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Wisdom of the Writers - Pick 1.01: Taylor, McCaffrey or Someone Else?

By Mike Krueger | 8/26/22 |

I asked a group of the FFToday writers to assume the following when answering the question below…

- Re-draft, PPR league
- 12 Owners
- Starting lineup: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 Flex, 1 D/ST
- Draft: 18 Rounds

Pick 1.01: Jonathan Taylor, Christian McCaffrey or someone else?

Christian McCaffrey. Even the most casual fantasy manager knows about CMC's recent injury history, but I don't believe in the notion of "injury-prone" players. At 1.01, I want a player with my first pick who has the ability to keep me in every fantasy contest and/or almost singlehandedly win me a week; McCaffrey can do that (and does that) more than any other player available. – Doug Orth

Derrick Henry. Taylor had 372 touches last season, and McCaffrey has played in 10 games combined the past two years, both of which give me pause when thinking about durability. Henry rushed for 2,027 yards and 17 TDs in 2020, and he was on pace for 1,991 yards and 21 TDs last year before getting injured -- the first notable injury of his career. – HC Green

Your No.1 selection will depend on your ability to handle risk. If you want high-risk, high-reward, the answer is Christian McCaffrey, who, when healthy should produce better than any other RB, WR or TE. If you want high floor with lower risk the answer is Jonathan Taylor, who has missed one game in two seasons and posted double digit fantasy points in 14 straight and 22 of his last 24 games. – Steve Schwarz

Derrick Henry. If we extrapolate numbers out to a full 17 games last year, he carries the ball a record-setting 465 times for about 2000 yards and 21touchdowns. As good as Jonathan Taylor was in 2021, he wasn’t THAT good. – Joseph Hutchins

Christian McCaffrey. You play. To win. The Game. Yes, there are risks and yes, he could burn you (again), but no player in fantasy football gives you a higher chance for difference-making points than McCaffrey. – Nick Caron

Jonathan Taylor. Yes, he's unlikely to get the touches he had last season, but the offense should be more efficient leading to plenty of scoring chances. World altering pandemics were only science fiction the last time McCaffery played more than seven games (2019) and I just don't trust him to play a full slate. – Colby Cavaliere

Jonathan Taylor. Defenses will no doubt be waiting for Taylor with eight men in the box, but he has the quicks and toughness to compete. The presence of new QB Matt Ryan and a receiving corps that can stretch the field, open things up for this 2,000-yard rusher (my prediction). – Ken Ilchuk

Christian McCaffrey, since we know he’s so dominant when it comes to touches throughout the entire offensive playbook. The injuries were a concern but it’s very difficult to predict someone missing multiple games in consecutive seasons. – Antonio D’Arcangelis

Justin Jefferson. He will benefit from the coaching changes in Minnesota to the point of being the most dominant skill position player in the game. – Kirk Hollis

Jonathan Taylor. I want the combo of upside but extreme safety. The Colts offense will put Taylor in more/better positions to score than McCaffrey's Panthers will. – Bill Anderson

Christian McCaffrey. The Colts have openly acknowledged they underutilized Nyheim Hines last season. The last time a running back repeated as the overall RB1 was back in 2003 (Priest Holmes). – Mike Krueger

Christian McCaffrey

If you’re scoring at home, that’s Christian McCaffrey: 4.5, Jonathan Taylor: 3.5, Derrick Henry: 2, Justin Jefferson: 1

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