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2004 Round 7

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
7.01  Cardinals QB  John Navarre  Michigan   
7.02  Giants OL  Drew Strojny  Duke   
7.03  Chargers DL  Ryon Bingham  Nebraska   
7.04  Cowboys DB  Nathan Jones  Rutgers  from OAK; trade draft picks
7.05  Buccaneers WR  Mark Jones  Tennessee  from DAL; trade RB Darian Barnes and draft pick 2004 7.15 (was from NO; trade draft picks (was from WAS; compensation DT Martin Chase (2003))
7.06  Bills OL  Dylan McFarland  Montana  from DET; trade RB Olandis Gary (2003)
7.07  Browns RB  Adimchinobe Echemandu  California   
7.08  Chargers OL  Shane Olivea  Ohio State  from ATL; compensation WR Trevor Gaylor (2003)
7.09  Texans LB  Raheem Orr  Rutgers  from JAC; trade draft picks
7.10  Texans WR  Sloan Thomas  Texas   
7.11  Steelers DL  Eric Taylor  Memphis   
7.12  Jets LB  Darrell McClover  Miami   
7.13  Bills WR  Jonathan Smith  Georgia Tech   
7.14  Bears DB  Alfonso Marshall  Miami   
7.15  Cowboys WR  Patrick Crayton  N.W. Oklahoma  from TB; trade draft pick 2004 7.05 plus rec'd RB Darian Barnes
7.16  49ers QB  Cody Pickett  Washington   
7.17  Bengals QB  Casey Bramlet  Wyoming   
7.18  Falcons RB  Quincy Wilson  West Virginia  from MIA; trade draft picks (was from NO; compensation LB Derrick Rogers (2003))
7.19  Vikings TE  Jeff Dugan  Maryland   
7.20  Dolphins OL  Tony Pape  Michigan   
7.21  Dolphins LB  Derrick Pope  Alabama  from BAL; trade draft picks
7.22  Cowboys DB  Jacques Reeves  Purdue  from OAK; trade draft picks (was from DAL; compensation DE Kenyon Coleman (2003))
7.23  Seahawks P  Donnie Jones     
7.24  Broncos QB  Matt Mauck  Louisiana State   
7.25  49ers DL  Christian Ferrara  Syracuse  from GB; trade draft picks
7.26  Eagles OL  Adrien Clarke  Ohio State   
7.27  Buccaneers RB  Casey Cramer  Dartmouth  from IND; compensation S David Gibson (2003)
7.28  Colts K  David Kimball  Penn State  from STL; compensation S Rich Coady (2003)
7.29  Titans DL  Jared Clauss  Iowa   
7.30  Chiefs OL  Kevin Sampson  Syracuse   
7.31  Panthers TE  Michael Gaines  Central Florida   
7.32  Patriots DB  Christian Morton  Illinois   
7.33  Jets DL  Trevor Johnson  Nebraska  compensatory pick
7.34  Jets RB  Derrick Ward  Ottawa, Kan.  compensatory pick
7.35  Jets DB  Rashad Washington  Kansas State  compensatory pick
7.36  Rams TE  Erik Jensen  Iowa  compensatory pick
7.37  Rams OL  Larry Turner  Eastern Kentucky  compensatory pick
7.38  Titans OL  Eugene Amano    compensatory pick
7.39  Saints LB  Colby Bockwoldt  Brigham Young  compensatory pick
7.40  Titans TE  Sean McHugh  Penn State  compensatory pick
7.41  Eagles RB  Bruce Perry  Maryland  compensatory pick
7.42  Eagles OL  Dominic Furio  Nevada-Las Vegas  compensatory pick
7.43  Ravens WR  Derek Abney  Kentucky  compensatory pick
7.44  Raiders TE  Courtney Anderson  San Jose State  compensatory pick
7.45  Ravens OL  Brian Rimpf  East Carolina  compensatory pick
7.46  Broncos RB  Brandon Miree  Pittsburgh  compensatory pick
7.47  Texans QB  B.J. Symons  Texas Tech  compensatory pick
7.48  Jaguars DL  Bobby McCray  Florida  compensatory pick
7.49  Broncos QB  Bradlee Van Pelt  Colorado State  compensatory pick
7.50  Packers OL  Scott Wells  Tennessee  compensatory pick
7.51  Buccaneers DB  Lenny Williams  Southern U.  compensatory pick
7.52  Giants DL  Isaac Hilton  Hampton  compensatory pick
7.53  Chargers OL  Carlos Joseph  Miami  compensatory pick
7.54  Raiders LB  Andre' Sommersell  Colorado State  compensatory pick