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2003 Round 6

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
6.01  Bengals DL  Langston Moore  South Carolina   
6.02  Lions WR  David Kircus  Grand Valley State   
6.03  Jaguars DL  Brandon Green  Rice  from CHI; trade draft picks
6.04  Cardinals OL  Reggie Wells  Clarion   
6.05  Cowboys DB  B.J. Tucker  Wisconsin   
6.06  Jaguars DB  David Young  Georgia Southern   
6.07  Vikings P  Eddie Johnson  Idaho State   
6.08  Dolphins LB  Corey Jenkins  South Carolina  from CAR; trade draft picks
6.09  Ravens DB  Gerome Sapp  Notre Dame   
6.10  Seahawks DL  Rashad Moore  Tennessee   
6.11  Rams OL  Scott Tercero  California   
6.12  Eagles OL  Jeremy Bridges  Southern Mississippi  from GB; trade draft picks (was from WAS; compensation S Matt Bowen)
6.13  Cowboys WR  Zuriel Smith  Hampton  from KC; trade draft picks
6.14  Bills DL  Lauvale Sape  Utah   
6.15  Chargers DB  Hanik Milligan  Houston   
6.16  Chiefs DL  Jimmy Wilkerson  Oklahoma  from NYJ; trade draft picks
6.17  Vikings LB  Mike Nattiel  Florida  from NO; trade QB Todd Bouman
6.18  Bears LB  Joe Odom  Purdue  from MIA; trade QB Cade McNown (2001)
6.19  Texans QB  Drew Henson  Michigan  compensatory pick
6.20  Jaguars OL  Marques Ogden  Howard  from CHI; trade draft picks (was from NE; trade draft pick 2003 1.13 plus rec'd 2003 1.14)
6.21  Broncos DL  Aaron Hunt  Texas Tech   
6.22  Browns DL  Antonio Garay  Boston College   
6.23  Falcons WR  Latarence Dunbar  Texas Christian   
6.24  49ers WR  Arnaz Battle  Notre Dame   
6.25  Colts LB  Cato June  Michigan   
6.26  Giants WR  Willie Ponder  S.E. Missouri   
6.27  Jets QB  Brooks Bollinger  Wisconsin  from KC; trade draft picks (was from PIT; trade draft pick 2003 1.16 plus rec'd 2003 1.27 and 3.28)
6.28  Patriots QB  Kliff Kingsbury  Texas Tech  from TEN; trade draft picks
6.29  Falcons DB  Waine Bacon  Alabama  from PHI; trade LB Mark Simoneau
6.30  Saints WR  Kareem Kelly  Southern California  from SEA; trade DT Norman Hand (was from GB; trade draft picks)
6.31  Raiders OL  Dustin Rykert  Brigham Young   
6.32  Buccaneers DB  Torrie Cox  Pittsburgh   
6.33  Bears RB  Brock Forsey  Boise State  compensatory pick
6.34  Giants DB  Frank Walker  Tuskegee  compensatory pick
6.35  Colts OL  Makoa Freitas  Arizona  compensatory pick
6.36  Dolphins OL  Tim Provost  San Jose State  compensatory pick
6.37  Cardinals LB  Tony Gilbert  Georgia  compensatory pick
6.38  Giants WR  David Tyree  Syracuse  compensatory pick
6.39  Packers OL  Brennan Curtin  Notre Dame  compensatory pick
6.40  Dolphins DB  Yeremiah Bell  Eastern Kentucky  compensatory pick
6.41  Texans DL  Keith Wright  Missouri  compensatory pick