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2003 Round 3

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
3.01  Bengals WR  Kelley Washington  Tennessee   
3.02  Lions DL  Cory Redding  Texas   
3.03  Texans LB  Antwan Peek  Cincinnati   
3.04  Bears LB  Lance Briggs  Arizona   
3.05  Cowboys TE  Jason Witten  Tennessee   
3.06  Cardinals LB  Gerald Hayes  Pittsburgh   
3.07  Vikings WR  Nate Burleson     
3.08  Jaguars OL  Vince Manuwai  Hawaii   
3.09  Seahawks OL  Wayne Hunter  Hawaii   
3.10  Rams WR  Kevin Curtis  Utah State   
3.11  Texans OL  Seth Wand  N.W. Missouri State  from NE; trade draft picks 2003 2.04 and 4.20 plus rec'd 2003 2.09 (was from WAS; trade draft picks)
3.12  Panthers TE  Mike Seidman  UCLA   
3.13  Ravens RB  Musa Smith  Georgia   
3.14  Dolphins OL  Wade Smith  Memphis  from NE; trade draft pick 2004 2nd (was from NO; trade S Tebucky Jones (was from KC; trade OT Willie Roaf (2002)))
3.15  Packers DL  Kenny Peterson  Ohio State  from BUF; trade draft picks
3.16  Chargers OL  Courtney Van Buren  Arkansas-Pine Bluff   
3.17  Redskins OL  Derrick Dockery  Texas  from NE; trade draft picks
3.18  Panthers DB  Ricky Manning  UCLA  from DEN; trade draft picks
3.19  Raiders LB  Sam Williams  Fresno State  from HOU; trade draft pick 2004 2nd plus rec'd 2003 7.48 (was compensatory pick)
3.20  Browns DB  Chris Crocker  Marshall   
3.21  Jets RB  B.J. Askew  Michigan   
3.22  Saints LB  Cie Grant  Ohio State   
3.23  Dolphins OL  Taylor Whitley  Texas A&M   
3.24  Texans QB  Dave Ragone  Louisville  from ATL; trade draft picks (2002)
3.25  49ers DL  Andrew Williams  Miami   
3.26  Colts DB  Donald Strickland  Colorado   
3.27  Giants TE  Visanthe Shiancoe  Morgan State   
3.28  Chiefs DB  Julian Battle  Tennessee  from PIT; trade draft pick 2003 1.16 plus rec'd 2003 1.27 and 6.27
3.29  Titans RB  Chris Brown  Tennessee   
3.30  Bills LB  Angelo Crowell  Virginia  from GB; trade draft picks
3.31  Eagles WR  Billy McMullen  Virginia   
3.32  Raiders RB  Justin Fargas  Southern California   
3.33  Buccaneers QB  Chris Simms  Texas