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NFL Draft Profile – RB Trey Benson

By Doug Orth | 4/8/24 |

Trey Benson


College: Florida State
Height/Weight: 6' 0"/216
Hands: 9 1/4"
Age: 22 (at the time of the 2024 season opener)

Important NFL Combine Numbers

40-Yard Dash: 4.39
Vertical Jump: 33.5’’
Broad Jump: 10’ 2’’
20-Yard Shuttle: N/A
3-Cone: N/A

College Production (Stats)

High-end NFL Player Comp(s): Darren McFadden

Low-end NFL Player Comp(s): A more explosive Zamir White

Best Scheme Fit: Early-down back in a scheme that leans more toward zone-run concepts. Could evolve into a feature back as he continues to work on his skills in the passing game, especially in pass pro.

Best Team Fit(s): Cowboys, Bills, Chargers, Giants, Raiders, Buccaneers, Rams, Cardinals

Non-bolded times - Good examples of attribute
Bolded times - Average/poor examples of attribute

Position-Specific Attributes and Grades
Attribute Att Grade Scale Examples
Burst/Explosiveness 9.5 10.0

0:37, 1:20, 1:25, 1:49, 2:03

Contact Balance 9.5 10.0

0:00, 0:50, 1:02, 1:19, 1:38, 1:38, 2:52

0:12, 1:08, 1:31

Instincts/Patience/Vision 8.5 10.0

0:00, 1:38, 1:38, 1:38, 3:32, 3:49, 7:00

1:28, 3:20

Power/Tackle-Breaking Ability 9.5 10.0

0:00, 0:50, 0:54, 1:03, 1:19, 1:38, 1:38

0:28, 1:16, 1:31, 2:57

Quickness/Elusiveness 8.0 10.0

0:00, 0:27, 0:28, 1:30, 2:30

Route-Running/Hands 8.0 10.0

0:25, 1:25, 1:39, 1:49, 2:37, 3:04

Ball Security 6.0 6.0


Pass Protection 3.5 6.0



Durability 2.0 4.0

0:00, 0:28, 1:11, 1:21, 1:14

Long Speed 4.0 4.0

0:28, 1:20, 1:38, 1:38, 2:03, 3:32

Film Grade 68.5 80.0
Pre-Draft Fantasy Prospect Grade* (out of 50): 39.0

* - How well does his skill set carry over to the fantasy game? For running backs, a player needs to be a three-down option as well as a realistic threat for 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards to be a candidate for a perfect grade. Positional scarcity at the pro level is also a part of the equation.


  • Repeatedly powers through contact and takes defenders for a ride (career average of 3.97 yards per carry after contact).

  • Plays up to his NFL Combine speed (4.39), as he rarely gets caught from behind.

  • Very effective counter-play runner, showing considerable patience to set up his blocks.

  • Liberally utilizes his stiff arm as a weapon to accentuate his already strong contact balance skills.

  • Effective dump-off option (especially on screens) and made strides as a receiver in 2023.

  • Did not lose a fumble in his college career.


  • Good build to be a featured back but handled 16 or more carries in a game only seven times in 26 games at Florida State.

  • Occasionally struggles to get downhill and accelerate into contact to take what is available, especially when the edge is closed off.

  • Tends to run too upright and subject himself to unnecessary punishment.

  • Creative at the second and third level but unlikely to make the first man miss in the hole.

  • Did not get a lot of work on third down; he failed to deliver the blow as a blocker too often and also did not distinguish himself as a route-runner.

  • Suffered a torn ACL, MCL, lateral/medial meniscus and hamstring as a true freshman.

Bottom Line

Benson may not wow evaluators with an ability to make defenders miss in space, but he can set the tone for an offense. Every game seems to feature at least one run where the play was not over when it looked like it was over because he slithered out of a tackle and picked up four more yards. He simply refused to stop churning his legs the majority of the time. While 2023 was more successful for him in the touchdown department (14), his 2022 season was probably more noteworthy: he finished sixth in missed tackles forced as a runner (79) despite being tied for 75th in carries (154). (Those numbers dipped to 45 and 156, respectively, in 2023.) He is more than just a powerful back, however. If he finds an alley, he will probably find the end zone as well. He is the only player in school history with an 80-yard touchdown catch and an 80-yard touchdown rush. Perhaps the part of his game his new coaches will like the most: zero lost fumbles on 349 career touches in college.

As for some of his flaws, Benson is more of a straight-line runner than a back who makes his own luck in the open field. While the University of Oregon transfer never lost a fumble in college and was able to stay healthy once he recovered from his torn ACL in 2020, his upright running style will almost certainly lead to him having issues in both areas in the NFL. Prospective coaches and scouts will have to find answers to the question of why Benson did not play more often on third down at Florida State, although the answer to such a question usually stems from a lack of trust in the player to distinguish himself as a blocker or as a route-runner.

Like most running backs, Benson will need to find a team with a solid offensive line in place. The reason it is more important for him is twofold: 1) his power and speed cannot become a factor if he cannot square his shoulders and 2) he is not nimble enough to avoid inside penetration consistently or get restarted if the line allows it. Since his game is primarily power and speed, he will likely be a bit of a boom-bust runner from week to week, but he should immediately challenge for an early-down and short-yardage role wherever he lands. Any significant contributions he makes as a receiver - at least early on - figure to come via screens or check-downs. He has the hands to make himself into something more than that, but his attention to detail in the other important facets of the passing game must improve.

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Doug Orth has written for FFToday since 2006 and been featured in USA TODAY's Fantasy Football Preview magazine since 2010. He is also a high-stakes player who often appears as a guest analyst on a number of national sports radio shows, such as Sirius XM’s “Fantasy Drive." Doug is also a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

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