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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Torry Holt v. SEA—There are some household names at the top of the wideout heap and some not-so-household names. You already know which camp Holt is in. Outside of Marvin Harrison, he’s probably the most consistent target in the league and has proven as much to start this season (a score in each of his last four). Give him the start against a Seahawks secondary that couldn’t slow down the Bears’ unsung crew in Week 4.

2. Chad Johnson @ TB—A loyal reader accused me of having a gigantic man crush on the former Beaver this past week, playfully wondering why I didn’t put him at #1 even though he was on a bye. Man, is it THAT obvious? I’ll tell you what, though. He’d better start picking up the pace (no 100-yard outings and only one score) or I’m gonna go looking for love elsewhere.

3. Steve Smith @ BAL—The best receiver in the game (see?...I can be objective!) didn’t look the part last weekend, dropping not one but two TD passes in the victory over the Browns. It didn’t hurt the Panthers but it almost hurt me…and probably DID hurt some of you. Here’s hoping he makes amends in the Charm City this Sunday against a tough-as-nails Ravens D.

4. Anquan Boldin v. CHI—As you can probably tell, there aren’t a lot of great receiver matchups this weekend. Thanks to Larry Fitzgerald’s injury, Boldin becomes the indisputable main man in the desert, just in time for their first primetime appearance since (seemingly) the Bush administration…the OTHER Bush administration. Too bad the opponent is Chicago, huh? Don’t expect an explosion but 80-100 yards and a score sounds possible.

5. Bernard Berrian @ ARZ—This guy’s been exploding all over the place of late, failing to score in only one of his five starts thus far. And to think he was probably a waiver wire pickup in most leagues. Keep starting him until teams figure out how to contain him, an unlikely scenario considering he possesses good size and stellar top-end speed.

6. Reggie Brown @ NO—Brown isn’t a prototypical home-run hitter like Berrian but you wouldn’t know it by checking his totals through five weeks. He’s averaging almost 20 yards per snare and has already scored three times. With Donte Stallworth still sidelined, he’s likely to remain the primary focus of Philly’s multi-faceted passing attack. Start him against New Orleans’ banged-up secondary this Sunday.

7. Marques Colston v. PHI—See what I mean about those not-so-household names? Despite a so-so performance in Week 5, Colston is still near the top in all of the major receiving categories and still appears to be Drew Brees’ favorite target when the Saints need a chain-moving snag. I’m expecting a shootout at the Superdome so you’ll wanna put last week behind you and keep the kid in your lineup.

8. Terry Glenn v. HOU—Glenn wasn’t spectacular in the showdown at Philly last Sunday but he did manage to tally a respectable 61 yards and, more importantly, a critical pass interference call on the Cowboys’ final drive. Alas, Bledsoe turned that into a game-sealing pick-six in the final minute. He can’t throw ‘em AND catch ‘em, folks. Keep starting him and hope Drew gets back on track against Houston’s league-worst pass defense.

9. Laveranues Coles v. MIA—Coles was a tad peeved about his limited participation last weekend in Jacksonville but, ever the good soldier, stopped short of questioning the coaching staff. That’s more than we can say about…

10. Terrell Owens v. HOU—…you-know-who. “Why am I here?” I can give you 25 million reasons why, T.O. Now shut up and play some ball.

11. Santana Moss v. TEN—If anyone has a right to be whining about underutilization, it’s this guy. He’s averaging only four catches per contest to date and that’s just not good enough for a wideout who possesses his kind of ability. It’s not like the ‘Skins have a ton of other options in the passing game, either. If I’m Mark Brunell, I’m looking for the explosive Moss every chance I get. You listening, old man?

12. Andre Johnson @ DAL—Houston has even fewer weapons and no running attack to speak of but they’re still managing to involve Andre Johnson…a lot. That hasn’t changed their fortunes much but it’s probably changing the fortunes of fantasy GMs who drafted him in the third or fourth round. Keep starting him and hope the Texans play from behind all afternoon (very likely).

13. Plaxico Burress @ ATL—Plaxico rebounded from his only dud performance of the year to post solid numbers against Washington last Sunday (seven grabs, 69 yards, and a touch). This week, he draws an Atlanta team that has yet to allow an opposing receiver to reach the end zone. Mark my words: he changes that in Week 6.

