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The Shot Caller's Report - WRs/TEs
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Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Must Start: The Top 15

1. Torry Holt v. KC—Somebody finally put the clamps on Mr. Holt in Week 8, holding the explosive wideout to just 48 yards on five catches. That’s the first time he’s scored fewer than eight fantasy points (standard performance format) all season. I’d put a sizeable amount of money down that it doesn’t happen again and definitely not this week. The Chefs are fresh off a thrashing at the hands of Seneca Wallace (!!!) and do not appear to have the secondary to keep him in check this weekend.

2. Terrell Owens @ WAS—Much to the delight of T.O. (and his owners), Tony Romo looked 81’s way early and often in the Sunday nighter at Charlotte, ultimately resulting in nine grabs for 107 yards, his first triple-digit outing of the campaign. In fact, T.O. was so excited he…fell asleep in several team meetings this week. A coach’s dream, I tell you.

3. Andre Johnson @ NYG—The Texans are unsettled at quarterback and pretty much everywhere else but the Prudential rock in ’06, at least, has been this guy. He’s tallied better than 75 yards in six of his seven contests thus far and has scored in four of them, including his last two. Houston will be playing from behind again so you can expect David Carr (or whoever ends up playing QB) to look his way all day long.

4. Marvin Harrison @ NE—The Colts played decoy with Marvin last weekend, allowing Reggie Wayne to go bonkers on the other side of the field. If you think Coach B is gonna let that happen again, you don’t know Coach B. I’m no soothsayer (quite the opposite, some might say) but I think Harrison’s the main man again this Sunday night. Think something along the lines of 80-100 yards and a touch as the Colts best the Pats (yes, mark it down).

5. Chad Johnson @ BAL—I can tell you one guy’s picture you’re NOT going to see next to the definition of “chastened” in the dictionary. The mohawk-less Johnson was at it again early this week, calling out (of all people) Ray Lewis. If I said I was gonna hit Lewis in the mouth, I’d probably end up…OK, probably shouldn’t go there. Needless to say, Lewis laughed it off. We’ll see if he’s still laughing this Sunday when 85, who’s averaging almost 100 per in his last eight against the Ravens, comes calling.

6. Marques Colston @ TB—If you penciled in Reggie Bush or Laurence Maroney for rook of the year, time to get out the eraser. It’s this guy…by a landslide. He’s averaging over 82 yards and almost a TD per tilt and went absolutely bananas on the Ravens last weekend, racking up 163 big ones and two six-pointers in the 35-22 defeat. To think I bid $0 for him after Week 1…and secured him. An auto-start until further notice.

7. Reggie Wayne @ NE—Speaking of going bananas, yikes! I actually hold the distinction of having faced him, Larry Johnson, and Tom Brady in three separate leagues last week, the three top scorers at their respective positions. Guess a little know-how and a fancy column can’t by a guy luck, huh? Of course, I could have drafted these guys, as well. Instead, I was busy stocking up on…

8. Donald Driver @ BUF—…guys like Driver. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. He’s Favre’s only legit target ‘til Greg Jennings returns and that means he’ll get most of the attention when #4 drops back to wing it. That should be good enough for 70-75 yards and a score at Orchard Park this Sunday. Good enough for me…I hope.

9. Darrell Jackson v. OAK—Don’t look now but DJax, minus Shaun Alexander/Matt Hasselbeck and plus Deion Branch, is on pace for a career year up in the Emerald City. Through seven games, he’s averaging better than 82 yards and has already tallied six TDs, just three shy of his best mark (nine in 2003). The Raiders pass defense looks good on paper and occasionally even on the field, but I think they get lit up on the primetime stage this Monday night. Jackson will likely be the ignition source.

10. Roy Williams v. ATL—Williams followed up a brilliant Week 6 performance (ten catches for 161 yards and a score) with a two-catch, 29-yard effort against the Jets in Week 7. That’s called maddening inconsistency (his trademark), suffered only because he turned one of those two snags into six points. If he does it again this Sunday (the six points part), we probably won’t care how many balls he does or doesn’t catch. Give him the nod.

11. Alge Crumpler @ DET—People often ask me why I never mention TEs in this section, even though (ostensibly) it’s supposed to be the top 15 receivers, regardless of position. Frankly, it’s because nobody deserves the honor. Only one TE ranks in the top 25 in yards/game and it’s not Antonio Gates (try Gonzo). What distinguishes Crumpler this week is Mike Vick’s affinity for him. He’s scored four times in the last two games and is still the fleet-footed one’s favorite-est target in the red zone. Start him, as always, even as a flex guy.

