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I'll be able to answer e-mails Friday evening (late) so hang tight if you're waiting for specific guidance. If you're looking for something more general…here you go. Your Week 15 recommendations.


Must Start: The Top 10

1. Peyton Manning vs. BAL - The Ravens got a peek at Manning Future last week. This week, they draw the much scarier Manning Present. He's been somewhat disappointing of late (five TDs in his last two) but that's no reason to sit him down, especially on the fast track at Indy in front of a raucous Sunday night crowd. He's still your #1 option, hands down.

2. Daunte Culpepper @ DET - The Vikes are mired in yet another late-season slump and Daunte's spotty play is either the cause or the result, depending on how you look at it. Regardless, he needs to be better against the Lions this Sunday if Minny has any hope of running down the Pack for the NFC North crown. He will be…even if they don't.

3. Donovan McNabb vs. DAL - Until the Eagles have secured home-field advantage, there's no reason to think Don and Co. will ease off the throttle. Though he struggled a bit against Washington's above-average group last week, he should get back on track against a Dallas squad he torched in Week 10 (345 yards and four scores). One note of caution: T.O. appears to be out this week.

4. Billy Volek @ OAK - I tend to prefer proven commodities when playoff lives are at stake but there's no denying his recent, eye-popping numbers. He's averaging 343 yards and three scores in his last three starts and now draws an Oakland D that has yielded 24 touchdown passes on the season (against just six picks). If he gets any protection whatsoever, he should have another huge day.

5. Jake Plummer @ KC - In fact, the only thing better than facing Oakland's squishy secondary is facing KC's buttery-soft bunch. The Chefs surrendered 400+ yards and four scores to the aforementioned Volek last week…and won. That tells me this Sunday's matchup will be a classic AFC West affair (read: shootout city). It also tells me KC is the perfect antidote for what ails the suddenly cranky Snake. Expect a redemptive effort at Arrowhead from Denver's enigmatic leading man.

6. Trent Green vs. DEN - Plummer's oppoenent this weekend will be coming off consecutive three-TD performances and, more importantly, two victories. Though KC isn't going anywhere this postseason, the wins (road wins, no less) speak volumes about the team's character. All things being equal, you want guys who play for teams who won't lay down at this point in the season.

7. Brian Griese vs. NO - Somewhat surprisingly, last week's matchup with San Diego turned into a high-scoring affair. The chief beneficiary from a fantasy standpoint? This guy. He tossed it around for almost 400 yards and three scores. Though he also threw three picks, he draws a horrid New Orleans secondary this Sunday that isn't particularly opportunistic. That should translate into a pretty solid day at Raymond James.

8. Byron Leftwich @ GB - Unlike Joey Harrington, the strong-armed Leftwich should have no problem dealing with the Green Bay elements this weekend. He's used to crummy weather from his days at Marshall and is just the type of QB to give the Pack fits if they don't get a strong pass rush. I'm suspecting they won't in a game that could turn into a bit of a shootout.

9. Brett Favre vs. JAX - The other side of that coin? Favre and his trio of dangerous wideouts vs. Jacksonville's average to below-average secondary. The Ol' Gunslinger is famously difficult to sack and the Jags don't possess a very strong pass rush as it is. If they're forced to blitz some, look for some big plays by the Pack's passing game, even in the sub-freezing temps.

10. Michael Vick vs. CAR - Though he almost single-handedly dashed my championship hopes in two leagues, I can't stop recommending him. It's a sickness, I guess. He's a huge game waiting to happen (and waiting…and waiting) and will be carrying most of the offensive burden this week with T.J. Duckett and Justin Griffith out. Give him a look if you managed to survive to this point.

Grab A Helmet:

Jake Delhomme @ ATL - The Panthers failed to score 20 points in a game until Week 9. Since then, they haven't scored FEWER than 20. Is it any surprise they're riding a five-game winning streak and now have a legit shot at the playoffs? Delhomme's improved play has been a major reason for the turnaround and though his numbers don't jump off the page at you (nine TDs during the streak), he's still a decent start against an Atlanta team that gives up plenty of yardage (236.9/game) through the air.

Drew Bledsoe @ CIN - Carolina's about-face is impressive enough but Buffalo's might be even more so. Why? There was simply no reason to believe this team was capable of winning seven of their last nine. Bledsoe isn't the primary reason things have gotten better (try improved line play and the emergence of Willis McGahee) but his numbers are certainly up, regardless. If you're stuck and need someone who can fetch you decent numbers, give him a look. The game in Cincy might just turn into a high-scoring affair.

Jon Kitna vs. BUF - Carson Palmer had the Cincy offense rolling of late (against some good competition) but don't feel too sorry for the Bengals. Jon Kitna is probably one of the top three backups in the league. All he did last week (against the defending world champs, no less) was complete nine of 13 passes for 126 yards and a touch. This, despite not playing a single SNAP prior to that point. If you need a super-sneaky playoff starter, he might just be your guy.

Tom Brady @ MIA - There's nothing super-sneaky about Brady. Thanks to the emergence of Corey Dillon, the 40-pass, three-TD games are a thing of the past. You're better off expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 225 yards and a couple touchdown tosses, the type of day he delivers with dogged consistency. Hey, don't complain. You could do a lot worse.

Kerry Collins vs. TEN - Need proof? Check out Collins' stats last week (14 of 28 for 166 yards and a pick). He's the anti-Brady, it seems, throwing up huge numbers and ghastly ones on an alternating basis. Lucky for his owners, the Raiders draw the decimated Titans D this week, a unit that yielded a whopping 49 points at home last week. Give him a go..

Grab A Clipboard:

Eli Manning vs. PIT - With the advent of short passing games and West Coast offenses, it's exceedingly rare to see a QB complete 50% of his passes. If only Eli could complete THAT many. He's currently below FORTY percent (38.2% to be exact) and has thrown just a single TD pass in four starts. There's no sugarcoating his performance thus far. It's been dreadful and is unlikely to get better against the 12-1 Curtain this Saturday.

Joey Harrington vs. MIN - Like Eli, you could have counted Joey's completions on one hand last week. The elements certainly played a part (his passes had almost no chance of reaching his receivers) but it's not like he was tearing it up before last Sunday, either. Coach Mooch is sticking by him for now but that doesn't mean you have to. Abandon ship if you haven't already done so.

Chad Hutchinson vs. HOU - I told you not to expect much from this guy and, true to form, he laid an egg against the Jags last week (212 yards, no TDs, and a pick). I doubt you're still in the playoffs if you started him but if you did (and survived), don't do it again. You'll be sorry…I promise.

Vinny Testaverde @ PHI - Facing a very susceptible Saints squad with a playoff spot on the line, Vinny had perhaps his worst game of the season, completing just 14 of his 35 passes for 160 yards and one, really bad pick. This week, he draws the NFC's best, Philadelphia, in a game the 'Boys must win. Don't count on it and don't count on him putting up good numbers, either.

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