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The Shot Caller's Report - QBs
Your Weekly Guide To Fantasy Lineups: Week 1
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Start 'Em:

Peyton Manning v. CHI
How will the Bears keep Peyton off the field? Schedule a commercial shoot in the middle of the second quarter? Kyle Orton asks for his autograph after the game.

Tom Brady v. KC
Cracked foot or not, the NFLís foremost Rodmaster (Gisele?! Bridget?!) will find a way to loft a TD or two or four against the Jared Allen-less Chiefs D. The only thing that might curtail Tomís stats is, well, nothing. Play him with confidence.

Donovan McNabb v. STL
By all accounts McFro has looked sharp in the preseason and killed it last year in the homestretch after coming off a torn ACL in 2006. Though he might miss Kevin Curtis, his favorite WR, that DeSean Jackson kid is coming on and Westy can take a swing pass to Canton. Oh yes, and the Rams D is toothless. Even Donnie canít get injured in the first game, can he? Ride Ďim while heís still ambulatory.

Tony Romo @ CLE
Dallas might opt to go after the inexperienced Browns secondary rather than run MBIIIÖor they might run MBIII anyways. If Edwards is 100% this could be a shoot-out, and I like Romoís chances to put up big points.

Eli Manning v. WAS
The Superbowl might have been Eliís coronation as an upper-echelon NFL QB. Plax should be fine and Washington shouldnít put up much of a fight defensively.

Ben Roethlisberger v. HOU
Last year saw Big Ben muster up the fourth most many points for QBs; this year could even be better with Santonio Holmes hitting his third-year stride. It starts at Houston, where the CBs and pass rush will offer much opportunity.

Carson Palmer @ BAL
Palmer might start slow, but look for him to heat up by the second half, when Baltyís D has been on the field for far, far too long.

Brett Favre @ MIA
Facial growth connoisseur and malcontent Brett Favre can be counted on to strafe the Finsí secondary at will as long as the Jetsí upgraded line performs as advertised. He wonít even need to use the half of the playbook he didnít understand, the half with multi-syllabic words and stuff.

Drew Brees v. TB
Pro Bowler Brees will find his spots against an aging Bucs D. New not-so-secret weapon Shockey already upgrades a strong WR corps. Meacham could start to make good on the promise implied as a first round draft pick.

Derek Anderson v. DAL
Definitely the most dubious of the top ten, what with a lackluster second half 2007 from Mr. Anderson and a solid Dallas secondary (augmented by the reality-impaired Adam Jones), but I think itís a high-scoring tilt packed with heavy artillery.

Bench 'Em:

JaMarcus Russell v. DEN
Overfed QB with questionable work ethic? Heís got talent at WR, but Iíd take a chance somewhere else.

Brodie Croyle @ NE
If you were even thinking of starting Brodie, youíre in for a long season my friend. And definitely not against the Pats.

Kyle Orton @ IND
Why is newly-retired Daunte Culpepper kicking it on the sofa this Sunday while Kyle Orton starts for the Bears?

Matt Ryan v. DET
A rookie QB, even against the Kitties, doesnít hold much promise, though he will probably have some games this season that surprise.

Joe Flacco v. CIN
Kyle Boller II should have a hard time behind a shaky line and with a suspect RB situation for support (unless Ray-Ray turns into the second coming of MJD).

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