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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Chad Johnson v. CLE—Though he didn’t lob the initial volley, CJ wasted no time getting into a war of words with the arch rival Browns earlier this week. Responding to Kellen Winslow’s boast that Leigh Bodden would shut him down, Johnson responded the way only he can: “it’s humanly impossible to stop 85.” That’s DirecTV channel 705 for those of you who don’t live in Ohio.

2. Steve Smith @ MIN—If you’re reading this on Saturday or early Sunday and he’s already been declared inactive, don’t e-mail me. I’m aware he may not play this weekend. It’s called a deadline and I’m occasionally asked to stick to one. I even occasionally do it. Stay on top of this situation as you’ll definitely wanna start him if he’s suited up.

3. Torry Holt @ SF—The Rams wlll be more balanced this season (I promise) but you wouldn’t have guessed that by watching their opener last weekend. Bulger still threw 34 passes and they only ran the ball 25 times. Expect the reverse to be true this weekend, though that shouldn’t affect Torry’s bottom line much. He’s a lead pipe lock for 75-100 yards most weeks.

4. Marvin Harrison v. HOU—One of these days, Marvin will become the #2 target in Indy. One of these days. Until such time, he’s still the favored pass-grabber for the league’s best quarterback. That means he’s automatically in the top 5 every single week. Start him.

5. Anquan Boldin @ SEA—Larry Fitzgerald caught more balls last Sunday but Mr. Boldin found paydirt. Their roles could just as easily be reversed in Week 2, or any other week for that matter. This much I do know: they’ve both been highly productive v. the Seahawks in the past and with Edge added to the mix, that isn’t likely to change this season.

6. Larry Fitzgerald @ SEA—In other words, take your pick. Fitzgerald has tallied three scores in four career starts v. Seattle and it’s not hard to envision him making it four for five (or even five for five) this weekend in the Emerald City. There’s simply nothing not to like about the Arizona passing game right now. So start liking it.

7. Chris Chambers v. BUF—If you’re a matchup analyzer, you’ve likely noticed that Chambers has scored more touchdowns against Buffalo than any other squad (six to date). Though he got off to a rough start against the Steelers, he was the obvious focal point for Daunte in the passing game. This week, he draws two diminutive (though good) corners and two rookie safeties. Sure hope you didn’t panic deal him after Week 1.

8. Terrell Owens v. WAS—TO’s being praised for side-stepping a potential landmine in Big D (the budding QB controversy) but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. Wouldn’t it have been better to defend Bledsoe, this week’s starter? Then again, we ARE talking about the most corrosive locker room presence in NFL history. Even when he doesn’t say something, he says something. A lot, in fact.

9. Donte Stallworth v. NYG—Wonder if TO noticed that his replacement in Philly did a pretty good TO impression in the Week 1 victory over Houston? Too many more of those performances and I, for one, will start wondering whether Andy Reid shouldn’t be getting a little more credit here. He at least deserves credit for standing firm when Owens’ reputation hit the fan last year, no?

10. Reggie Wayne v. HOU—I never really know what to say about this guy. He’s awfully good. How’s that for brevity?

11. Plaxico Burress @ PHI—A mere nine months after abandoning his signal-caller and blowing off a post-playoff game meeting, Plax said he was sorry to Kid Bro…sort of. Does this mean he’s finally growing up? He certainly has the full attention of Manning Jr. in New York’s passing game and for our purposes, that’s all that matters. Keep starting him and expect a handful of monster games this season.

12. Hines Ward @ JAX—Charlie Batch. Tommy Maddox. Kordell Stewart. I’m pretty sure Ward could produce with Mark Malone under center in Pittsburgh. I’m talking about TV analyst Mark Malone, not former/alleged NFL quarterback Mark Malone. Get him in there against the Jags and consider it an added bonus if the big guy’s back under center.

13. Darrell Jackson v. ARI—Jackson was supposed to be slated for light duty last Sunday but the ‘Hawks decided to make things interesting in Detroit, meaning he had to play a lot more than Coach Mike probably wanted him to. The good part? He survived. The better part? Help is on the way. The bad part? His value takes a hit from here on out. What can I say, people? Change is the only constant in this league.

