would go a long way toward advancing you in the fantasy playoffs.

9. Chris Chambers @ SD – One way to ensure you WON’T advance in the playoffs? Leave guys like this on your bench when they go off for career days (15 grabs for 238 yards and a score). Believe it or not (and I hesitate to bring this up), I did exactly that last weekend in our yearly league. In fact, I left him AND T.J. Houshmandzadeh on my bench. It’s only by sheer luck that I managed to secure a playoff berth (thanks, Seattle). I won’t make the same mistake again.

10. T.J. Houshmandzadeh v. CLE – Speaking of Mr. Hard-To-Prounounce-Man-Zadeh… WOW! I’ve been singing his praises for many moons now but even I’m a trifle impressed by his latest surge (235 yards and three scores in his last two). Of course, it helps when your opponent is selling out to make 7-11 shut his yap. Expect Cleveland to pay him a little more attention than recent squads, but not enough to put much of a dent in his bottom line.

11. Antonio Gates v. MIA – He hasn’t gone two consecutive games without a score all season and continually makes opponents pay for trying to cover him with linebackers. Wouldn’t matter if they tried to cover him with DBs though, either. He’s a physical freak who can only be stopped by Drew Brees’ unwillingness to look his way. That doesn’t happen very often, by the way, so you should probably leave him right where he is, holding down your tight end position for the playoff run.

12. Hines Ward v. CHI – The Curtain passing game was uncharacteristically prolific last week, thanks to the fact they were trying to match a high-octane Cincy offense point-for-point. The main man, as usual? Mr. Ward. He caught nine balls for 135 yards and two scores and even managed to resurrect the Ickey shuffle after one of them. Classic. Of course, it wasn’t enough and now the Steelers are in the dangerous (and previously unthinkable) position of possibly missing the postseason. If they want to get there, they’ll need another big day out of Ward. I expect him to be the difference as Pittsburgh sneaks by the Bears.

13. Reggie Wayne @ JAX – What else can I say about the guy? He’s good…just not good enough to supplant Marvin Harrison as the main man in Indy. More specifically, he hasn’t developed the almost ESP-like rapport with Peyton that Marvin seems to possess. Takes time, kid. Unfortunately, you won’t be around next year to continue developing it. Enjoy Baltimore! Heard the crab cakes are good.

14. Randy Moss @ NYJ – Heresy, you say? Reality, I retort. The fact is Randy hasn’t produced like the Raiders thought he would when they made him the highest profile free agent pickup this past offseason. Part of that has to do with injuries but the other part has to do with inconsistent QB play. This week, he’s back to square one, attempting to develop some chemistry with the former option quarterback, Marques Tuiasssosoospo. I’m not sure I like that prospect at this stage of the game.

15. Eddie Kennison @ DAL – He’s one of those guys who always seems to be on the bubble for owners, not exceptional enough to be an auto-start but not crummy or inconsistent enough to be an easy bench. He’s coming off three pretty good games in a row, however, and since the KC passing attack seems to be rounding into shape, he looks like a pretty good sneaker start in Week 14. Don’t forget he’s topped the century mark four times this year, or one more time than the previous guy has.

Grab a Helmet

Terry Glenn v. KC – The 100-yard games are a distant memory for the former Buckeye (boo! hiss!) but he’s still finding paydirt every once in a while. If you think, like I do, that this Sunday’s showdown with KC will be high-scoring, then you should probably think about getting him in your lineup, as well. He’s facing a weak Chefs secondary and could find a seam at some point for a big gainer and six. Worth a shot, at least.

Rod Smith v. BAL – He hasn’t dropped below 50 yards since Week 5 (seven games) and has also scored four times in that same span. Not too shabby for a guy who’s going to be older than my creaky butt this next May. If you’ve been using him as your #2 or #3 guy all year, there’s no reason to stop now.

Robert Ferguson v. DET – You didn’t know he was back? Well, he is and may just be flying solo this weekend if Don Driver doesn’t get well soon. When healthy, he’s a pretty decent #3 guy (three scores in his first five games this year) who isn’t afraid to catch balls in traffic and is reliable enough to get plenty of attention from Fav-ruh. If you’re looking for super-sneaky starters this Sunday, look no further. I think he scores as the Pack guarantees a Reggie Bush-less future.

Deion Branch @ BUF – He hasn’t been turning heads of late (10 catches for 93 yards in his last two) but is certainly capable of turning it on at any given time. He managed 92 yards and a score in the first meeting with the Bills and could duplicate those numbers if the game turns toward the offensive. Of course, whether it does or not could depend a lot on the Bills passing game and, specifically…

Lee Evans v. NE – …this guy. Last week’s explosion (three first quarter TDs) was certainly an anomaly but now that Buffalo has suspended the disgruntled and pouting Eric Moulds, Evans is about all they have left. He’s definitely talented enough to get deep on anybody but will still be relying on J.P. Losman to get him the rock, an iffy prospect if ever there was one. Lucky for both of them, New England possesses the 31st-ranked passing defense in the league. Anyone smell shootout at Foxboro? Could happen.

Grab Some Wood

Any Chicago receiver @ PIT – There’s winning with defense and then there’s…the Bears. Chicago’s passing attack managed just SIX completions in the Week 13 win over Green Bay, none by Muhsin Muhammad, the supposed go-to guy. Bottom line? The only Bear you want in your lineup this week is the eleven-headed monster known as the Chicago D.

Any NY Jets receiver v. OAK – Chicago’s offense makes New York’s look positively fruitful, which is saying something when you consider the Jest is averaging less than six points in its last four tilts. I’m not sure about you but I’m generally looking for touchdowns come playoff time. Keep looking.

Any Detroit receiver @ GB – Raise your hand if you knew the Pack ranks #1 in pass defense. Statistics can certainly be deceiving (and probably are in this case) but 167.6 yards/game is still 167.6 yards/game, not very many by NFL standards. Of course, the Lions would probably kill for that many of late (not even 150 per in their last three games). Sit ‘em all down for this unsightly-est of Sunday night matchups.

Any Baltimore receiver @ DEN – Let’s see…did we miss anyone? Chicago. New York. Detroit. Baltimore. What about San Fran and Cleveland? Yep, them too. You simply can’t afford to play receiver roulette at this point of the season. Why not stick with guys who play for, you know, ACTUAL offenses?

Best of luck, folks!