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Results for pfro72801

 Pick Points
1. QB Kyler Murray10
2. DL Nick Bosa10
3. DL Quinnen Williams10
4. QB Dwayne Haskins0
5. LB Devin White10
6. QB Daniel Jones10
7. OL Jonah Williams6
8. LB Josh Allen9
9. TE T.J. Hockenson9
10. LB Devin Bush10

Picks Points


B1. Team to trade up: WAS5
B2. Number of QB+RB+WR+TE: 10 or more0
B3. ARI drafts Murray with No.1 pick: YES5
B4. NYG select QB within top 2 rounds: YES5
B5. WR drafted first: D.K. Metcalf0

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