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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Chad Johnson @ PIT—T.O. breaks his ring finger and promptly proclaims he’ll miss two to four weeks. CJ nearly gets his face caved in and says merely, “it’s the first time I’ve been hit in six years.” If you ever wondered why I diss one trash-slangin’ prima donna and praise the other, there you go. Expect 7-11 to be yappin’ away come Sunday, stitches and all.

2. Marvin Harrison v. JAX—The anti-prima donna just goes about his merry business, Sunday after Sunday, slaying opponents with precision routes and ruthless efficiency. After two 100-yard outings in a row, it’s quite obvious he has no intention of letting up, either. I think the best word to describe Marvin is “relentless.” Sure wish I had him on my team, tell you that.

3. Anquan Boldin v. STL—The Harrison/Wayne combo has enjoyed more success thus far but, for my money, I’d still take Boldin/Fitzgerald. Why? They’re bigger, stronger, and younger. That last part is especially salient because it tells me the two Redbirds haven’t yet reached their immense potential. “Hi, I’m the Shot Caller and I’m a potential-holic.”

4. Donte Stallworth @ SF—Speaking of potential, look who decided to fulfill his. In just two short weeks, Stallworth has everyone in the City of Brotherly Love asking “T.O. who?” I simply cannot wait for the prodigal son’s return in Week 5. Here’s hoping his boo-boo is all better by then.

5. Donald Driver @ DET—I told you Don had the potential (theme alert) to star this year for a team that will consistently find itself playing from behind. Exhibit A: he shagged eight balls for 153 yards as the Pack frantically sought to keep pace with New Orleans in Week 2. Expect another 100-yard outing at Ford Field this Sunday as the Pack will find running room hard to come by.

6. Larry Fitzgerald v. STL—He hasn’t found the end zone yet but I promise you that will change…soon. In fact, how’s this Sunday sound? The Rams are comin’ to the desert and Fitz REALLY likes facing his NFC West foes (eight career scores in 14 games). Start him as always.

7. Torry Holt @ ARI—Holt has made a pretty decent living torturing his division rivals and gets another chance to do so when the Rams face off against the Cards this Sunday at the Cactus. All you need to know about this weekend’s contest is that it features three top 10 receivers and two questionable defenses. Hope the scoreboard operator gets some sleep the night before.

8. Antonio Bryant v. PHI—Nobody gave the Niners much chance of crashing the NFC West party this year but after two games, one thing is certain: scoring points isn’t going to be the reason they don’t do it. Bryant is a huge part of that offensive resurgence as he now leads the NFL with a gaudy 30+ yards-per-reception. Get him in there and hope for another long hook-up with Alex Smith.

9. Steve Smith @ TB—The Panthers are in full crisis mode after falling from Super Bowl favorite to bottom of the NFC South barrel in the first two weeks. At least they have company. No way the loser makes the playoffs so you can bet Smith will do everything he can to suit up for this Sunday’s nobody-gets-out-alive cage match. Forget the contract conspiracy. He’s a warrior and wants to compete.

10. Chris Chambers v. TEN—Despite my reservations about Daunte’s readiness, I went ahead and drafted Chambers in the second round of my ultra-competitive yearly league. I’ve since traded him to my little brother (see below). Not saying you should follow suit but the situation bears monitoring. His talent and wheels cannot be utilized to their fullest extent if Culpepper’s unwilling to stand in against the rush.

11. Reggie Wayne v. JAX—In fact, Little Bro just asked me this week if he should trade Chambers for this guy. I told him “yes.” In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I’m not always truthful with Little Bro. After all, fantasy football has nothing to do with maintaining familial relationships. One could argue it’s exactly the opposite of that. Can’t wait to whip his candy-a$$ in Week 9, actually.

12. Plaxico Burress @ SEA—He’s one of six receivers to score touchdowns in both of the first two weeks and while that list isn’t exactly a who’s who of name-brand pass grabbers (Cotchery, Colston, Berrian), it’s still a pretty select club. All about results in this game, folks, and this guy delivers ‘em more often than not. Get him in there against the ‘Hawks this weekend.

