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One Compiler Customer Will Win $5,000

According to the oddsmakers, Drav and jjv11 were in great shape heading into the Super Bowl, but alas, 18-0 for the Patriots nor a two-way split in our survivor contest was meant to be. Congrats to cats33, Dunny, eesses, jmangana, jpidge29, pheter and ron. All 7 finished our contest picking 21 winners in a row including the Giants to split the $5,000 Grand Prize.

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Results for All Entries

Name Status Wild-CardDivisional PlayoffsConference ChampionshipsSuper Bowl
  cats33 Active SD GB NE NYG
  Dunny Active SD GB NE NYG
  eesses Active SD GB NE NYG
  jmangana Active SD GB NE NYG
  jpidge29_2 Active SD GB NE NYG
  pheter Active SD GB NE NYG
  Ron Active SD GB NE NYG
jjv11 Out SD GB NYG NE
broncobrux Out SD IND    
chasgh Out SD IND    
Cool Runnings Out SD IND    
dojo_commish Out SEA IND    
elephunkadelic Out SD IND    
frotzman Out SD IND    
gsekelsky Out SD DAL    
heathlin Out SD IND    
mikester73 Out SD IND    
mktackett Out SD IND    
peltskin Out JAC IND    
sapper_mx Out SD IND    
stevenzwol Out SD IND    
swankboyz Out SD IND    
ytrain Out SD IND