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Week 17

MFL Power:

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Check out the most popular waiver wire pickups this week across thousands of MFL leagues. Also, quickly see who's available in your MFL league by using the MFL Power feature. Just input your league's 5-digit ID number away you go!

 Top Players Added
Pos  Player Team % of Leagues Wk 17 Opponent
TE   Jared Cook GB 9.78% @DET
RB   Devonta Freeman ATL 9.21% NO
WR   Julio Jones ATL 6.88% NO
QB   Matt Ryan ATL 6.08% NO
TE   Jesse James PIT 6.03% CLE
WR   Julian Edelman NE 5.69% @MIA
RB   Dion Lewis NE 5.23% @MIA
WR   Paul Richardson SEA 5.17% @SF
TE   Richard Rodgers GB 5.12% @DET
RB   Ty Montgomery GB 5.12% @DET
TE   Levine Toilolo ATL 4.83% NO
WR   Randall Cobb GB 4.78% @DET
RB   Le'Veon Bell PIT 4.72% CLE
K   Matt Bryant ATL 4.60% NO
WR   Antonio Brown PIT 4.49% CLE
WR   Mohamed Sanu ATL 4.26% NO
TE   Martellus Bennett NE 4.21% @MIA
RB   LeGarrette Blount NE 4.15% @MIA
K   Mason Crosby GB 3.98% @DET
QB   Tom Brady NE 3.87% @MIA
WR   Taylor Gabriel ATL 3.81% NO
WR   Justin Hardy ATL 3.81% NO
RB   Ezekiel Elliott DAL 3.75% @PHI
RB   Tevin Coleman ATL 3.64% NO
WR   Davante Adams GB 3.58% @DET
K   Stephen Gostkowski NE 3.47% @MIA
QB   Aaron Rodgers GB 3.01% @DET
WR   Chris Hogan NE 2.84% @MIA
WR   Jeff Janis GB 2.79% @DET
RB   James Develin NE 2.73% @MIA
TE   Austin Hooper ATL 2.73% NO
RB   Aaron Ripkowski GB 2.67% @DET
QB   Jimmy Garoppolo NE 2.67% @MIA
K   Chris Boswell PIT 2.67% CLE
WR   Danny Amendola NE 2.67% @MIA
WR   Jordy Nelson GB 2.62% @DET
QB   Ben Roethlisberger PIT 2.50% CLE
WR   DeMarcus Ayers PIT 2.44% CLE
WR   Cobi Hamilton PIT 2.39% CLE
RB   James White NE 2.10% @MIA
WR   Aldrick Robinson ATL 2.05% NO