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2004 Round 6

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
6.01  Raiders DL  Shawn Johnson  Delaware   
6.02  Cardinals OL  Nick Leckey  Kansas State   
6.03  Giants WR  Jamaar Taylor  Texas A&M   
6.04  Chargers TE  Ryan Krause  Nebraska-Omaha   
6.05  Texans DB  Vontez Duff  Notre Dame   
6.06  Broncos WR  Triandos Luke  Alabama  from WAS; compensation DT Lional Dalton (2003)
6.07  Lions OL  Kelly Butler  Purdue   
6.08  Colts DB  Von Hutchins  Mississippi  from CLE; trade draft pick 2004 2.27 and 5.29 plus rec'd draft pick 2004 3.05 and 5.09
6.09  Dolphins OL  Rex Hadnot  Houston  from ATL; trade draft picks
6.10  Texans DB  Jammal Lord  Nebraska  from JAC; trade draft picks
6.11  Browns OL  Kirk Chambers  Stanford  from BUF; compensation TE Mark Campbell (2003)
6.12  Steelers OL  Bo Lacy  Arkansas   
6.13  Jets OL  Marko Cavka  Sacramento State   
6.14  Packers DL  Corey Williams  Arkansas State  from SF; trade draft picks
6.15  Redskins OL  Jim Molinaro  Notre Dame  from CHI; trade RB Bryan Johnson
6.16  Buccaneers TE  Nate Lawrie  Yale   
6.17  Raiders LB  Cody Spencer  North Texas  from DAL; trade draft picks (was from NO; trade draft picks)
6.18  Bengals DB  Greg Brooks  Southern Mississippi   
6.19  Vikings DB  Deandre Eiland  South Carolina   
6.20  Eagles QB  Andy Hall  Delaware  from GB; compensation CB Chris Johnson (2003)
6.21  Falcons DB  Etric Pruitt  Southern Mississippi  from MIA; trade draft picks
6.22  Ravens QB  Josh Harris  Bowling Green   
6.23  49ers P  Andy Lee  Pittsburgh  from GB; trade draft picks (was from DAL; trade WR Terry Glenn (2003))
6.24  Seahawks DL  Craig Terrill  Purdue   
6.25  Broncos OL  Josh Sewell  Nebraska   
6.26  Titans RB  Troy Fleming  Tennessee   
6.27  Eagles DB  Dexter Wynn  Colorado State   
6.28  Colts QB  Jim Sorgi  Wisconsin   
6.29  Steelers TE  Matt Kranchick  Penn State  from STL; trade WR Troy Edwards (2003)
6.30  Chiefs WR  Jeris McIntyre  Auburn   
6.31  Panthers LB  Sean Tufts  Colorado   
6.32  Steelers OL  Drew Caylor  Stanford  from NE; compensation DE Robert Bailey
6.33  49ers DB  Keith Lewis  Oregon  compensatory pick
6.34  Ravens WR  Clarence Moore  Northern Arizona  compensatory pick
6.35  Texans LB  Charlie Anderson  Mississippi  compensatory pick
6.36  Rams QB  Jeff Smoker  Michigan State  compensatory pick