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Running Backs

Start 'Em:

LaDainian Tomlinson v. CAR
LT will run and run often on a Carolina defense whose fortunes may lie in the hands of Julius Peppers. Iíll take LT and a season that will only be defined by a trip to the Superbowl.

Brian Westbrook v. STL
Westy probably has the best chance to supplant LT this season as top dog. The Rams are sturdy against the run, but the Villanova grad is coming off a career best year and shows no signs of slowing down. Also, McNabb is still healthy as of this sentence.

Adrian Peterson @ GB
The Packers have been kind to Purple Jesus, allowing him well north of four yards a carry in their two meetings last season. I donít see that changing.

Willie Parker v. HOU
Caught in the gears of the Mendenhall bandwagon is one William Everette Parker, a fleet, powerful back who will find success against Houstonís 4-3. Donít worry about the TDs.

Marion Barber @ CLE
Apologies to Zack de la Rocha, but if anger is a gift, then Marion Barber is Santa Claus. The dude runs like someone just kicked his mother. He wonít make it through the season, but woe to anyone who faces him on the field between now and then. This week itís the sucktastic Browns D.

Marshawn Lynch v. SEA
Tough grunt of a RB faces latte-sipping nancy boys from the geekiest burg in the U.S. (due to the proximity of Microsoft galactic headquarters; if youíre interested, Bangalore, India is the worldís geekiest burg)Öwould it be that that were true? Actually, the Hawks have a strong LB corps, headed by the unfortunately named Lofa Tatupu. No, this ranking comes from a feeling that the Bills might be much improved on offense this year, opening lanes for Mr. Lynch.

Thomas Jones @ MIA
Jones has the benefit of a great line (on paper) and a threat at QB. If he doesnít put up a century and a TD against the Fins, pick up Leon Washington.

Frank Gore v. ARI
What can Mike Martz do for Frank Gore? The consensus shades to the positive, but the Cardinals D is on the rise. Look for Gore to do some damage catching.

Brandon Jacobs v. WAS
Pituitary marvel BJ falls at least five yards forward every time touches the ball. The Skins arenít big enough to stop him.

Laurence Maroney v. KC
Going out on a limb here, but I think this could be a good game for Maroney. The man runs hard and the Hooded Monk might be looking to come at the Chiefs with the run early and often.

Bench 'Em:

Willis McGahee v. BUF
Bum with a bum knee.

Edgerrin James @ SF
The Niners line will contain a man whose time has come and gone.

LenDale White v. JAX
If the Titans can produce on the ground against Mike Peterson and Company, it will be rookie speed merchant Chris Johnson doing the damage.

Matt Forte @ IND
Less an indictment of the rookie than a condemnation of the Ursine offense. Oh yeah, and Indy has a defense.

Ahman Green @ PIT
High-stepping yardage machine now just a plodder with but a hangnail between him and IR.

Wide Receivers