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Fantasy Survivor Contest

Congrats to nickp74 who won our inaugural 3 And Out! contest in 2007! He dropped his RB and WR positions early, but buckled down at the QB position predicting a different QB to score 16 or more fantasy points for 15 straight weeks. In the end he outlasted all 431 other entries in the contest to win a cool $3,600. Great work nickp74!

 Results: Weeks 1-4   Weeks 5-8   Weeks 9-12   Weeks 13-17   Forum   2008 Contest 

The player picked at each position must meet or exceed the fantasy points cutoff for that
position to survive the week.
Fantasy Points Cutoff: QB = 16.0 FPts | RB = 11.0 FPts | WR = 8.0 FPts

Results for All Entries

Name Status Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12
  nickp74 Active QB D.McNabb
QB M.Bulger
QB D.Brees
QB M.Hasselbeck
Jacobian Out RB J.Addai
RB M.Lynch
RB B.Westbrook
RB S.Jackson
jocol Out RB M.Lynch
RB W.McGahee
RB B.Westbrook
RB S.Jackson
dhhudson #4 Out WR B.Marshall
WR R.Wayne
WR M.Colston
WR A.Johnson
dynamos Out WR W.Welker
WR M.Colston
WR T.Holt
WR A.Johnson
brianbertrand #3 Out QB M.Hasselbeck
QB B.Favre
QB M.Bulger
kenbliss Out QB D.Anderson
QB B.Favre
QB P.Manning
kortec9 #2 Out QB C.Palmer
QB M.Hasselbeck
QB M.Bulger
Laidback Out RB C.Portis
RB M.Lynch
RB W.Parker
metjpw Out RB C.Portis
RB M.Lynch
RB W.Parker
racecarsally #4 Out QB M.Hasselbeck
QB D.Brees
QB M.Bulger
rojo #3 Out QB D.Anderson
QB D.Brees
QB D.McNabb
spuck99 Out QB D.Brees
QB B.Favre
QB B.Roethlisberger
bisson23 Out WR W.Welker
WR L.Evans
burningm2002 #2 Out WR W.Welker
WR G.Jennings
jimmyz #2 Out QB P.Rivers
WR J.Cotchery
WR S.Holmes
kortec9 #3 Out RB C.Portis
RB J.Addai
racecarsally Out WR B.Marshall
WR L.Evans
atkeeling Out RB K.Jones
dudabrank Out WR C.Johnson (CIN)
eesses Out QB P.Rivers
EvilBalls2 Out RB K.Jones
fightingpecker Out QB A.Smith
jess614 Out QB P.Rivers
TheOne77 #2 Out QB P.Rivers
Tmantony #3 Out RB K.Jones
WR B.Edwards
willie69 Out RB S.Alexander
willie69 #3 Out RB K.Jones
ZetaPsi #3 Out RB K.Jones
BeefyGuy16 #2 Out        
BeefyGuy16 #3 Out        
brianbertrand Out        
Cacciatorini Out        
Diceman_10 #2 Out        
Donnieboy11 Out        
erothstein Out        
gusdenton Out        
JChap Out        
jjr157 Out        
kceejonz Out        
kevin61car #5 Out        
LOTR3 Out        
metjpw #4 Out        
Mike FF Today Out        
mlobel Out        
mrloser Out        
obombers Out        
patriots07 Out        
polevault27 #2 Out        
SteelerGSH Out        
TaxiSquad #2 Out        
tbo11 Out        
Thebigousa Out        
wegolab #3 Out        
williamsdan551 Out        
wolfpack920 Out        
atkeeling #2 Out        
bsharff Out        
dsmarks236 Out        
Grokdon Out        
Jeff24 Out        
jmiles10 Out        
jtobubba Out        
kc5152 #2 Out        
kortec9 #4 Out        
lyleleas Out        
mawk77 Out        
oldrebel Out        
RepoPatrol #4 Out        
Treeman #2 Out        
Varooka #3 Out        
Varooka #7 Out        
ZetaPsi Out        
Ziro_2 #3 Out        
Ziro_2 #4 Out        
238552 Out        
burningm2002 #3 Out        
castortopp Out #4 Out        
dhhudson #3 Out        
Flare4roach Out        
giants4a25 Out        
GolfNStuff1 #2 Out        
gurp39 #3 Out        
jcaleo Out        
kevin61car #4 Out        
leo32780 #3 Out        
mean1001 #3 Out        
miamifan54 Out        
polevault27 #3 Out        
RepoPatrol #3 Out        
swinger88 Out        
TDFISH #2 Out        
TexasYankees #3 Out        
TheOne77 #3 Out        
TheOne77 #4 Out        
Treeman #4 Out        
Varooka Out        
atkeeling #4 Out        
axel555 Out        

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