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Through The Wire

Targeting weekly waiver picks is a completely subjective business, but this column hopes to point out some obvious and not-so-obvious selections that will help your team from week to week while you strive to collect fantasy wins, reach your league playoffs, and win the elusive title that your friends say is out of your grasp. While I’m just as big a proponent of making trades to bolster your roster, the waiver wire can be an almost limitless resource when it comes to discovering fantasy value in strange places. Each week, I’ll target players that may be available in shallow leagues – sometimes just breakout stars that eluded your team’s draft – as well as players who can help your squad that will still be available in most deeper leagues.


Off The Top

Charlie Frye, CLE – I know it’s tough to take a QB on a team in turmoil. TE Kellen Winslow is bitching about being held back, and this thing could go either way. But the Browns will get in some shootouts (as was evidenced in years past under Waiver Wire HOFer Kelly Holcomb) and Frye’s fantasy numbers could be serviceable. Sure, he’s got more rushing TDs than passing scores so far this season, but they count too, don’t they?

Matt Schaub, ATL – Michael Vick owners take note: You’re always treading a thin line between injured and healthy, and Schaub is a big (6-5, 237), strong-armed pocket QB who was a very effective fantasy QB in 2005 during his limited opportunities. And he’s always one ligament away from being a starter.

Digging Deeper

J.P. Losman, BUF – Couldn’t find it within my self to slide not-so-much-a-Loserman up to the top, but so far, he hasn’t disappointed anybody in Buffalo – which really isn’t saying that much. After beating Miami, he’s shown he can win games, and that usually leads to more confidence and better numbers. Keep an eye in him for now.

Vince Young, TEN – I can’t recommend picking him up to start, but nobody was taking this guy in my drafts and I’m assuming he made it through yours unclaimed. While 7-19 passing is not what you want out of your quarterback, it looks like the Titans have no choice but to baptize Mr. Young via the proverbial fire. He relieved “Scary” Kerry Collins last week and tallied 106 yards and a TD, with 24 rushing yards. With a tremendous upside, he’s worth a seat on your bench if there’s room.

Scouring The Barrel

Andrew Walter, OAK – Peter King thinks the 2006 Raiders are the worst team in the history of football, and while I agree, even fantasy players on bad teams can sometimes score big points. Yes, he’s somewhere near the bottom of the barrel. No, he’s not going to throw for 25 TDs or rack up 3000 yards. But Brooks is out for 2-4 weeks and this enormous kid (6-6, 230) will get his shot.

Updates from Week 2:

Jay Cutler, DEN – It’s only a matter of time.

Rex Grossmanm, CHI – I had him on my second tier as a guy with a 98.6 QB rating who was probably available. Did you grab him? Can you still?

Jon Kitna, DET – Sluggish offense keeping Kitna under wraps for now.

Brad Johnson, MIN – The numbers still aren’t that impressive, but he’s got his boys winning.

Charlie Batch, PIT – No longer an option, with Big Ben back.

Alex Smith, SF – Alex snagged a win and destroyed several of my huge parlays that all hinged on the Rams covering. His weapons keep looking better, and his team is building a confident swagger. Upgrade this guy and grab him if you need a backup with an upside.

Damon Huard, KC – Trent’s noggin is clearing up. Damon, we Huard-ly knew you.

Running Backs

Off The Top

Joseph Addai, IND – Most fantasy owners heard the hype on this guy and somebody in your league snagged him on draft day, right? Well if not, you know exactly what to do. He’s emerging as the go-to-runner and even grabbed a TD pass last week. A true no-brainer pick-up if he’s out there.

Digging Deeper

Kenny Watson, CIN – A necessary handcuff for Rudi Johnson. With the way injuries are burning the Bengals, it’s not a bad move. He’s already got a TD and if he gets a chance should something tragic happen to Rudi, he’ll shine.

Scouring The Barrel

Mike Anderson/Musa Smith, BAL – It’s a cop-out, I know. But chances are at least one of these guys is gone in your league. The other could end up being the guy that puts up decent fantasy numbers should Lewis re-injure that hamstring. Anderson had one carry – a 34-yard TD run, but Musa got about 10 touches. That numbers should only increase as the year goes by.

Updates from Week 2:

Jerious Norwood, ATL – Nine rushes, 45 yards in Week 2. And Warrick Dunn isn’t made of titanium.

Brandon Jacobs, NYG – Looked solid again, but action was limited.

Michael Turner, SD – Busted out for 138 yards and a couple catches in garbage time. You blink again, and he’ll be gone from the wire.

Anthony Thomas, BUF – If you grabbed him last week, just sit tight and wait for his shot.

J.J. Arrington, ARI – No action last week, but see A-Train above.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Off The Top

Bernard Berrian, CHI – Great name. Better numbers. He’s the Bears’ new big-play guy and with Grossman and that defense clicking, that’s enough for me. Temper your enthusiasm with the knowledge that he’s been in the league a while and had just 28 catches in two seasons before 2006.

Digging Deeper

Greg Jennings, GB – I’m not as excited as some people about this guy, simply because against a good defense, he had just one catch. But in matchups like Green Bay had versus New Orleans on Sunday, I’d take him as my #3 WR.

Scouring The Barrel

Kelley Washington, CIN – Carson Palmer loves this guy, and has been looking for him almost as much as Chad Johnson. He’ll be less of a factor when T.J. Houshmandzadeh comes back, but I have a sinking feeling that heel injury’s going to linger longer.

Updates from Week 2:

Antonio Bryant, SF – I said last week that he probably wasn’t available in most leagues. If he was, you better have taken him.

Desmond Clark, CHI – Put up solid numbers in the Detroit rout. Probably my best wire recommendation of last week, save Rex Grossman and…

Jerricho Cotchery, NYJ – Oh yeah. Cotchery had a great Week 2 and looks like the real deal.

Reggie Williams, JAX – The top fantasy-point scorer in Monday Night’s defensive struggle.

Wesley Welker, MIA – Still on Culpepper’s radar, still not Wesley Walker.


Off The Top

LB Angelo Crowell, BUF – Not available in most leagues, but a solid LB. With his nose for the big play, he’s emerging as Buffalo’s number one IDP star.

LB Morlon Greenwood, HOU – In two games, he’s got 17 tackles and a sack. The Texans defense is on the field a lot, so he’s definitely a solid option.

Digging Deeper

DB Jermaine Phillips, TB – A veteran DB who has already racked up 19 tackles in two games. When these guys face the Falcons again, get him in your lineup.

DL Trent Cole, PHI – Anybody who watched the Giants game last week saw this guy terrorizing Eli Manning for much of the game. Not a starter, but he will be now. He’s young, he plays with fire, and with Kearse out, he’ll really emerge in that defense.

Scouring The Barrel

DL Aaron Kampman, GB – 11 tackles and 4 sacks in two games? What more could you want out of your DL spot? His pace may not keep up, but I’m sure he’ll get plenty of chances to go after opposing QBs with reckless abandon.

Updates from Week 2:

LB Thomas Howard, OAK – Seven solos against the Ravens on Sunday.

LB Bart Scott, BAL – He sacked Walter, tallied five tackles and record one pass defended. Not bad for a guy on a defense dominated by Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Adalius Thomas.

DB Chris Hope, TEN – I said that whatever Keith Bulluck doesn’t run down, Chris Hope will. I was right – 12 solo tackles and a PD in a game when the defense was on the field quite a bit – which will be a common theme for the Titans this year.

DB O.J. Atogwe, STL – Five solos and a PD. Not bad for the bottom of the barrel.