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The Shot Caller's Report - Quarterbacks
Your Guide To Fantasy Lineups: Week 2
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Nobody needs to be told starting Patrick Mahomes, Saquon Barkley, or DeAndre Hopkins is a good idea. Duh, right? You can’t have studs at every position, though, unless you’re in the shallowest of leagues. This is where the Shot Caller comes in. Need help deciding which bargain basement QB to use and which to ignore on Mahomes’ bye week? Let’s talk. Looking for solutions at running back because Barkley is a game-time decision? Look no further. Need to know which of your unproven targets to start and which to sit since you ignored Hopkins and went RB-RB-Kelce in your first three rounds? You get the idea. Past results may not guarantee future success, but ignoring them entirely can ruin your Sundays in a hurry (maybe even your Mondays and Thursdays). Read on for a little history and, hopefully, a little sage advice.

Note: Fantasy points based on FF Today’s standard scoring system.

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Philip Rivers

Grab a Helmet

Philip Rivers @ DET:

There are more dynamic quarterbacks in the league and certainly guys with a higher fantasy ceiling, but few who can match the week-in, week-out, set-it-and-forget-it reliability of Philip Michael Rivers. He hasn’t missed a start since the George W. Bush administration. He’s averaged 21+ FPts/G in 10 of his last 11 seasons. His career passer rating (95.7) ranks ninth all time behind such luminaries as Rodgers, Brady, Brees, and Manning. I invested heavily in the Bolts’ wingman this season precisely because of this incredible long-term consistency but also because I suspected he’d have no trouble filling the fantasy vacuum created by Melvin Gordon’s prolonged holdout. So far so good after one week. Rivers posted 29.3 points in the win over Indy and simply won’t be daunted by the loss of valuable helpmates. Don’t worry about Gordon’s continued absence or Hunter Henry’s injury. Start Rivers.

Dak Prescott @ WAS:

Everything’s bigger in Texas, especially expectations for a proud but championship-starved franchise following a dominating Week 1 performance against a divisional rival. Jerruh’s already drawing comparisons to Aikman and Emmitt, but to be fair, it was way more Aikman than Emmitt in the win over the Giants. Prescott ruined the NY secondary to the tune of 405 passing yards and four TDs last Sunday, earning him NFC Offensive Player of the Week and top fantasy honors at the position. There’s no question the ‘Boys will lean more heavily on Zeke Elliott as the season progresses, but that might make Dak even more dangerous. He has the ground support. He has the receiving weapons. He has the motivation (that “imminent” contract). I’d bet my money he’ll be getting HIS pot of money sooner rather than later. Get him in there against another divisional rival, Washington, this coming weekend.

Mitchell Trubisky @ DEN:

Spirits are soaring in Big D, but the same can’t be said of the Windy City, where Bears fans will have had 10 long days to stew over a Week 1 dud by the time they take the field in Denver. It’s bad enough losing your first game to your oldest rival and on your own turf. It’s worse when your offense manages a lousy FG in the losing effort. Trubisky wasn’t sharp, to say the least, but all this talk of him being the wrong man for the job is a bit silly. No, he’s not Aaron Rodgers. Is he good enough to lead Chicago, in just his third season, to the promised land with the help of the league’s most ferocious defense? If not for Cody Parkey’s infamous double-doinker, he may have done it in his second. As Rodgers himself might say: R-E-L-A-X. Stick with Mitch.

Grab a Clipboard

Kyler Murray @ BAL:

We shouldn’t have been surprised the No.1 overall pick struggled through three quarters of his NFL debut v. Detroit. Heisman winner or not, he was still a rookie playing his first game for a crummy team and against a veteran defensive mind (Matt Patricia). Any doubts that might’ve crept in, however, as the former Sooner went 9-25 with 70 yards and a pick through his first 45 minutes were quickly extinguished when he dissected Coach Pat’s D for 238 yards and two scores over the final 25 to earn the stalemate. The kid is alright, in other words, and the future looks very bright. OK, maybe not the immediate future. The Ravens are a historically stingy outfit under John Harbaugh and made life miserable for the Dolphins’ JV squad last Sunday. I’m bullish on Murray as freshman sensation but bearish on his Week 2 prospects. Reserve Kyler.

Kirk Cousins @ GB:

I was too chicken to tag Cousins as a Top 10 Dropout in August—he’s proven me wrong before—but I’m now thinking this is the year he’d have finally made a soothsayer out of me. I’ve never been crazy about his upside, frankly, and watched the Vikes suddenly/drastically change course late last year, cutting bait with OC John DeFilippo, who was too pass-happy by half for conservative head man Mike Zimmer. That renewed emphasis on the running game has carried over into 2019 and then some. Cousins threw a mere 10 passes in the opener v. Atlanta. 10! He was quite efficient with this low volume, granted (eight completions, 98 yards, and a score), but would have been virtually useless for our purposes had he not added a rushing TD. He’s a game manager now and the matchup with Green Bay’s revamped defense isn’t a great one.

Aaron Rodgers v. MIN:

And in case you think I’m just predisposed to trash an upcoming Packers opponent, here’s proof I can be even-handed. A-Rodge is orchestrating a new offense for the first time since he became Green Bay’s starter in 2008 and even warned before this campaign started it could be a “work in progress” early on. I guess some of us weren’t listening. The Head Cheese managed just 203 yards and a score in Matt LaFleur’s first game but that touchdown was enough as the Pack’s D completely shut down Matt Nagy’s Bears offense. It won’t be enough v. the Vikings, presumably, but I’m still a little hesitant to recommend the future HOF’er in this tilt. He’s struggled mightily v. Minny of late and his WR corps is still a question mark outside of Davante Adams. Let Rodgers grow into LaFleur’s scheme and wait for a better matchup.

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