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Must Start: The Top 15

1. Steve Smith @ NO – The wife says I’m getting to be a bit too…how did she say it…”verbose” with the column these days. Fair enough. Let’s see if we can’t strive for a bit more pithiness the rest of the way, shall we? Smith is good. The Saints aren’t. Start him. Short and sweet enough for you, hon?

2. Marvin Harrison v. SD – All you need to know about Marvin: He’s scored more times than any other receiver (twelve) and is just eight yards shy of yet another 1,000-yard season. Easy one.

3. Chad Johnson @ DET – Johnson practically INVENTED “verbose.” Less talking and more walking, please, C.J. The end zone is that-a-way.

4. Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin @ HOU – Can’t go wrong here, especially facing the bottom-feeding Texans. Gun to my head? Fitzgerald. I think they both score, however.

5. Joey Galloway @ NE – Turns out the fountain of youth IS in Florida. Not that you’d notice walking around Tampa/St. Pete. Anyone for the earlybird special?

6. Chris Chambers v. NYJ – 359 yards and three scores in his last two tilts. In a “what have you done for me lately” league, he’s got the perfect answer: plenty. Ride the wave.

7. Torry Holt v. PHI – Hampered by poor quarterback play…but only a little. Still one of the most productive wideouts in the game and overdue for a trip to six-point land. He gets there this Sunday.

8. Santana Moss v. DAL – Think the Cowboys remember him? Let’s hope for their sake the intervening three months haven’t dulled the memory of a flabbergasting fourth quarter in Week 2.

9. Eddie Kennison @ NYG – Warming up at just the right time, for you AND the Kansas City faithful. Give him the start against Gotham’s wobbliest pass defense (222 yards/per).

10. T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ DET – Need directions, Chad? Ask your bud, Mr. Houshmandzadeh. He’s found paydirt four times in the past three weeks. The most consistent running mate in the business he might very well be.

11. Reggie Wayne v. SD – Though most of you would argue it’s this guy. The per game numbers are almost identical, folks, so before you go e-mailing me your opinion on the matter, come up with something original.

12. Plaxico Burress v. KC – If Wayne needs a primer on how to go from second banana to main man (think ’06), he could do worse than asking Plax for advice. Think Pittsburgh misses the former Spartan?

13. Hines Ward @ MIN – I doubt Mr. Ward does. With Burress sharing touches last season, he nabbed only four TD passes. He’s at ten and counting this season, good enough for a must-start against the Vikes in the Twin Cities.

14. Antonio Gates @ IND – I’m not sure ANY player is more of a must-start at his position than Gates. His 996 receiving yards are good for ninth in the league…amongst WIDE RECEIVERS!

15. Randy Moss v. CLE – How far have the Raiders’ fortunes fallen? His plummeting stock should give you some indication. Two catches for 18 yards with Tui at the wheel.

I’m running on empty, friends. If you have questions about receivers (or any other players) not specifically mentioned, feel free to e-mail me before game time on Saturday. I should be able to answer provided you keep the questions to a minimum. Oh, and nothing about kickers, please. Pick one. ANY one.
Best of luck, folks!