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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Steve Smith @ CIN—The folks at ESPN asked LT who he’d select if he could have one fantasy player other than himself. His answer? This guy. Who are we to argue with the top point-scorer in the league?

2. Anquan Boldin @ OAK—Though it wasn’t enough, let’s not take anything away from Boldin’s masterful performance against the Bears on Monday night. Despite blanket coverage, he hauled in twelve balls for 136 yards and clearly was the favorite target of young signal-caller, Matt Leinart. Smart kid, that Leinart. Start the former Seminole against the Raiders this weekend and expect similar numbers.

3. Terrell Owens v. NYG—Owens capped off a brilliant three-TD effort against the Texans last weekend by (what else?) complaining that he wasn’t involved in the offense SOON enough. Just when you think you’ve heard it all….

4. Chad Johnson v. CAR—85 took a page out of TO’s book earlier this week, telling anyone who would listen that the Bengals need to be more aggressive on offense. By “aggressive,” we can only presume he meant “throw the ball to me.” Not a bad idea, frankly, considering the Bengals have scored only 26 points in their last two games combined. Expect 75 yards and a score as Cincy attempts to right the ship on Sunday.

5. Marvin Harrison v. WAS—I promised three scores from him and Reggie Wayne two weeks ago and they gave us two. Not too shabby for a fairly bold prediction, eh? Of course, they only tallied 53 yards between them in the nail-biter W over the Titans. Expect significantly more this weekend as the Colts attempt to put the Redskins out of their misery.

6. Reggie Brown @ TB—Raise your hand if you knew he’s a top five scorer at the receiver position through six weeks. That makes two of us. I mean, I knew he was filling in admirably for the injured Donte Stallworth but I didn’t know it was THAT admirably. Give him the start against Tampa this weekend and hope the good times (and good numbers) continue.

7. Laveranues Coles v. DET—He’s listed as questionable for the Week 7 contest but didn’t miss any time against Miami and certainly didn’t look like a guy battling nagging injuries (106 yards and two scores). Besides, the Lions currently rank 30th against the pass and have given up a league-worst thirteen passing TDs to this point. It’d take a pack of wild dogs to keep him off the field this Sunday.

8. Roy Williams @ NYJ—Oops. My “sources” failed me in Week 6, indicating at press time that Williams might not play against the Bills. Not only did he play, of course. He set career highs in both receptions and yards (10 for 161) and also scored once as the Lions left Oakland as the lone winless team. Give him a go against the work-in-progress Jets and hope he sustains that excellence for at least another week.

9. T.J. Houshmandzadeh v. CAR—He’s about two weeks away from overtaking long-time bud and current running mate, the aforementioned Mr. Johnson, in the rankings. Though there’s no question his numbers result in part from all the attention paid to CJ, that really doesn’t concern us. We want results and we don’t care why or how you get them. Hard to argue with his so far: 97 yards and a TD per game. Start him against the Panthers.

10. Reggie Wayne v. WAS—As predicted, Wayne scored his first touchdown of the season in the Week 5 win over Tennessee. Unfortunately (as previously mentioned), he did precious little else. Call it an aberration and get him back in there against Washington. I have a feeling the Colts are gonna waylay the ‘Skins to remain undefeated.

11. Greg Jennings @ MIA—Marques Colston has been the most impressive rookie wideout thus far but Jennings, the Western Michigan product, isn’t too far behind. He’s averaging over 70 yards per contest and seems to have big-play ability, even if he doesn’t have big-play measureables. Plus, the Pack is down to two healthy receivers following the suspension of Koren Robinson. That means he gets a lot of attention at Miami this weekend.

12. Javon Walker @ CLE—The erstwhile Packer seems to be getting all the attention from Plummer these days, much to the dismay of those (like myself) who thought Rod Smith still had plenty left in the tank. Then again, to hear Walker tell it, he’s still not involved enough: “give me the ball…I want the ball.” Not this again.

13. Plaxico Burress @ DAL—I mean, is there ANY receiver out there who thinks they get the ball enough? Wait, wrong guy.

14. Andre Johnson v. JAX—Here’s someone who never seems to complain about being ignored…unless you consider playing for the Texans a more general version of being ignored. He’s likely to toil in anonymity for several more years unless Houston can figure out how to get that franchise up and running. Five years deep and still not a lot to show for it. I’ll wonder again: would Reggie Bush have helped put them on the map?

15. Darrell Jackson v. MIN—Jackson took a back seat to newcomer Deion Branch in the Week 6 win over St. Louis but still managed to crank out 94 yards and a score on four catches. They’ll likely compete for top honors on a weekly basis, so it’s probably best to just…

Grab a Helmet

Deion Branch v. MIN—…start them both. After all, there are plenty of teams out there with two viable, start-worthy receivers. Add Seattle to that mix, especially in the short-term while Shaun Alexander recuperates.

Chris Chambers v. GB—Chambers is just the type of receiver the Pack’s aggressive, but occasionally foolish, corners seem to have trouble with. He hasn’t done a whole lot this season (at least, not as much as we thought he’d do) but this could be a breakout game for him. Not sure about the yardage but I think he scores this weekend. Mark it down.

Joey Galloway v. PHI—Steady as she goes for the Bucs’ main target. Michael Clayton made an appearance last Sunday, scoring the winning touch after closer inspection, but Galloway was the main man most of the day, hauling in seven balls for 67 yards. The Philly corners are good but that shouldn’t prevent him from matching those totals and maybe even surpassing them this weekend in Tampa.

Reggie Williams @ HOU—The former Dawg is coming into his own in this, his pivotal third season, and seems to have emerged as the favored target of Byron Leftwich. That isn’t likely to change even when (if?) Matt Jones returns so get Williams in your lineup. The matchup is stellar and the Jags are fresh. Start him.

Bryant Johnson @ OAK—Johnson waited until his fourth year to make a push and his timing couldn’t have been better, what with Larry Fitzgerald on the shelf and all. He scored last Monday night against Chicago and could do so again if the Raiders pay too much attention to Anquan Boldin…which they should (if they know what’s good for them). Give him a look at your #3 slot.

Hines Ward @ ATL—They polished off Big Ben-to-Ward last Sunday at Heinz Field and owners of both players no doubt breathed a sigh of relief. I’m not sure they’re outta the woods yet but this weekend’s game should give us a good indication of how the rest of the season is going to go. My guess? Well. Get him back in there.

Lee Evans v. NE—Several of you took me to task for not mentioning Mr. Evans last week. Thought I’d rectify that by giving him some pub this week. We good? Good. I don’t really like talking about him.

Grab Some Wood

Any Atlanta receiver v. PIT—It’s not that I don’t like talking about these guys. It’s just that there’s nothing to talk about. Moving on…

Antwaan Randle El @ IND—Anyone else get the feeling his talents were best suited to the jack-of-all-trades role he filled in Pittsburg?. Just goes to show that money (especially Daniel Snyder’s money) can’t buy production. It can, however, make one a very well compensated #3 receiver.