14. Antonio Gates v. TEN—Take the Chargers, for instance. They shipped Drew Brees to New Orleans this past summer and cast their lot with two-year splinter-picker-outer Phillip Rivers. Not a problem if he lives up to expectations. The problem is that he won’t do that overnight. Expect Coach Schott to protect his new field general with lots of LT and a conservative passing attack. Luckily, no matter how conservative that attack ultimately is, Mr. Gates will still be its heart and soul.

15. Donald Driver v. NO—Not surprisingly, Don seemed like the only target Favruh was interested in last Sunday, eventually hauling in seven passes for 96 yards. I’m betting he’ll be able to do this quite regularly for two reasons. One, the Ol’ Gunslinger can still sling it around. Two, the Pack will be playing from behind most of the season. Expect bigger cushions as the games wear on and, consequently, increased production from Driver.

Grab a Helmet

Joe Horn @ GB—He was overshadowed by no-name rook Marques Colston in Week 1 and then publicly called out by his coach for not playing “particularly well.” Ouch! Guess the new sheriff’s into negative reinforcement, huh? I think Horn responds by slicing and dicing the Pack’s Swiss cheese D this Sunday. Pun totally intended.

Muhsin Muhammad v. DET—Muhammad pulled that trick last Sunday and looks to repeat this week against a better-than-advertised Lions group. No way this game is in the 20s but it’s possible Moose will find paydirt, nonetheless. I said possible, not probable. Give him a looksy.

Antonio Bryant v. STL—Bryant took advantage of a weak Arizona secondary to post a triple-digit day last Sunday. Not bad considering the other Niner receivers look like a Canadian Football League who’s who. I’m not sure he pulls off another c-note this weekend but if Frank Gore gets rolling again, anything’s possible. Call him a strong #3 and, perhaps, a decent #2.

Rod Smith v. KC—He and Javon Walker disappointed in Week 1 but it’s hard to put too much of the blame on them. The Snake was downright horrid. Don’t fret too much since Jake usually rebounds well after his really bad outings. Don’t forget, as well, that Smith has accumulated better than 1700 yards against the Chiefs in his illustrious career. Good matchup. Must win. I like him to have a very productive day.

Derrick Mason v. OAK—He and McNair, together again. I doubt we’ll see fireworks a la 2001-2003 but Mason HAS posted 1000 yards in each of his last five seasons. Did anyone but him know this? He’s the classic under-the-radar wideout who makes a bad team decent, a decent one good, and a good one great. Start him against the Raiders this Sunday.

Grab Some Wood

Roy Williams @ CHI—Is he serious? Does he honestly believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Lions are going to magically stop being the Lions this weekend and beat the Monsters at Soldier Field? Time for someone to remind Mr. Williams that he was outperformed by Mike Furrey last Sunday. Mike Fudging Furrey!

Randy Moss @ BAL—Randy says things are “crazy” around Raider nation these days. Something tells me we don’t know the half of it. Hard to believe his field-stretching wheels will be put to good use this Sunday when Aaron Brooks is running for his life on every snap. Steer clear until something changes (read: Art Shell convinces bud Gene Upshaw to join him on Oakland’s offensive front).

Joey Galloway @ ATL—The collar. The big goose egg. Bubkas. However you wanna slang it, that’s what Galloway produced in Week 1. Nothing. I told you to be fearful of his prospects this year. I meant terrified. Be terrified.

Laveranues Coles v. NE—On the other hand, I also told you to avoid Mr. Coles and all he did was go out and post the very best numbers by a receiver in Week 1 (eight grabs for 153 yards). Hey, this ain’t rocket science, folks, and I’m not exactly a rocket scientist, anyway. I’ll say this, though: if he does that again, I promise never to list him down here again. Never. Up to you, Lav.

Andre Johnson @ IND—When a bad passing team adds another weapon to the arsenal (Eric Moulds), it’s tempting to think there will be a spike in production for the ultra-talented incumbent (Johnson). Tempting, but not true. Houston’s offense is a zero-sum unit. That means Johnson’s already disappointing totals go down this year, especially with no Dom Davis around to take the heat off in the running game.