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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Steve Smith v. CLE—Don’t look now but Smith is starting to catch up to the pack despite missing two games to start the season (17 catches for 199 yards). And you doubted he’d be able to shake that bum hammy? The guy can play hurt and probably has, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at his numbers. Start him against a Cleveland secondary that is severely hampered itself right now.

2. Torry Holt @ GB—His reliability is uncanny in this, his eighth season, and now that the Rams have some semblance of balance on offense, he’s probably even more dangerous. Holt is coming off two consecutive 100-yard outings and has scored once in each of his last three. Expect both of those streaks to continue in Green Bay this weekend.

3. Marvin Harrison v. TEN—He and Reggie Wayne are still, amazingly, oh-for-2006 in the touchdown department. Is there any chance they get shut out again this week? Not on your life. This is the strongest I’ve ever felt about a Shot Caller guarantee: he scores TWICE this Sunday.

4. Reggie Wayne v. TEN—That’s actually a two-part guarantee, for the record: Wayne scores, as well. He’s tallied no fewer than 67 yards in four games this year and every one of his 14 grabs has moved the chains. Pretty impressive stuff, especially when you consider he’s not even the Colts’ best option.

5. Terry Glenn @ PHI—I called him the Cowboys’ best and most productive option but not because I like saying shocking things. I like saying true things. Even with TO back in the fold last week, Bledsoe went looking for Glenn in the red zone, hooking up with the former Buckeye for two big scores in the rout at Adelphia. Expect a similar performance at the Linc this weekend as the Eagles throw their heart and soul into shutting down Owens.

6. Santana Moss @ NYG—The other Moss made up for three games worth of frustration in one fell swoop last weekend, racking up 138 yards and three scores in the ‘Skins’ scintillating OT victory over Jacksonville. He only caught one other pass but who needs volume when you’re taking 75% of your touches to the house? Give him the start against New York’s atrocious secondary at the Meadowlands.

7. Terrell Owens v. PHI—Hey, didja hear? Terrell Owens is playing the Eagles this weekend. That’s the team he used to play for. They didn’t part on very good terms. Word is the Philly fans might get on his case a little.

8. Anquan Boldin v. KC—I might hafta stop calling them the Chefs if they keep shutting down opposing passing games (123 yards per and no scores) but something tells me KC isn’t gonna be able to keep that up against Arizona’s ultra-talented offense in the desert this weekend. Now that the lead-footed Warner is outta the picture, you might even see WHY I call them “ultra-talented.” Heard it here first: Leinart succeeds in his first official start and the Cards make it interesting.

9. Larry Fitzgerald v. KC—Even if they don’t, I like their chances of scoring more than 14 points, something they haven’t been able to do since Week 1. Fitzgerald certainly hasn’t been the problem but it’s hard to produce when your QB is laying on his back…or throwing a stupid pick…or fumbling the snap…or…. You get the picture. Don’t let the rookie triggerman scare you away. After all…

10. Marques Colston v. TB—…rookies are people too. Big people. With hands. And wheels. How many of the 31 other NFL squads do you suppose feel stupid for passing on this gem? Just goes to show that combine numbers don’t equate to game numbers. Get him in your lineup and keep him there. He belongs.

11. Greg Jennings v. STL—So does he. Word on the street is that Don Driver is pretty banged up, meaning the Western Michigan product becomes #4’s favorite target this Sunday. There are a LOT worse things to be than #4’s favorite target. Just ask Sterling Sharpe, Robert Brooks, Antonio Freeman, or…

12. Javon Walker v. BAL—…this guy. Though I’m sure the feeling isn’t mutual, there’s no way Favruh doesn’t miss the field-stretching athleticism of Mr. Walker. Who wouldn’t? He finally showed what he’s capable of back in the Week 3 win at New England and is looking to build on that performance against Baltimore this weekend. Not a great matchup, for sure, but he’s liable to score on anyone, anywhere, at any time. That includes the Ravens.

13. Braylon Edwards @ CAR—Edwards might be a younger version of Walker, right down to their matching knee scars. Though he hasn’t yet had that breakout season (a la Walker’s 2004 campaign) he’s still got time to make THIS season the one. He’s now gone over 75 yards in each of his last three outings and seems to be the favored target of young signal-caller, Charlie Frye (much to the chagrin of Kellen Winslow, I suppose). Keep starting him, even against the resurgent Panthers.

