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2006 Round 6

 Pick  Team  Pos  Player  College Note
6.01  Texans RB  Wali Lundy  Virginia   
6.02  Saints WR  Mike Hass  Oregon State   
6.03  Titans WR  Jonathan Orr  Wisconsin   
6.04  Redskins DB  Reed Doughty  Northern Colorado  from NYJ
6.05  Saints DB  Josh 'Bernard' Lay  Pittsburgh  from GB
6.06  49ers TE  Delanie Walker     
6.07  Raiders OL  Kevin Boothe  Cornell   
6.08  Cardinals DL  Jon Lewis  Virginia Tech   
6.09  Bills LB  Keith Ellison  Oregon State   
6.10  Lions DB  Alton 'Dee' McCann  West Virginia   
6.11  Browns RB  Lawrence Vickers  Colorado   
6.12  Browns DL  Babatunde Oshinowo  Stanford  from BAL; trade 2006 1.12 plus received 1.13
6.13  Cowboys DL  Montavious Stanley  Louisville  from PHI
6.14  Packers DL  Johnny Jolly  Texas A&M  from STL; trade 2006 3.29, also received 4.12
6.15  Falcons WR  Adam Jennings  Fresno State   
6.16  Packers DB  Tyrone Culver  Fresno State  from PHI; trade 2006 4.12, also received 4.18
6.17  Chiefs OL  Tre Stallings  Mississippi  from DAL
6.18  Chargers OL  Jeromey Clary  Kansas State   
6.19  Chargers K  Kurt Smith  Virginia  from MIA
6.20  Jets DB  Drew Coleman  Texas Christian  from DAL; trade 2006 5.05, also received 5.17 (through NYJ; trade 2006 2.17 also received 2006 2.21, 7.03 (through WAS; trade 2006 2.03, also received 2.21 and 2007 2nd round pick)
6.21  Chiefs WR  Jeff Webb  San Diego State   
6.22  Patriots DL  Jeremy Mincey  Florida   
6.23  49ers DB  Marcus Hudson  North Carolina State  from TB
6.24  Bengals WR  Reggie McNeal  Texas A&M   
6.25  Buccaneers QB  Bruce Gradkowski  Toledo  from NYG
6.26  Bears RB  J.D. Runnels  Oklahoma   
6.27  Redskins DL  Kedric Golston  Georgia  from CAR
6.28  49ers DL  Melvin Oliver  Louisiana State  from JAX; trade 2006 7.05, 7.28
6.29  Broncos OL  Greg Eslinger  Minnesota   
6.30  Colts OL  Charlie Johnson  Oklahoma State   
6.31  Bears OL  Tyler Reed  Penn State  from SEA
6.32  Steelers OL  Marvin Philip  California   
6.33  Buccaneers TE  T.J. Williams  North Carolina State  compensatory pick
6.34  Ravens P  Sam Koch  Nebraska  compensatory pick
6.35  Eagles DL  LaJuan Ramsey  Southern California  compensatory pick
6.36  Patriots OL  Dan Stevenson  Notre Dame  compensatory pick
6.37  Patriots DL  Le Kevin Smith  Nebraska  compensatory pick
6.38  Colts DB  Antoine Bethea  Howard  compensatory pick
6.39  Ravens DB  Derrick Martin  Wyoming  compensatory pick