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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Randy Moss @ PHI – If the powers-that-be in Minnesota still think a rookie wideout, a journeyman linebacker, and a seventh round draft choice are worth the best receiver in the history of the game, I’m gonna need their number. I’ve got this bridge I’ve been trying to sell. Hardly used.

2. Terrell Owens v. OAK – Come to think of it, locker room harmony might be a tad overrated. NFL games aren’t won beneath the stadium, after all. They’re won on the pitch, generally by the team fielding better athletes. I’ve got a hunch most teams would trade peace and quiet for the opportunity to win a championship. Meet Mr. Opportunity.

3. Chad Johnson @ CHI – Did someone mention peace and quiet? Sorry. We’re all outta that. Cincy’s gold-toof’d motor-mouth was at it again last Sunday, woofing at the Vikes’ defenseless DBs both before and after he flambéed them for 139 yards and a score. Only way to shut him up, Chicago, is to shut him down. Good luck with that.

4. Joe Horn @ MIN – Though considerably more reserved than Johnson, Horn was no less effective, torching the Giants’ secondary to the tune of nine catches, 143 yards, and a touch. He’s not the deep threat the first three guys on this list are, but if you need a chain-moving snag across the middle, you’ve come to the right place. Start him against that clueless Vikes’ secondary and watch the points pile up.

5. Torry Holt v. TEN – The list of sure things at wide receiver is pretty short but he’s still on it, thanks in large part to a coach who REALLY likes the forward pass. He’s averaging almost 100 yards a contest and is always a good bet to hook up with Bulger for a six-pointer. Get him in there against a Titans secondary that hasn’t been tested yet.

6. Marvin Harrison v. CLE – The vaunted Colts passing attack took a day off last Sunday but the chances of that happening again (especially against Cleveland) are slim. It’s always tough to figure out who will shine for Indy but he’s done it for so long, I’m sticking with him. So should you.

7. Steve Smith @ MIA – Smith was another disappointing Week 2 start but that had more to do with Stephen Davis’ effectiveness (and the Pats D) than anything else. He’s the best weapon the Panthers have in the passing game and that’s reason enough to give him a look against Miami’s average back four.

8. Jimmy Smith @ NYJ – The other Mr. Smith was equally ineffective last Sunday but he wasn’t alone. The Jags managed only three points against Indy’s refurbished defense. If Leftwich is healthy, the ship should be righted this weekend at the Meadowlands. Stick with him.

9. Donald Driver v. TB – Though most people didn’t notice, he was a top 15 wideout last season, even playing second fiddle to Javon Walker. Now that he’s sitting first chair, he should become a regular in the top 10. Besides, it’s not like the Ol’ Gunslinger has a plethora of options to choose from, unless you think Robert Ferguson and Terrence Murphy are gonna set the world on fire. Yeah, me neither.

10. Darrell Jackson v. ARI – Recommending a Seattle receiver usually gets me in trouble, but…here goes. Jackson has feasted on the Cardinals in recent years, averaging almost 130 yards per matchup (!!!) and a score. Those numbers aren’t skewed by one monster performance, either. He’s tallied over 100 yards in each of the four meetings. Once or twice might be an anomaly. Four times? Nuh-uh. Start him.

11. Larry Fitzgerald @ SEA – After a phenomenal Week 1, the second-year stud came back to earth a bit against the Rams, snatching just four balls for 70 yards. Then again, he also notched two carries for 25 yards, leaving him just short of three digits for the day. The Cardinals need the ball in his hands and it appears they’ll try just about anything to get it there. Suit him up.

12. Laveranues Coles v. JAX – Chad Pennington doesn’t have the gun to hit him deep but that should be nothing new for Coles, who spent last year out-running Mark Brunell’s wounded ducks. He’s actually pretty good in traffic, too, and that should equate to good numbers when all is said and done.

13. Deion Branch @ PIT – Corey Dillon’s slow start has put a lot of pressure on Tom Brady and his unsung receiving corps. Luckily for Brady, his unsung receiving corps is pretty good. The best of the lot, Branch, has already caught 15 passes this season, putting him on pace to shatter previous career marks for receptions and yardage. If he can throw in a few end zone trips, he could become a regular #1 option.

14. T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ CHI – He’s already a #1 option, despite the fact he’s the #2 guy in Cincinnati. If you recall the type of numbers Peerless Price put up in Buffalo as Eric Moulds’ sidekick, you should have a pretty good idea where Houshmandzadeh will end up by year’s end.

15. Plaxico Burress @ SD – This former sidekick is now the main man in the Big Apple and is quickly becoming Eli Manning’s favorite target. If not for a penalty, he’d have scored another touchdown on Monday night to go with his score from Week 1. He looks to be a great matchup against San Diego’s diminutive corners so get him in your lineup.

Grab A Helmet:

Antonio Gates v. NYG – It’s not fair to blame the Chargers’ poor start on his Week 1 suspension but ya’ gotta wonder if they’d be sitting 0-2 if he’d been available for that potential game-winning drive against Dallas. Regardless, he’s back in the fold now and appears to be no worse for the wear (6 catches for 80 yards in Week 2).

Rod Smith v. KC – Keep on truckin’, old soldier. It’s early yet but the wily vet is on pace for yet another 1,000 yard season. In fact, he’s been around so long, he’s already tallied a 1,000 yard season against the Chiefs…and then some (1,575 yards on 104 career receptions). Expect nice numbers on Monday night.

Michael Clayton @ GB – Clayton has never faced the Pack but there’s a first time for everything. He’ll like what he sees…I can tell you that. Ask Braylon Edwards.

Donte Stallworth @ MIN – I’m a Joe Horn owner and I can’t tell you how many times I had to wait for a glimpse of the numbers on Monday night to see if it were him (#87) or Stallworth (#83) hauling in the pass. The similarly constructed Saints put up almost identical numbers against the G-men, combining for 17 receptions and over 280 yards. If they do it again, you can bet your bottom dollar the Vikes will be sitting in the NFC North cellar come Monday. Here’s hoping they don’t have company.

Muhsin Muhammad v. CIN – Was I too quick to write him off this season? Perhaps. Is he gonna put up the numbers he posted last year? No. If you can live with more modest totals and fewer touchdowns, go ahead and start him. If you selected him to be your #1 guy, on the other hand….

Grab Some Wood:

Any Buffalo receiver v. ATL – See Losman, J.P.

Nate Burleson v. NO – My Culpepper recommendation was lukewarm (at best) so don’t go getting too excited about Mr. Burleson. He’ll probably be the beneficiary of any improvement on Daunte’s part but that isn’t the sure thing it seemed to be last weekend. The Vikes’ leading receiver against the Bengals? Try Travis Taylor. Yeah, THAT Travis Taylor. Steer clear.

Reggie Wayne v. CLE – He’s gonna blow up one of these weeks and I’m not even convinced that won’t happen this week, but…. Do you really wanna play the guessing game this early in the season? There are plenty of other options. Wait ‘til he gets back on track.

Chris Chambers v. CAR – Same story for him. He’s already exploded once (Week 1 against Denver) but followed that up with a dud at the Meadowlands (three catches for 21 yards). Until he gets paired up with a better QB, he’s gonna drive you nuts. Trust me. I took a late-round flier on him in our redraft league (good decision) and decided to suit him up last week (bad decision). Make it easy on yourself and go in a different direction.

Best of luck, folks!