13. Hines Ward v. CIN—The Curtain was a fantasy wasteland in Week 2 but there’s no way that trend continues. Big Ben now has a game under his belt. Ward seems to be putting the nagging injuries aside. The defense is already in playoff form. All that’s needed now is some bulletin board material from you-know-who and we’ve got ourselves a bonafide rivalry game. Where you at, 85?

14. Laveranues Coles @ BUF—Even if I’d tried, even if I’d gone out of my way to be as inaccurate as humanly possible, I couldn’t have been more wrong about Lav. Leading the league in receiving after two weeks? I swear. The NFL is so unpredictable sometimes. For turning that particular trick, Coles wins “Grab Some Wood” immunity. Congratulations.

15. Jerricho Cotchery @ BUF—I’m so flummoxed by Coles’ shocking turnaround, in fact, that I’ve decided to try a little reverse psychology. I mean, what are the chances he and Cotchery continue to surpass the century mark and score touchdowns every week? If I put them BOTH in the Top 15, there isn’t even a microscopic possibility it happens, right? Don’t take it personally, Jerricho. Loved the TD last week, by the way.

Grab a Helmet

Joey Galloway v. CAR—Apparently, I wasn’t content sullying just Coles’ reputation last week. I had to go and pile on Mr. Galloway, as well, he of the zero catches/zero yards from Week 1. His retort? Try a LEAGUE-LEADING 161 yards and nine snags. Looks like somebody got in Chris Simms’ face after Week 1. The line’s more than likely getting longer after Week 2.

Darrell Jackson/Deion Branch v. NYG—Meet Seattle’s new and improved receiving corps. Nate Burleson has struggled to be a contributor thus far and since the ‘Hawks are thisclose to winning a championship, they obviously don’t have a lot of patience. That’s where Deion Branch comes in. I’m not sure he gets them over the top but he’s certainly a guy who’s been there before. More than once, in fact. Stay tuned.

Amani Toomer @ SEA—Toomer fired up the way back machine last Sunday, hauling in twelve passes for 137 yards and two scores in the Giants’ thrilling overtime win at the Linc. He then proceeded to collapse on the field due to dehydration. Hey, I feel ya’, man. Getting old can be a real you-know-what. Don’t expect him to ever do that again (the 12-catch part, I mean). Just enjoy the memories and hope for 75 yards and a score.

Marques Colston v. ATL—I seem to remember another Hofstra grad coming out of nowhere to set the league on its ear. Just two weeks in, Colston, a seventh-round draft pick, has already become Drew Brees’ favorite target, snagging eight balls for 102 yards and two touches. Go get him if he’s still out there. 6’4” 230+ pound receivers don’t grow on trees…and don’t last on the waiver wire.

Matt Jones @ IND—Since we’ve been talking about potential quite a lot, can we spend a few moments on this guy? Seriously, how many dudes do YOU know who reach 6’6” and run 4.3 forties? I’m guessing you can probably count them on one finger…and that’s if you happen to be a close personal bud of the former Razorback field general. He’s barely scratched the surface, folks.

Grab Some Wood

Roy Williams v. GB—Williams approximates Jones’ natural gifts (same speed, slightly shorter) but you wouldn’t know it by the way he plays. Two weeks in, Mr. Guaranteed W isn’t even Detroit’s most productive receiver. That would be the 6-feet tall, undrafted Mike Furrey, for the record. Brother.

Troy Williamson v. CHI—The former Gamecock posted his first 100-yard outing last Sunday against the Panthers and even made a stellar one-handed grab to keep the chains moving in OT. What does he do for an encore? Not much, if you ask me. The Bears are coming to the Twin Cities and it’s back-to-reality time for Williamson. Sit him down.

Chris Henry @ PIT—Henry’s a supremely gifted #3 wideout who would probably start for most teams. Cincinnati’s not most teams, though, and with Houshmandzadeh due back this weekend, his production is likely to slip. Think of him as no better than a decent #3 guy or a bye week fill-in for the time being…and hope he doesn’t run afoul of the law anytime soon.

Lee Evans v. NYJ—Off to another sizzling start, I see. Could somebody please tell Mr. Evans that football season starts in September?