12. Lee Evans v. GB—Where you at, Evans fans? Hello? Anybody home? Come on back now. I was only kidding. He’s not THAT bad. I mean, the Pack can’t possibly hold him to just one catch and ten yards like the Pats did two weeks ago, can they? Expect something more like 50-75 yards and, perhaps, a score this Sunday.

13. T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ BAL—He’s cooled off slightly after a blistering start but is still averaging 84.4 yards a game and has scored four times, despite missing two contests in the early going. If you’re scoring at home, that’s 20 yards per and two scores more than CJ, the former Beav (take THAT, SC!) who commands most of the attention in the Queen City. Not saying he’s better. Just pointing out the obvious. We’ll see if it stays that way as the season progresses.

14. Bernard Berrian v. MIA—Berrian’s been doing a little cooling off himself of late, tallying just 72 yards in his last two outings. Then again, when you’re up 41-zilch at halftime, there isn’t much need to go deep with your homerun guy. I’m not sure there will be this weekend, either, but if the Fish hang tough, you can bet the Bears will eventually try and spring him for a long ball. Cross your fingers if you own him.

15. Hines Ward v. DEN—It was a forgettable day for the Curtain in general but not so much for those interested in the individual numbers (us). Though he didn’t score, Ward did haul in eight balls for 81 yards. Not a bad day’s work when you consider Big Ben spent most of his time throwing it to a receptive Oakland secondary. Shake it off and give Hines the nod this weekend. I promise they won’t be as bad playing at home.

Grab a Helmet

Eddie Kennison @ STL—Kennison returns to face the franchise he once quit on in a pivotal game for both the Missouri franchises. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend a Chefs receiver but he’s been pretty decent of late and is still the only legit weapon other than Tony Gonzalez in the passing game. Perhaps KC could snap up Matt Millen when the ax falls this offseason? Guy knows how to draft receivers, right?

Doug Gabriel v. IND—I’ve made it clear (I think) the Pats will return to grind-it-out football this Sunday night but I should probably add a caveat: only if they’re able to (read: they don’t fall way behind). If they’re not, Gabriel could very well be the beneficiary of several good looks. He’s very talented and seems to have gained the confidence of Tom Brady in a short period of time. Plus, it doesn’t appear Reche Caldwell will be able to go. Slot him in as your #3.

Chris Henry @ BAL—It isn’t often a #3 receiver merits a looksy (remember Brandon Stokley?) but this guy is no ordinary #3 receiver. He’s tall, fast, reliable (on the football field, that is), and playing in one of the most talented offenses in the league. Provided he keeps his gats in the safe and steers clear of the jailbait, he could turn out to be quite a find the rest of the way. Consider him a great #3 if you can stomach the risk.

Jeremy Shockey v. HOU—It doesn’t appear Plax Burress will be able to go and that means the G-Men are down to Amani Toomer and Shockey as legit weapons in the passing game. I wouldn’t normally recommend an unreliable tight end (aren’t they all?) but I think this special set of circumstances makes him a good play this Sunday. Expect 50 yards and a score against the Texans.

Joey Galloway v. NO—The usually reliable Galloway dropped several easy ones last Sunday, essentially burying a Bucs squad that abandoned the run after two series. This week, he gets a chance to bounce back against a team he lit up in Week 5 (110 yards and a score). I think he does so as the Bucs lick the suddenly susceptible Saints at Raymond James.

Grab Some Wood

Troy Williamson @ SF—21 career games, two career touchdowns…neither of which he scored this season. Didn’t the Vikes draft him to replace former speed merchant/touchdown machine, Randy Moss? I’d say the jury’s still out…WAY out.

Randy Moss @ SEA—Speaking of Mr. Moss, is he even a top 30 WR these days? Guess that move to the left coast didn’t do the guy any favors, did it? Don’t expect a return to glory anytime soon, unless Oakland decides to deal him away for more help along the front lines (not likely).

Drew Bennett @ JAX—He’s caught six balls for 93 yards since Vince Young took over, which would sound a lot more impressive if the rookie had taken over just last week. Unfortunately, it’s been over a month now, meaning Bennett’s done precisely squat in his last three starts. If you’re expecting that to all of a sudden change when Tennessee heads to JVille this Sunday, you’re sorely mistaken. Find someone else.

Rod Smith @ PIT—The bell finally seems to be tolling for the venerable Smith. Despite no apparent diminishment of speed or ability, he’s become an afterthought in the Denver offense, an offense that really can’t afford to forget about anyone as it scrapes together all the points it can muster. Sit him down until Jake remembers him or, better yet, Jake gets replaced.