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InjuryManning to undergo MRI
Lower body injury
By: Doug Orth | Nov 11 2013, 11:40 am

Denver Broncos
Peyton Manning’s meticulous manipulation of opposing defenses doesn’t end at the sideline. Manning is always thinking multiple steps ahead, and the thinking in the wake of Sunday’s post-game disclosure of a looming MRI is that Manning is fine. Basically, if Manning wasn’t fine he wouldn’t have said he’ll be getting an MRI. Moving forward, it’s unclear whether the MRI will examine Manning’s right ankle or right knee, but it will be a major surprise if the MRI finds any real damage. If Manning thought it would, he never would have uttered those three letters. (Pro Football Talk)

FFToday's Take: Of course, this is mere speculation at this time, although Manning did finish out the game without incident. Manning owners could add Brock Osweiler just in case, but expect Manning to suit up against Kansas City in Week 11. We'll likely know much more no later than Wednesday.