14. Darrell Jackson @ STL—The talk in Seattle is almost exclusively about Deion Branch but the guy who’s been posting the numbers is still Jackson, the guy who’s been doing it going on seven years now. He continues to drop the ball too often (especially when it counts) but he’s always fared well against the Rams and should again this weekend as the ‘Hawks get back to business. Start him.

15. Javon Walker v. OAK—He’s only squared off against the Raiduhs once but most of us Packer backers will never forget the performance, a 124-yard, two-TD effort on the Monday night after #4 lost his father. Walker wears a different uniform these days but the silver and black hasn’t changed much. That means he could be in for another phenomenal effort this Sunday night in Denver.

Grab a Helmet

Mike Furrey v. BUF—Roy Williams appears to be a scratch for Week 6, meaning Furrey, the former XFL/AFL drifter takes over the top spot in Detroit’s not-as-bad-as-you-think offense. Though he doesn’t possess awe-inspiring ability (like his more celebrated running mate), he knows how to get open and knows what to do with the ball once he’s got it. Call him your sleeper candidate of the week.

Wes Welker @ NYJ—Sleeper candidate #2 has ever so quietly emerged as the Dolphins’ #2 guy opposite the disappointing Chris Chambers in Miami’s work-in-progress offense. He’s not especially big or athletic but, like Furrey, can frustrate opponents working the underneath routes. I doubt he scores a touch this season (unless he pops a big one) but 5-7 catches and 50-70 yards is better than you’ll get from most #3 wideouts. A great bye week fill-in if you’re looking for one.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ TB—CJ’s loss has been TJ’s gain thus far, as the other former Beav has managed 94.5 yards per game in his two starts, good for second in the entire league. You never know when Johnson will explode but if he doesn’t, Houshmandzadeh probably will, especially now that Chris Henry isn’t around to take away looks. Take your chances and get him in there against the Bucs this weekend.

Joey Galloway v. CIN—On the other side of the ball, Tampa will trot out the sage vet, Galloway, who’s managed to yo-yo all over the map through four games. He followed up a Week 1 shutout with 161 yards in Week 2 and a Week 3 dud (eight yards) with 110 more in Week 4. It’s anybody’s guess what he’ll do in Week 6 but Gradkowski has to throw it to someone and Galloway is about all there is to the Buccaneers’ passing game. Start him.

Rod Smith v. OAK—We hadn’t heard much from this old vet until late Monday night when he netted his first touchdown grab of the season in the driving rain at Invesco. Though he’s no doubt slowing down, he does face his favorite opponent this Sunday night, the Raiders. All he’s done against them in his career is catch 99 balls for 1291 yards and ten scores. Call it a nostalgia start and get him in there.

Grab Some Wood

Bryant Johnson v. CHI—He was the hot free agent pickup of the week after it was learned that Larry Fitzgerald might be out for up to a month. Upon further analysis, it appears Fitzy may only miss a game or two. He certainly couldn’t have picked a better game to miss. Don’t start Johnson against the Bears. In fact, don’t start anyone not named Anquan Boldin against the Bears. You’re asking for trouble.

Arnaz Battle v. SD—The former Domer almost doubled his career TD total last week, hauling in two scoring catches in the victory over hapless Oakland. Too bad the Niners can’t play the Raiders every week, huh? Expect a swift return to earth for San Fran’s #2 guy this weekend as the Bolts visit the Bay area.

Hines Ward v. KC—I was hoping against hope that I wouldn’t hafta put him down here again but after watching the Chargers throw all kinds of coverage his way, it’s become painfully obvious that the Steelers need more weapons in the passing game…and more production from the guy pulling the trigger. Sit him down until further notice as there’s nothing worse than staying loyal to a guy caught in an untenable position.

Any Atlanta receiver v. NYG—Michael Jenkins, the most productive Falcons wideout, is averaging 35.5 yards per contest. Even the aforementioned Mr. Ward has been better than that, albeit barely. Not on your life.

Any Tennessee receiver @ WAS—Can you even name one? Drew Bennett doesn’t count.