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NFL Draft Contest
  • Free to enter, one (1) entry per person.

  • The deadline to enter the contest is 7:30pm Eastern on Thursday April 25th, 2024 (30 minutes prior to the start of the NFL Draft). You may edit and resubmit your picks as many times as necessary up to the contest deadline.

  • Select the player you think will be picked at each draft position #1-#10 in the 1st round of the NFL Draft on Thursday April 25th, 2024.

  • The teams with picks #1-#10 are indicated but subject to change on or before the draft due to trades, passed over picks, etc.

  • For the contest it does not matter which team selects the player but rather what draft position (order) the players are drafted in.

  • Points will be awarded based on how close your selections are to the actual draft order. If the player you select to be drafted #1 overall is drafted #1 overall, then you receive 10 points. For each position he is drafted away from the #1 pick, you will lose 1 point to a maximum of 10 (score of 0). The same system will be used for each of the 10 selections. A perfect score, before bonus questions, is 100 points.

  • Answer the bonus questions and receive 5 points for each correct answer. Although some questions may have more than one correct answer, only choose one answer you believe to be the best choice.

  • The contest winner will be the person who scores the most total points, including bonus points. If there is a tie for the most total points, then total points earned excluding bonus will be the tie-breaker to decide the winner.