14. Laveranues Coles @ JAX—He obviously belongs higher but there are lingering concerns about his injured calf. That, coupled with a matchup against the seething Jaguars in Jacksonville, means he loses a little value this week. Go ahead and start him but don’t expect sensational numbers. Good ones, yes.

15. Muhsin Muhammad v. BUF—I never thought he’d recapture the magic of 2004 (especially in Chicago) but he’s certainly a whole lot better than chopped liver, even if he never does. Through four games, he’s averaging 81 yards a game and even snared a touchdown pass last Sunday night in the impressive blowout win over Seattle. Keep riding him and hope Rex Grossman doesn’t pull a…well, a Rex Grossman.

Grab a Helmet

Roy Williams @ MIN—Guess I should probably lay off for a spell, huh? Listen. I never said Williams isn’t talented. Quite to the contrary, actually (look it up). I just never saw him living up to that immense potential on a week in/week out basis. Two weeks of 130+ yard production is definitely a start but I’ll need to see more to consider him a truly reliable fantasy superstar. Ball’s in your court, big guy.

Reggie Williams v. NYJ—If you third-year receiver proponents were looking for more ammunition, here’s your man. The other Williams spent the better part of his first two seasons acting invisible down in Florida but has now turned into a force to be reckoned with, seemingly overnight. Though he’s still capable of disappearing (see Week 3), he’s also proven to be the go-to guy in the Jags offense, especially now that Matt Jones is officially on the shelf for Week 5. Get him in there.

Isaac Bruce @ GB—Be honest with yourself: did you really think this guy would be putting up the kind of numbers he’s posted thus far (80 yards/game and one score) at this advanced age? I sure didn’t. I mean, his numbers are almost identical to Larry Fitzgerald’s thus far, a guy I routinely put in the top 10. Don’t expect a correction yet, especially with the Rams facing a years-away Packers squad this Sunday in Green Bay.

Plaxico Burress v. WAS—I don’t really have a good explanation for putting him down here other than to say I forgot about him ‘til now and don’t wanna go back and readjust the rankings. How’s that for honesty? Actually, he’s coming off a 23-yard effort in Seattle so it’s not totally inconceivable that he bombs this weekend. Feel free to start him but don’t be shocked if he doesn’t deliver.

Chris Chambers @ NE—Chambers has been a pretty large disappointment thus far, having tallied no more than 60 yards in any of his first four games. Nevertheless, he has scored twice and has also scored five career TDs against the Pats. Just a hunch but I think he manages to hook up with Daunte this weekend.

Reggie Brown v. DAL—Donte Stallworth looks to be out this weekend and if Brian Westbrook doesn’t play either, the Eagles will be dangerously short of playmakers. I said short, not devoid of. Brown can play and has proven as much with two solid outings in the last two Eagles victories (84.5 yards/per). Give him a look if you’re struggling to fill that #3 receiver spot.

Grab Some Wood

Derrick Mason @ DEN—Guys like him don’t belong in the “Grab Some Wood” section but I’m just not crazy about Baltimore’s passing game right now. McNair looks old, the line looks iffy, and the running game doesn’t strike fear into opponents anymore. He has one huge game to his credit this season (136 yards in Week 3) but, otherwise, he’s been pretty pedestrian. Plus, he hasn’t scored yet. See if you can’t find someone else.

Drew Bennett @ IND—The switch to Vince Young might eventually do wonders for Tennessee’s offense but it instantly ruins Bennett’s value, what little of it there was. The former Bruin caught just two passes in the Week 4 debacle v. Dallas and is likely headed for an up-and-down (mostly down) rest of the season. Hope you got some value for him after a quick start.

Joey Galloway @ NO—Talk about up and down! Galloway was shut out in Week 1, exploded for 161 yards in Week 2, and then almost got shut out again in Week 3 (one catch for eight yards). I told you to worry about him and I’m not taking it back. He’s trouble, especially with Bruce Gradkowski under center.

Hines Ward @ SD—Sacrilege? Yes. The right thing to do? For now, yes. Until Roethlisberger figures out what the hell made him so good the past two seasons, you’re best staying away from the Pittsburgh passing game. I know he’ll make me look foolish (who hasn’t?) but I’m sticking to my guns on this one. Sit Hines Ward. I’m hoping I never write that sentence again, for the record.

Randy Moss @ SFO—What a colossal waste of time. Those who thought Randy and the Raiders were a match made in heaven? You were right. Only it wasn’t heaven. It was hell. Welcome to it, Raider fans. We’ve been waiting for you.