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2005 Round 5

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
5.01  49ers DL  Ronald Fields  Mississippi State   
5.02  Chiefs LB  Boomer Grigsby  Illinois State  from MIA; trade draft pick 2005 2.14 and 5.14 plus rec'd CB Patrick Surtain
5.03  Browns LB  David McMillan  Kansas   
5.04  Bears WR  Airese Currie  Clemson   
5.05  Buccaneers DB  Donte Nicholson  Oklahoma   
5.06  Titans RB  Damien Nash  Missouri   
5.07  Packers OL  Junius Coston  North Carolina A&T  from OAK; trade S Marques Anderson plus rec'd draft pick 2005 6.06 (2004)
5.08  Rams TE  Jerome Collins  Notre Dame  from N.Y. Giants through San Diego and Tampa Bay
5.09  Lions QB  Dan Orlovsky  Connecticut  from ARI through NE; trade draft pick 2005 3.32 and 5.32 plus rec'd CB Duane Starks
5.10  Eagles LB  Trent Cole  Cincinnati  from WAS; trade WR James Thrash (2004)
5.11  Chiefs DB  Alphonso Hodge  Miami, O.  from DET; trade draft pick 2004 1.30 plus rec'd draft pick 2004 2.04 and 4.09
5.12  Colts DL  Jonathan Welsh  Wisconsin  from Dallas through Philadelphia
5.13  Panthers LB  Adam Seward  Nevada-Las Vegas   
5.14  Titans OL  Daniel Loper  Texas Tech  from KC;
5.15  Texans OL  Drew Hodgdon  Arizona State   
5.16  Saints QB  Adrian McPherson  Florida State   
5.17  Bengals OL  Adam Kieft  Central Michigan   
5.18  Redskins LB  Robert McCune  Louisville  from MIN; trade draft picks 2005 4.11; rec'd 2005 4.19, 5.18
5.19  Buccaneers WR  Larry Brackins  Pearl River C.C.  from STL; trade draft pick 2005 5.08; rec'd 2005 5.19, 7.17
5.20  Bills DB  Eric King  Wake Forest   
5.21  Jaguars DB  Gerald Sensabaugh  North Carolina   
5.22  Ravens RB  Justin Green  Montana   
5.23  Seahawks DL  Jeb Huckeba  Arkansas   
5.24  Falcons LB  Michael Boley  Southern Mississippi  from DEN; trade DT Ellis Johnson (2004)
5.25  Jets DB  Andre Maddox  North Carolina State   
5.26  Chiefs OL  Anthony Alabi  Texas Christian  from KC; trade CB Patrick Surtain plus draft pick 2005 5.02 plus rec'd draft pick 2005 2.14
5.27  Falcons OL  Frank Omiyale  Tennessee Tech   
5.28  Chargers OL  Wesley Britt  Alabama   
5.29  Colts OL  Robert Hunt  North Dakota State   
5.30  Steelers LB  Rian Wallace  Temple   
5.31  Packers DB  Michael Hawkins  Oklahoma  from PHI; trade draft pick 2005 4.25; rec'd draft pick 2005 5.31, 6.01 (traded to NE), 7.31
5.32  Cardinals LB  Lance Mitchell  Oklahoma  from NE; trade CB Duane Starks and draft pick 2005 5.09 plus rec'd draft pick 2005 3.32
5.33  Panthers OL  Geoff Hangartner  Texas A&M  compensatory pick
5.34  Patriots LB  Ryan Claridge  Nevada-Las Vegas  compensatory pick
5.35  Panthers DB  Ben Emanuel  UCLA  compensatory pick
5.36  Eagles OL  Scott Young  Brigham Young  compensatory pick
5.37  Colts LB  Tyjuan Hagler  Cincinnati  compensatory pick
5.38  49ers WR  Rasheed Marshall  West Virginia  compensatory pick