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 Contests > 3 And Out!  
Fantasy Survivor Contest

Congrats to nickp74 who won our inaugural 3 And Out! contest in 2007! He dropped his RB and WR positions early, but buckled down at the QB position predicting a different QB to score 16 or more fantasy points for 15 straight weeks. In the end he outlasted all 431 other entries in the contest to win a cool $3,600. Great work nickp74!

 Results: Weeks 1-4   Weeks 5-8   Weeks 9-12   Weeks 13-17   Forum   2008 Contest 

The player picked at each position must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for that
position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 16.0 FPts | RB = 11.0 FPts | WR = 8.0 FPts

Results for All Entries

Name Status Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
axel555 #4 Out RB E.James
WR R.Moss
baldare #2 Out WR A.Toomer
beerwolves Out QB J.Kitna
boneys Out WR T.Owens
boneys #2 Out WR M.Colston
brianbertrand #2 Out QB J.Kitna
Cacciatorini #2 Out RB E.James
cgrade Out QB J.Cutler
charlieweber Out WR R.Williams Out WR T.Owens
clams05 Out RB E.James
WR T.Owens
clintfrazier Out WR T.Owens
countjoemoney Out RB E.James
Cyberknot Out RB E.James
dano3764 Out WR R.Williams
det1krr Out WR T.Owens
det1krr #2 Out WR B.Marshall
det1krr #3 Out WR R.Williams
det1krr #4 Out WR R.Moss
Diceman_10 #3 Out QB J.Kitna
dolphinmania Out RB E.James
drechner78 #2 Out WR R.Williams
drechner78 #3 Out WR R.Moss
EvilBalls2 #3 Out RB M.Barber
EvilBalls2 #4 Out QB J.Kitna
football Out QB J.Kitna
football #2 Out QB J.Kitna
football #3 Out QB J.Kitna
football #4 Out QB J.Kitna
ginocerulli Out WR S.Holmes
ginocerulli #2 Out RB C.Portis
ginocerulli #4 Out QB J.Kitna
GolfNStuff1 #3 Out RB E.James
GolfNStuff1 #4 Out QB V.Young
Gozips Out RB A.Stecker
gurp39 #2 Out QB J.Kitna
gurp39 #4 Out RB E.James
hecky Out RB M.Barber
hecky #4 Out RB E.James
HenDogg78 Out QB B.Roethlisberger
HenDogg78 #3 Out WR J.Galloway
jimmyz #3 Out WR R.Williams
jmarch51 Out WR T.Owens
jmarch51 #2 Out WR S.Holmes
jocol #2 Out QB J.Kitna
johndipaolo Out WR T.Owens
jonblaze1717 Out WR M.Colston
jsimpson #2 Out RB T.Henry
kc5152 #3 Out QB J.Kitna
kc5152 #4 Out RB W.Parker
KellyMullen Out WR T.Owens
kevin61car Out QB J.Kitna
kevin61car #2 Out RB C.Portis
leftylv Out WR T.Owens
leo32780 #2 Out WR T.Owens
lsuvip #4 Out WR T.Owens
mean1001 #2 Out RB E.James
mess32 Out WR T.Owens
metjpw #2 Out RB M.Barber
Mike_Mac Out WR B.Marshall
mjb7203 Out RB E.James
muskrat Out RB W.Parker
Newman07 #2 Out RB W.Parker
Overhand Out QB V.Young
packerruss Out WR M.Colston
RacksnRods Out QB J.Kitna
RayLewis52 Out WR T.Owens
RayLewis52 #2 Out QB V.Young
RepoPatrol Out RB E.James
rluter Out QB J.Garcia
rockchalk Out RB E.James
rojo Out RB E.James
WR T.Owens
rvklim27 Out RB W.Parker
scrotch #2 Out RB T.Henry
sidelinespy Out QB J.Kitna
smilleraj Out RB C.Portis
soonerjon9609 Out RB A.Stecker
Spectral Out RB E.James
spuck99 #2 Out WR D.Driver
SteelerGSH #3 Out QB D.Brees
WR T.Owens
stra8faced #2 Out WR J.Cotchery
stra8faced #4 Out RB W.Parker
TaxiSquad #4 Out RB E.James
ThePuros Out QB J.Kitna
WR R.Williams
Theron #2 Out RB W.Parker
timbliss Out QB J.Kitna
Varooka #4 Out WR R.Moss
wegolab Out RB M.Barber
willie69 #4 Out RB W.Parker
zeeeeeee12 Out WR T.Owens
Ziro_2 Out RB E.James
Ziro_2 #2 Out RB M.Barber
WR T.Owens
4castor Out        
4castor #2 Out        
abone_1 Out        
baldare #3 Out        
BeefyGuy16 Out        
BeefyGuy16 #4 Out        
bisson23 #2 Out        
bisson23 #4 Out