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Must Start: The Top 10

1. Trent Green v. CIN – Well, SOMEbody’s gotta be #1, right? Nothing is normal come Week 17 and that means you go with guys who are A) motivated, B) definitely starting, and C) at least CAPABLE of putting up big numbers. Check, check, and check for the somewhat disappointing Green.

2. Drew Bledsoe v. STL – Ditto for Bledsoe, though the ‘Boys will need some help if they hope to be playing past Week 16. He’s failed to throw a TD pass in only one game this season and, at this point, those are pretty good credentials for a final week recommendation. Give him the start against St. Louis’ horrendous defense on Sunday night.

3. Tom Brady v. MIA – Does anyone else get the feeling Indy’s gonna need another win over New England to reach the Super Bowl? If so, I can’t hardly wait for the matchup. Brady is solid as ever, Dillon appears to be healthy, and the once-maligned defense is back to shutting opponents down…completely. The Colts had better be ready.

4. Kelly Holcomb @ NYJ – Word on the street is the Bills players want Holcomb to be given a chance to beat out J.P. Losman next season when, presumably, the kid will reassume the starting role. It’s a fair request, if you ask me, especially since Holcomb has proven to be more effective and is only in his sixth season. Yes, he’s eight years older, but wins are wins and still the only measuring stick that matters in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately NFL.

5. Jake Delhomme @ ATL – Speaking of wins, the Panthers need one this week in the worst way. They’re only gonna get it if Delhomme manages to overcome the inconsistency and find his ultra-talented target, Steve Smith, more than the one time he did last week. Expect anywhere from 200-250 yards and a score or two as Carolina barely sneaks into the second season.

6. Josh McCown @ IND – It’s hard to tell what the Colts will do but I’m betting they sit most of their regulars for the meaningless contest at RCA Dome. That means McCown has a better than even chance of posting good numbers. Give him the sneaky start if you’ve been riding someone else to this point. He could surprise once again.

7. Drew Brees v. DEN – Coach Schottenheimer says the Botls will stick with Brees in Week 17, despite the fact they’ve been eliminated from playoff contention. Believe it or not, he could post solid totals against a Denver team with little or no motivation to win. He was awful last week but bounces back in Week 17 as San Diego goes from eliminated to eliminator (KC). Every good turn deserves another, after all.

8. Ben Roethlisberger v. DET – You know the recipe in Curtain land: lots of running, lots of defense, and just enough Ben. How much is “just enough?” I’m guessing 175 yards and a score or two as the Steelers wrap up the playoff berth.

9. Mark Brunell @ PHI – Actually, it’s the same recipe Washington uses, with a little more Brunell when the situation warrants. I’m not sure it does this weekend but he was certainly awesome last week (two TDs in just 11 attempts) and will rise to the occasion again if he’s able to go. Just make sure he is as he looked pretty iffy at the start of the week.

10. Eli Manning @ OAK – Like Bledsoe, Kid Bro has only failed to throw a TD pass in one game this season, proof that he’s well on his way to becoming an elite signal-caller. The next step? More consistency and fewer game-altering mistakes. Expect a solid effort in the season-concluder as the G-Men play their way in.

Grab A Helmet:

Gus Frerotte @ NE – He’s nothing special and will hafta fight to keep his job next year, but Frerotte will definitely have more ammo at the bargaining table thanks to a late five-game winning streak. He’s thrown for five scores in his last three games and could tack on a couple more if the Fish are able to solve a suddenly resurgent Pats D this Sunday. Expect at least another hook-up with Chris Chambers at Foxboro.

Jon Kitna @ KC – It’s uncertain whether he’ll be the starter but if he isn’t, he’ll certainly see the field at some point, probably earlier rather than later. Though he’s only thrown five passes all season, Kitna’s a seasoned vet who keeps his head in the game. Expect a solid day and perhaps a great one if he gets the starting nod.

Kyle Boller @ CLE – Just couldn’t bring myself to put him in the Top 10 but he probably belongs after two stellar performances. I’d be more convinced he’s turned the corner if the two performances hadn’t come against Green Bay and Minnesota, respectively. Not sure what to expect against the Browns, but he wasn’t very good last time (191 yards and two picks). Guess we’ll see, huh?

Grab A Clipboard:

Brett Favre v. SEA – His last start in a Packer uniform? Don’t make me cry. Actually, I’ve run out of tissues after the year he’s had (28 interceptions). If it’s indeed his last go in the green and gold, let’s hope he makes it a good one. Just don’t bet the farm on it, ‘kay?

David Carr @ SF – What’s this? A pulse? Now??? He could have picked a better time to exhibit the ability we know he possesses but it’s not too late for Houston. A loss and Reggie Bush will be wearing the red and blue next year. A win and…

Alex Smith v. HOU – …it may just be garnet and gold for the Heisman winner. Too bad he doesn’t play quarterback, huh?

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