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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Steve Smith v. WAS—Smith was his usual stellar self in Week 11, notching 90 yards and a score as the Panthers hammered the hapless Rams. He even had another TD taken away by penalty in the first quarter. This week, he draws a ‘Skins secondary sporting an unsightly 20-3 TD-to-INT ratio. Start him (duh) and expect another 100-yard outing.

2. Chad Johnson @ CLE—Can you believe Smith and CJ actually played for the same community college squad? At the same time? What are the chances a Podunk CC would produce the NFL’s top two receivers? I’d give it about the same odds I’d give the Browns to stop 85 this weekend. He’s gone for almost 500 yards and five scores in his last two games, making up for a season’s worth of frustration…and then some.

3. Terrell Owens v. TB—Funny how Owens seems to be making less noise just as the Cowboys are hitting their stride, huh? Perhaps he CAN be a team player? I’m guessing that has a lot to do with the Ws so I wouldn’t give this consummate front-runner too much slack. He’s great when things are going well and a world-class pain in the neck when they aren’t. Ride the wave and hope for the best.

4. Reggie Wayne v. PHI—I solicited your help for an interesting blurb about Wayne and got precisely one response. Not as easy as it looks, huh? John Allen of Hotlanta gets his 15 seconds: “In week 8, Reggie went off on the then pass-dominant Denver Broncos to the tune of 138 receiving yards and three scores. This week, he’ll be tested again as he goes against the 8th ranked (against the pass) Philadelphia Eagles. I can hear the band warming up in the pits as Mr. Wayne straps on the cape and goes superhero this weekend. It can be musical chairs with the Indy receivers sometimes, but Reggie gets his game on 2 or 3 times a year and this should be one of those weeks. Come Monday morning, Reggie’s numbers will be music to his owners’ ears.” Thanks, John!

5. Darrell Jackson v. GB—Has anyone noticed he’s leading the league in receiving touchdowns? This despite the fact he’s been missing his triggerman for over a month now. I never said this league makes any sense so it’s probably best to just do what I do: don’t question anything. You own a guy who scores touchdowns? Start that guy. Man, this is easy!

6. Torry Holt v. SF—This guy used to score touchdowns, too…lots of them. In fact, he was leading the league in that category (or tied for the lead, at least) up until last week. The crazy part about that is he hasn’t scored one since Week 6, not coincidentally the same week St. Louie’s latest tailspin began. If I’m them, I get back to basics against the Niners this Sunday. That means lots of Steven Jackson and lots of Torry Holt.

7. Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald @ MIN—The Cards didn’t need Boldin and Fitz to be special last week, instead relying on Edge to do most of the work as they eked out their second W against the equally crappy Lions. That MO won’t fly at the Metrodump so you can expect them both to improve on Week 11’s pedestrian numbers. Who’s the better option? Who do I look like, Kreskin?

8. Marvin Harrison v. PHI—Despite 94 yards on six catches, Marvin lost a critical fumble last weekend, the first time he’s done so since 2004. Not that it would have affected your bottom line too much. It’s just so damned surprising to see him make a mistake. We’ve come to expect perfection and I suspect he’ll be back to showcasing it again this Sunday v. the Eagles. Shake it off and get him back in there.

9. Joe Horn @ ATL—Long time, no see. Marques Colston looks iffy for this Sunday, meaning somebody’s gonna hafta step into his shoes and carry the Saints’ prolific passing attack. Why not the guy who’s been doing it for most of the past six seasons? He’s actually scored in each of his last three games (he missed two along the way) and could do so again at the Georgia Dome this weekend. Monitor the injury reports and get Horn in there if it looks like the rook won’t go.

10. Plaxico Burress @ TEN—For the life of me, I’ll never be able to understand why it takes Kid Bro so long to get Jeremy Shockey involved in ballgames. Nevertheless, that certainly inflates the value of Manning’s obvious first choice, the brooding Burress. He’s scored in three of his last four ballgames and always seems to be the target when the G-Men get within shouting distance of paydirt. Keep starting him.

11. Roy Williams v. MIA—If the phenomenally talented Williams has a tragic flaw, it’s probably this: he doesn’t really have great hands. Can you imagine how unstoppable he’d be if he did? Think Chad Johnson plus 20 pounds and perhaps even another gear. Don’t know that you can teach a guy how to catch but we can probably live with the stuff he does pull down. Give him the nod against Miami this Thursday.

12. Andre Johnson v. BUF—It just occurred to me you could field a pretty good football team comprised of guys named strictly Johnson or Williams. I’m talking real football here, not the fantasy version. Think about it. Chad, Andre, and Roy at WR. Rudi, Larry, and DeAngelo in the backfield. Brad at QB. OK, forget about the whole Johnson/Williams thing. I didn’t think it through.

13. Donald Driver @ SEA—Things started bad for the Pack last week and got progressively worse after that. Favre went down with an elbow thingy. Rodgers replaced him and then went down with a broken foot. Meanwhile, the Pats were scoring every which way on the Green and Gold’s clearly overmatched defense. Just one of those days, Packer fans. Don’t take it out on Don.

14. Javon Walker @ KC—Here’s one guy who might actually be sad to see Jake go (provided Shanahan’s not jerking our chain on this one too). He’s scored five times in his last four games and is clearly the target Plummer is most comfortable with. I know. Not saying much. Still, wideouts who can score on any given touch are worth starting. Make it happen, people.

15. Lee Evans v. JAX—The very occasionally spectacular Evans was nothing if not that last Sunday, tallying 205 yards and two scores…in the first quarter! He finished with 265, a career best, and a total that is likely to have the Evans fan club knocking on my inbox this week. Bring it on, fellas. There’s nothing I like better than going back and forth with you all. Might wanna wait and see what he does this week, however.

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Gotta cut it short due to Thanksgiving travel plans, folks. If you have any other specific questions, feel free to e-mail me. I’m available again starting Friday and throughout the weekend. Happy Turkey Day!