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2003 Round 4

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
4.01  Bengals DB  Dennis Weathersby  Oregon State   
4.02  Lions RB  Artose Pinner  Kentucky   
4.03  Bears DB  Todd Johnson  Florida   
4.04  Texans RB  Domanick Williams  Louisiana State   
4.05  Saints OL  Montrae Holland  Florida State  from ARI; trade draft picks 2003 1.17, 1.18 and 2.22 plus rec'd 2003 2.05 and 4.05
4.06  Cowboys LB  Bradie James  Louisiana State   
4.07  Jaguars TE  George Wrighster  Oregon   
4.08  Vikings RB  Onterrio Smith  Oregon   
4.09  Rams WR  Shaun McDonald  Arizona State   
4.10  Rams DB  Dejuan Groce  Nebraska  from WAS; trade RB Trung Canidate
4.11  Broncos RB  Quentin Griffin  Oklahoma  from CAR; trade draft picks
4.12  Ravens LB  Jarret Johnson  Alabama   
4.13  Seahawks QB  Seneca Wallace  Iowa State   
4.14  Bills DB  Terrence McGee  Northwestern   
4.15  Chargers LB  Matt Wilhelm  Ohio State   
4.16  Chiefs OL  Brett Williams  Florida State   
4.17  Broncos DL  Nick Eason  Clemson   
4.18  Browns RB  Lee Suggs  Virginia Tech   
4.19  Bears DL  Ian Scott  Florida  from NYJ; trade draft pick 2003 1.04 plus rec'd 2003 1.13 and 1.22
4.20  Patriots DL  Dan Klecko  Temple  from HOU; trade draft picks 2003 2.09 and 3.11 plus rec'd 2003 2.04 (was compensatory pick)
4.21  Bengals RB  Jeremi Johnson  Western Kentucky  from NO; trade RB Curtis Keaton (2002)
4.22  Panthers DB  Colin Branch  Stanford  from MIA; trade DE Jay Williams (2002)
4.23  Patriots DB  Asante Samuel    from DEN; trade draft picks (was from CAR; trade draft picks (was from NE; trade draft pick 2003 2.13 plus rec'd 2003 2.18))
4.24  Falcons RB  Justin Griffith  Mississippi State   
4.25  Colts OL  Steve Sciullo  Marshall   
4.26  Giants DB  Roderick Babers  Texas   
4.27  49ers WR  Brandon Lloyd  Illinois   
4.28  Steelers DB  Ike Taylor     
4.29  Titans DL  Rien Long  Washington State   
4.30  Bills WR  Sam Aiken  North Carolina  from GB; trade draft picks (was from PHI; included in trade for CB Al Harris)
4.31  Broncos DL  Bryant McNeal  Clemson  from NE; trade draft picks (was from GB; trade WR Terry Glenn (2002))
4.32  Raiders DL  Shurron Pierson  South Florida   
4.33  Buccaneers OL  Lance Nimmo  West Virginia   
4.34  Eagles DL  Jamaal Green  Miami  compensatory pick
4.35  Jaguars RB  LaBrandon Toefield  Louisiana State  compensatory pick
4.36  Buccaneers OL  Austin King  Northwestern  compensatory pick
4.37  Ravens RB  Ovie Mughelli  Wake Forest  compensatory pick
4.38  Seahawks LB  Solomon Bates  Arizona State  compensatory pick