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The Shot Caller's Report - Quarterbacks
Your Weekly Guide To Fantasy Lineups: Week 13
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Nobody needs to be told starting Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, or Calvin Johnson is a good idea. Duh, right? You can’t have studs at every position, though, unless you’re in the shallowest of leagues. This is where the Shot Caller comes in. Need help deciding which bargain basement QB to use and which to ignore on Rodgers’ bye week? Let’s talk. Looking for solutions at running back because Peterson is a game-time decision? Look no further. Need to know which of your unproven targets to start and which to sit since you ignored Megatron and went RB-QB-Jimmy Graham in your first three rounds? I’m your huckleberry. Past results may not guarantee future success, but I believe ignoring them entirely can ruin your Sundays in a hurry. Read on for a little history and, hopefully, a little sage advice..

Note: Fantasy points based on FF Today’s default scoring system.

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Matthew Stafford

Stafford has been under 20 fantasy points only once this season.

Matthew Stafford v. GB: Until Philip Rivers and Alex Smith lit it up late, last Sunday’s morning games (that’s what we call them out West) featured some really marginal quarterback play. The other 14 QB starters who kicked off the Sunday slate averaged just 216 passing yards per man and tallied only 14 cumulative TD passes vs. 11 total picks. Stafford contributed across the board, throwing up all kinds of crooked numbers against Tampa (297 yards, three TDs, and four INTs). Luckily, that still translated into 26.2 fantasy points, good for the third highest total at the position. It isn’t very pretty sometimes and his carelessness is costing Detroit games, but Stafford is a bona fide fantasy superstar in 2013. His worst outing of the year came against the Pack in Week 5, but he was without Megatron that day and Megatron makes all the difference. Start him on Thanksgiving Day.

Ryan Fitzpatrick @ IND: If you wanna know what Stafford’s career might have looked like minus the best receiver on planet Earth, take a gander at Fitzpatrick’s NFL oeuvre. The Harvard product has three 3,000-yard, 20+-TD seasons to his credit, but has never been terribly successful (a 24-44-1 career record), largely because he’s turned the ball over too often (a 99-85 TD-to-INT ratio over eight and a half seasons). In other words, he can post the digits, but you never really know for whom he’s posting them, the good guys or the bad guys. Sound familiar? Fitz hasn’t really had an elite receiver to work with, in his defense, and doesn’t have one this year, either. He is taking better care of the ball, however, and is still posting very useful numbers. He’s averaging almost 270 yards per game over his last three starts and sports a stellar 5-to-0 TD-to-pick ratio. You could do lots worse and so could Tennessee.

Nick Foles v. ARZ: All this talk of iffy win-loss records and erratic production kinda makes us pine for a guy who wins ballgames, doesn’t give the football away, AND produces at a very high level consistently. If that doesn’t describe Nick Foles in his first several starts as the Philly triggerman, I don’t know what does. Foles has won four of five this season, is averaging just over 260 yards and a couple TD strikes per start, and has yet to throw an interception in 2013. If you disregard the clunker vs. Dallas in Week 7, he’s also averaging about 34 fantasy points per start, which would be the very best mark in the league, even above Manning and Brees. No wonder the deliberately short-sighted Chip Kelly finally committed to Foles for the rest of the season this week. You should too, even if the matchup with Arizona’s vastly underrated defense isn’t necessarily a terrific one.

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Matt McGloin @ DAL: McGloin was slightly less awesome in his second career start against the Titans last Sunday (260 yards, a score, and a pick), a fact that shouldn’t have been terribly surprising. He is, after all, a former college walk-on (the first to start for Penn St. since 1949, incidentally) and undrafted free agent who’s only getting a chance because the Raiders’ original plan at the QB position, Matt Flynn, didn’t pan out and because their plan B guy, Terrelle Pryor, couldn’t stay healthy. Pryor is now, it appears, meaning the Oakland brain trust is choosing McGloin over him deliberately in an attempt to see what they’ve got at the position for next season. Not much, I’d answer, unless they coach Pryor up and tailor the game plan to his considerable athletic strengths. McGloin is a great story, but I highly doubt we’ll be talking about him much come 2014. Pass.

Chad Henne @ CLE: Henne’s another Pennsylvania product by way of the Big 10 who’s also managed to secure himself one of the 32 starting NFL QB jobs. Maybe “secure” isn’t the right word since he’ll almost certainly be moving on at season’s end or, at the very most, keeping the seat warm for whomever the Jaguars scare up next to steer their horrible franchise into the mountain. To his credit, Henne has led Jacksonville to two wins in his last three starts. You wouldn’t know it by looking at his figures, though. He hasn’t thrown a TD pass in either win and hasn’t topped the 17-point mark in any GAME this season. That’s important to note because 35 other field generals are AVERAGING more than 17 points per game this season. Jeff Tuel and Scott Tolzien are two of them, so…we done here?

Mike Glennon @ CAR: This is the third time I’ve recommended a sit-down for Glennon this season, but the first time I’ve actually hesitated. What gives me pause is the way the kid’s been playing of late, seemingly against all odds. A month or so ago, the Bucs hadn’t won a single game and had just lost their most important offensive player, Doug Martin, to injury. Naturally, they immediately went on a three-game winning streak, spearheaded by Glennon’s accurate passing, and probably saved coach Greg Schiano’s job in the process, assuming they don’t close out the campaign by completely flaming out. Feel-good vibes to the contrary, the Week 13 matchup looks like trouble. If anyone’s hotter than the Bucs, it’s their division rivals, Carolina. If the salty Panthers’ D has anything to say about it, Glennon will look more like the greenhorn he is than the savvy vet he’s been acting like this coming Sunday. Temper those expectations.

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